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Much ado aboot nuthin’ IMO
The new Stalinist Ministry of Media Propaganda has deemed it most worthy for some inscrutable reason to start ‘pumping up the volume’ on a story ’bout some missing DotMil ordinance.  LOTS n LOTS of stories about a stolen box of, and I quote: “armor piercing grenades”.<le sigh>GOD I hate the lack of even the most basic media myrmidon’s ability to research anything.The link to the story is here:

Now, at first immediate glance, (which is all our retarded and dumbed down fellow citizens can do these days), the story headlie: “Military stumped by stolen box of armor-piercing grenades”, the initial reaction is “OMG! The military lost track of a box of grenades!?!” which is enough to make the average Joe and June Sixpack get mildly concerned. The next part of the story delves into how they were found in ‘some doodz’ backyard apparently.

With two of them still missing.Wow… scary stuff, what with all them right wingers running around and whyte sooperpreemercists getting ready to do bad things against our Glorious and Shining Muh Diversity and LGBTBBQ on the Hill.

Now, the pic above?  OK, we’ve been over this in detail here on this site before when I covered the ‘how to use a MK-19 for fun and prizes’…  looking at the description and close up photos, it was a case of 32 HEDP M430A1.  800m range with 3 inches of armor-piercing ability.  Now the average moron hears “grenade” and thinks “pineapple shaped pull-pin-with-teeth and throw” grenade like in John Wayne’s “Sands of Iwo Jima” (great movie, dated but great).  These need a very specific weapons system to work, and, as I’ve said before, if yer stupid enough to use a high velocity 40mm in a low velocity tube like a 203, you get what you deserve.

Anywho… the whole point of this here rant is Why now?.

“What do you mean, of Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fortune?  Isn’t it obviously news such a heinous crime has been committed?”  Now normally, I’d say yeah.  Problem is, the grenades and whole caper happened back in July of 2017.  The grenades were recovered in February of 2018.

Three. Whole. Years. And then, the ‘other problem’ besides the ‘slow news’, is the amount of detail that’s in the article.  Despite the lack of intelligence behind the hyperbolic description of the destructive nature of the grenades, the fact is, the rest of the story delves into shytte that I consider to be OPSEC like a motherfucker.

“The canister began its journey at Blount Island, a U.S. Marine Corps depot in Jacksonville, Florida. Six flatbed rail cars hauled 18 large storage containers known as conex boxes, each with an orange sign warning “Explosives” on its side. On car DODX48916, inside container USMC007574-6, canisters of the 40 mm rounds were stacked like soldiers in bunks.

The train’s circuitous route passed through Atlanta twice before it arrived 17 days later at Letterkenny Army Depot in central Pennsylvania. There, a worker unpacking the container discovered the theft.

Where, when, who, how — investigators were at a loss.

A series of security failures covered any tracks the thief left.

Armed guards who accompanied the shipment reported nothing. When the train reached Letterkenny, it was shuttled for the night to Rail Yard 1, an unsecured staging area outside the installation with no surveillance.

Upon arrival, workers didn’t verify whether anti-theft seals on each container were intact. An inspector didn’t check the seals the next day either, later saying it was because he couldn’t see them.

Yet another day passed before workers noticed the broken seals. The first laborer who saw the severed wooden framing used to hold pallets of canisters together thought it broke in transit. Then he noticed a metal strap that holds each canister snugly to the wood also was cut, and one box was gone.

Military investigators would conclude that no one checked the seals in the weeks after the train departed Blount Island.

Workers unpacked the entire container to see whether anything else was stolen, disposing of debris. For investigators, that meant the crime scene near loading dock X-11-G was contaminated beyond repair.”<end snip>

Ok…So… what did we learn here students?

It takes 17 days to go from Fort Blount to Letterkenny P.A.  

The train transits Atlanta more than likely

CSX is the prime mover of this stuff

The train flatbeds are marked with DOD (Dept of Defense) Letter-number designators, DODX48916

The Conexs are marked with Branch Designators, in this case USMC007574-6, as well as the international “explosives inside” panel markers.

The flatbeds were then left overnight in an unsecured area called “Rail Yard #1” which is a staging yard.

the loading dock X-11-G is the loading dock that they apparently unload the fun stuff at

and lastly, ain’t no one watching the entirely of this time.

Jesus. Mary. and Saint Joe.
This has to be being put out there to see if they can get some softheaded mush brained motherfucker to try and steal some MOR shit from Uncle Sugar.  It’s practically an open invitation.  It’s like telling the world that the armored car that does the drop off of the money to the bank is arriving -exactly- at 3pm every other Wednesday, parks in the same exact parking spot, and the driver, who’s name is Bob, is left handed but wears his pistol on the right b/c it’s in the way when he drives.  The key that unlocks the truck is the third brass one on the ring, between the truck key and Bob’s house key, and that Bob is hard of hearing in his left ear.  The money is kept in 3 bags, and the dye pack is in the 3rd bag, along with a GPS tracer in a secret pocket in each bag, located at the bottom of each bag, which is also holding an average of $100,000 each.

How hard do you think it’d be to rob Bob and heist the cash knowing ALL of that?

Not fucking very Aye.
Which then, there’s the other aspect which is the FBI, being utterly bereft of originality or ideas, and probably highly disappointed that no one on the right even cares enough at this point to genuinely –do– something against the FedGov, and that these days the entrapment schemes are no longer working, (see Vox Day’s new article on that shytteshow there) so instead, they’ll be seeding the ‘look how easy it is to steal guns and ammo from the DotMil’ stories to try and encourage some dumbass to actually do something.

Any bets?
Didn’t think so.  If it wasn’t for the FBI, there’d be no terrorist threat in this country.

Hell, no white supremacist threat either, seeings that the Bureau is primarily made up of white males who are the most legitimate threat to the people in this country is 200 years.  Fuck the Klan and Nazis, they got nothing on the FBI. 
So, yeah.  Don’t take the bait.
Now, OTOH, if you –did– want to fuck with them, going down to the ‘unsecured Rail Yard#1, while dressed up in a clown suit, with flyers to paste onto the exterior of the connexs that say something like this:


I mean provided you’re not breaking the law by trespass or something.  Odds are that some bright eyed supposed elite university graduate, fresh from the FBI Academy thought this up.  “These redneck morons, we can tell them how the stuff ships, and when they go down and break into the containers, we nab them, we can make a major bust and show how we’re doing a great job!!!”  
If this’s the best they have as far as critical genius elites can come up with… damn.
Sapper said “Why is it that we seem cursed by God to have morons for enemies, and yet they seem to be winning?”
Told him it’s ‘cos the smart folks are ‘don’t start none, we won’t bring none’.
And yeah, for the notes, all of those pictures were from the actual crime, and linked tot he yahoo story… see for yourself.
It’s like they truly want someone to do the trainspotting/steal shit from them.  They’re getting desperate, which ALSO means, leastways to me, a black swan/false flag is due, ‘cos they’re hoping to get someone to do something, anything apparently to justify the crackdown they’ve been salivating over for the past few months.
Ain’t happening.
Being this fucking obvious only increases the distain and contempt I have for them.
Fuck ’em.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Something similar* happened back in…oh, 2013 I would guess.
    There was a report on the radio that a Forest Service bunker near Red Lodge, Montana, had been broken into and all of the explosives stored within were stolen…sometime in March or April.
    The amount of OPSEC disregarded in the report was legendary. Oh, the Forest Service keeps explosives in those isolated “bunkers” (probably CONEXs) and they have no monitoring for break-in?

    Check. Good to know.

  2. I think they’re going to use ‘look, this horrible reporter put this info out, & all this stuff (will have) disappeared!’. This is after some big gaudy false flag, as in bangs, flashes, & Hollywood-style fireballs.
    Nearest big city (Trashville) is about 60 miles from Ft. Campbell. Local media have been running a couple of stories about stolen military weapons, emphasizing that some were from Campbell.
    The items missing from Campbell? Some M9 Berettas (gasp!). What will we in the area do? It’s hopeless! People are running around with 9mm pistols!
    I don’t think my fellow rednecks & I up here will be worried too badly. We might even sleep pretty well in spite of the threat.

  3. No one biting? Damn have we got any 3 letters ready to go to the rail yard people are discovering how much of a waste of money we are

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