“Mostly Peaceful Protesters”

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Uh.. yeah… about that.  Tweets and video showing hundreds of Antifa attacking and assaulting Trump Supporters, including women and the elderly at his Minneapolis Rally…

I know he’s trying to shiv that Somali Con-Artist-critter, the Ungrateful Slore Iilan Omar, Brotherfucker in Charge of the MinneMogadishu Mafia by having a rally in her back yard, but I’m -really- disappointed- that he hasn’t set up a reaction force to protect his supporters.

I mean for fucks sake, Eisenhower deployed the 101st Airborne, locked n loaded, to protect 9 Black Kids from -potential- rioters in Little Rock back in 1957.  Elements of the 327th ABN Infantry fixed bayonets and told the -potential-rioters “Sit the FUCK down, SHUT the Fuck up, or Find out what makes the grass grow fuckers!”

We need the SAME. EXACT. THING. NOW!!!  AMAZING how we deployed Combat Troops to protect 9 Members of “muh diversity” but can’t get the (((Gestapo))) to protect the common folks… OH YEAH!  Forgot!  We’re the fucking deploreables…

To me, seems Antifa aren’t -potential- rioters… they ARE a domestic terror group.  And if the Cops aren’t willing or are unable to (due to the proclivities of their scumbag politico masters) protect innocent folks, then I’d say its HIGH time the Cheeto Jesus sign an Executive Order deploying 3rd Brigade of the 101st, The Rakkasans, with full combat kit, suspend ALL civil liberties, arrest ALL politicians for violation of both their oaths, and federal law, and issue a Shoot-to-Kill order on ANYONE who is actively engaged in violence.

All others found in Antifa Uniform are to be taken into custody, renditioned to Guantanamo Bay Camp Delta to await trial for interference and attempted overthrow of an election by violence.  Treason charges can be added as needed.  Anyone found to be under the age of 18 are to be held in juvenile custody, while their parents are arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law for willful child endangerment.  If the parents have actively participated in the encouragement of the underage offender(s), then they themselves should be taken into custody and remanded and investigated for sedition against the standing government.  All who are found guilty should be punished appropriately, up to and including public hanging/execution.

Annnnnd seeing this isn’t going to happen, my take?  (This’s for a screenplay I’m writing… let me know what you think)

Scene: The Next BIG Political Rally for The Deplorable Candidate
Situation 200-400 Antifa Protesters lined up baying for blood.  Police are ordered to stand down by their Political Masters who on the down low applaud Antifa.
A 5-7 man Team set up similarly in Matt Bracken’s treatise regarding 4th and 5th Generation asymmetrical Warfare.
Two Exfil -enablers-  Uniformed to look like homeless folks… Caltrops and comms equipped. (may or may NOT be needed… depends on terrain)
One Radioman w/scanner and police monitoring comms.  This is the Command and Control.
2 Riflemen, 2 Spotters, Spotters and Riflemen paired in overwatch.
Suppressed Rifles, preferably 7.62X51 NATO at a minimum.
If the mission is a night rally, equip with night vision if possible (PVS-4 3rd gen are available with mounted matching scopes) or Illuminated Crosshairs at a minimum.
Bolt or semi… depending on needs be/equipment onhand.  Rifles to have brass catchers taped completely over the ejection port so as to leave ZERO brass for evidence.
Uniform to be clothing purchased at a Goodwill prior, with cash or from a used clothing store.  Think “Grey Man” clothing for all

Wait for the stupidity to start, and then Look for Targets of Opportunity.  Specifically people with bullhorns (agitators) Rock Throwers and then lastly, People in the general scrum of things.  Fortunately the crowd will break as soon as the first 2-3 rounds get delivered and the hydro-static shock of a head exploding like an overipe melon  all over the widdle snowfwakes is going to put the Antifa to their heels beau-coup quick.  At that point, engage targets of opportunity.  Time from start of engagement to EndEx, no more than 2 minutes.

At the two minute mark, no matter what, The radioman who’s co-ordinating and listening for response will issue exfil orders or at any time the mission is in danger.  Mode and means is up to local needs.  Exfil -enablers- if needed, can be equipped with Caltrops or other such materials that can be scattered on Avenues of Approach when the Radioman has a fix on the incoming Rapid Response.  Caltrops can and will fuck up the mobility of the fuzz…

Once Exfil is performed, rally at the Alpha Alpha and move via whatever safest means available is around.

I mean OF COURSE its going to be “RIGHT WING DEATH SQUADS!!!!RREEEEEEEE!!!” But so fucking what?  Don’t shoot cops, and make sure that at some point, get a note floated out on the ‘net that this was to protect the innocent, and that “The Regulators” or some such group (be creative!) is taking credit for doing the jobs that the corrupt politicos and cops won’t.  Most of the general public would be behind this is a -major-way.  The Liberal Bubble and City Areas?  Not so much.  It’s a one-trick-pony… b/c after that, sure as shit shooting the political Gestapo will place a LOT of counter snipers around, which means you just have to get more creative….

Figure if using 2 LR-308 AR Patterned rifles, and a cool hand on the trigger, figure the count would be at least 30 if not more, depending on angles, and just -how soon- before the thugs start realizing that their numbers are being violently whittled down…

Which’ll be another chapter in the screenplay…  Stay Tuned!!!  Feel free to quote or share to any of my fellow Bloggers!
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  1. As to the political rally and rights assaults thereof: Where are the 'Bikers for Trump' or Proud Boys or whatever? Seems to me this would be the perfect place for such organizations to get some street cred. Of course, by not fighting back, our side can and is doing the 'Look, See? See what we mean? We're the good guys here.' Which actually seems to be getting some traction amongst the more 'right' of the left and the undecided middle, that 'We' are actually the good guys for once.

    Though I would dearly love to see the local socialists get sloshed by the modern versions of Martinis (Martini-Henrys, that is..)

    As to your scenario: The note should be from the local Committee of Vigilance. Like what happened in San Fransisco, twice, in the 1850's.

    Where are the 'Bikers for Trump' or other such groups

  2. The FedGov has declared Antifa a domestic terror organization. Get up to speed hombre.
    … yes, this has great potential. Look at what the DC Sniper did from the trunk of his car with a teenager? Imagine Delbert and his cousins and a couple F-250's with tonneau covers? Those good ol boys can ding a gong at 1000 yards after a 6-pack of PBR… put two of them in the bed of the truck, pop up, empty mag, lay down and move; wash, rinse, repeat. For a twist imagine one of these chaps gets a discount at the Barrett factory and they're toting around some milk-jug throwers?
    The trigger will be a MAGA hat supporter getting ambushed in the parking ramp again. You'll see grainy security cam footage of it (faked? falseflag?)… he either gets beat to a pulp, or whips out his legally owned, background-check purchased, and fingerprinted CCW card carrying piece and blows the snot nosed punks back to Momma. Either one will be a trigger for the other side, but they WILL use armed response as reason to jack up the volume to 11 and try to take our guns.
    Either way, its game on….
    Remember when you were a kid in school, and you just knew that one kid was going to start a fight with you, no way out?

    1. Actually did some hand loading of some reeeeeally nice match grade ammo this weekend… really nice rounds LOL "Nothing to see here, remain calm!!!!"

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