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The AC, which I thought was fixed, is back to being asshole! on me.  Ugh. $160 worth of repairs (a switch was bad) and it -was- good for a bit.  Now it’s acting up again.  So, anyways.  Got the mail today and lo and behold, Mother Russia sent me my PSO-6 today.

Now, as expected a very resilient? scope… no lightweight here.  Thing is massive and heavy.  Steel tube if I’m not mistaken on it.  I’d seriously feel comfortable using it as a club to beat someone to death with it…  Now, my only minor bitch is it isn’t AA powered, but the CR2032 button powered battery.  Minor complaint as damned near every lit reticule scope outside of Aimpoint and Trijicon are CR2032 powered.

It came with a woodland camo velcro-on-it sleeve for a cover.  Not bad… Also a nice handwritten thank you note was included, along with the paperwork… 

Said paperwork does not include an English translation.  Thankfully scopes and the running of said-scopes is pretty universal, so no need per se for a translation.  Worse comes to worse, I got Serbian War Criminal here til the end of the month to assist with translating, as he’s multi-lingual like that.

Now, part of the work up on this was I had to strip off the sights and stuff from the top rail of the AR-10.  The foldable rear sights are just too high, even when folded.  The handle I put on, a FN-FAL style Samsonite folding carry handle also was too large for such a short mount.  The scope sits very close to the receiver.   

Very little clearance in there.  The eye relief at least allowed me to keep it on the receiver rail, without having to worry about an overlap onto the front rail.The Quick Detach is really nice too.  Seriously adjustable.  Tightened up nicely to grab on solidly.

Firmly locked in place.I couldn’t get a down the scope view on the camera, but the reticle is clear as a bell, and lights up nicely.  Once the neighbors are in bed, I’ll calibrate it and do a baseline Zero with my laser boresight.  That should about dial it in.

Overall, provided it performs like the one I had on my SVD, I’ll be exceptionally pleased.It’ll be interesting to say the least.A fair kit for the price I’d say if it does.So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Hey now, that’s sacrilege! Bill the Cat is a national fucking treasure!

    Looks good! Are there plans for a riser in the near future? I prefer my scopes low mounted, but unless it’s camera angle that looks low enough that I couldn’t comfortably get my grape behind it.

  2. You need new neighbors. I remember you were considering pulling up roots and moving or the nomad life. Move here to Arizona. Folks like to go full auto in the evening out here.

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