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Check this shit out!

Holy shit that’s cool eh?
Found it on the intarwebz… dude called it “The Kubrick Glare”.  3 Pics in one… outermost being Jack Nicholson from “The Shining”, then Vincent Denofrio from “Full Metal Jacket” and last, Malcolm McDowell from “A Clockwork Orange”. All overlayed in one seriously disturbing pastiche.

File under “Sorta fuckin creepy but waaaaaaay fuckin’ Cool!!!”

Which actually makes me wonder a bit more about Kubrick.  Dude was a madman and a genius level director.  Lots of ‘hidden’ symbolism in like every movie he ever made.  Tons of conspiracy theories and honest to God tinfoil hat level shit…  And then?  You see something like this and wonder if his entire head was actually wrapping some sort of dark weirdness up and putting it out there.

I mean hell… the way things are?  Conspiracy Theories?  Don’t even get me remotely started.  At this point any time ANY  government official, media newsie or talking head terms anything a conspiracy theory, my go-to reaction is “Oh, OK… so —fill in the blank— is true/real.”  The term itself was created  by the ‘Christians In Action’ to actively discredit people.  I’m sure the majority of y’all on here reading this are well aware of that.

And, as an update:  No word on the job.  YET.  I’m not good with waiting.  Fucking started this particular boondoggle back two weeks before Christmas.  When I went for the interview last friday (Interview w/Head Bossman for the Southern Region) it ran quite a while… 10:30 til 12:45, and included a lot more in-depth stuff.  Then it was sign off on a background check and go fill a piss cup.  I then hadda tell ’em about the nasty assed bullshit that the XCunt did to me, so there -are- stains on the record so to speak… which has actually been a big part of having issues getting decent employment.  The “Assault with a deadly weapon” and “Domestic abuse” charges were dismissed, but they still crop up.  Add on that I -can’t- get them expunged until I have the $$$ to do that… double-binded as it is.  So I’m always up front about it… explain that the X tried to have me flushed down the hatch permanently as part of the divorce which is pretty much what she DID do.

Bitches be some dangerous critters.

Big Bossman checked out the paperwork I carry from the state for instances like this and then, after listening to my tale o’woe, told me his brother is in a very bad divorce and that his XBitch-in-law is accusing his brother of molesting the 8 year old stepdaughter… Bossdude is heated and seemed to be sympathetic to my plight, so unless some psycho HRCunt deems me a fucktard, I got I’d say a 50-50 chance.  Keep up the prayers, as I’m needing –something- out there in the Ethers to help.

Hell, I’d piss on a spark plug if’d it’d do anything to help.

And apparently, out in the Nutty Ninth Circuit of the Supremely Retarded Court has ruled that wearing unearned military medals is covered under the First Amendment as “Free Speech.”

Oh my aching balls…And these fucktards are interpreting the Constitution in the fashion that the Founders intent?  OK… I’d –love- to be the fly-on-the-wall when they ask General George “Balls as Big as Churchbells” Washington how he feels about that?  Seeing that HE created the first valor medal in the history of the country, The Purple Fucking Heart as a symbol that a man had actually fucking shed blood in service to his beloved country….  I’m sure Georgie Boy would be cool with wannabes and fucking slackers running around claiming they are honorable men…

Who’s fucking kidding who?  George would call out all them fuckers to the “Field of Honor” and demand satisfaction with coffee and pistols at dawn.

Swear to the ever-loving Creator/God/All Father that if we started instituting good old fashion fucking dueling again, the world would be a much nicer, cleaner and kinder place.   Clear out a couple thousand dipshits from the gene pool and viola, a better planet.

Tell you what tho, this ‘ruling’ won’t stop me from curb stomping the next moron I see decked out as a ‘Command Major Sergeant SEAL Recondo kid’…  I’ve only run into two assholes… well one asshole and one kid-who-didn’t-know-better.  The kid was genuinely retarded.  Couldn’t get mad at him when I found out.  The other moron?  Hoooo man…  Dude was decked out as if he was a Seventh Group kid.  Full on poser scumbag motherfucker.  Chased his ass clean out of the restaurant on veterans day no less.

The shit motherfuckers will do for a free meal.

Anyways… dog walkin time
Until later I’m the I.R.

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.

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  1. wearing unearned military medals is covered under the First Amendment as "Free Speech. FUCK THAT

    Nope, it is stolen valor and I reserve the right to fuck that dude up as he has disrespected me and my brothers at arms. That shitbag has ridden the coat tails of hero's but he was a coward that sat in the bleachers. I want to plant a stress disorder within that shit bag that mirrors my stress when fire works go off and I am freaking out. Fuck that asshole.

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