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Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
FAR be it for ye olde ‘umble blogger to come up with what’s an equitable and simple solution to the electoral shyyte we’re currently under Aye?

Got a simple solution… easily put in place

Provided the fuckers in charge are willing.
Which they ain’t
Easy enough
Election time:
Each county in every state gets ONE VOTE. Ok so far?
Meaning the people of the county vote, and when tabulated, it’s either Red or Blue…
Everyone in that county shows I.D… No I.D., no fucking vote.  Fuck the fuck off.
So, the county in each state gets one vote, the more counties, the more votes.
Those votes get tallied.  The county either goes red or blue.

The county votes get tallied, and then that winner gets the State vote… which means each state gets one vote towards the national election.

Meaning here in Florida, there’s 67 counties.
That’s 67 votes.
One Vote Per County. Total.
One Vote per State. Total.
IF the county vote, after the fact goes 32 to 35, the state goes to whoever got the most votes

Each state gets one electoral vote.

Meaning that ok, here in Florida, we got 67 counties… the votes come in, and it’s 32 – 35, Orange Man Bad won, and that states individual vote goes to him.

Each state gets ONE individual vote.  No mess, no fuss.

The only way it’ll come down to it on a national level is if you end up with a 25-25 split.
Which won’t ever happen.
If it does, then the Senate and those fucktards get involved.
Could it work?
Will they ever institute it?
They’ve got too much invested in “keeping it Venezuela”
Because MY way is simplicity in itself.
It eliminates the domination of the nigger/welfare fucktards that have kept the vote going to the nationals… meaning looking at past elections, how many states, with a diehard conservative leaning have gone DemonKrat by dint of the ‘inner city’?
Too long have the majority been overwhelmed by the bullshit of a ‘majority-minority’ so to speak… all you have to do is look at certain states and see the Red, which have overwhelmed the Blue (coff coff California) going Blue by dint of the ghetto voting for more free shit.
One vote per county, each vote per county goes towards the state.  Each State tallies the counties, and then the state, goes by how the counties voted.
Here Endeth The Lesson.
But the jews and the niggers will Never let that come about… it removes the powers from them to dominate.
Go figure
More Later I Remain The Now Shitfaced Intrepid Far Thinking Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. That would work up until the degenerate marxist fuckstains turn Lost Angeles county into about twenty or thirty different counties so they could get all those votes.

    Don't think they wouldn't do that.

  2. Just another system. ALL systems can be 'gamed'…..manipulated. The problem is not and never has been the system.
    The problem is the PEOPLE. Good, honest, fair hardworking Americans have been "tolerant" of other viewpoints. Viewpoints and agendas that are diametrically opposed to our beliefs and our freedoms. Conservative Americans are
    our own worst enemy. In our quest to be fair and honest we ALLOW and often HELP our enemies in their quest to destroy us. Unless/until we recognize and rectify that fact there is NO system on planet earth that can provide a fair and honest method of government because those seeking to rule us will ALWAYS manipulate things so THEY WIN and WE LOSE.
    As long as WE 'play by the rules' and our opponents operate under their ONLY rule….WIN! we are doomed.

  3. Somewhere in the back of my head I can hear that idiotic sailboat captain screaming "it's always the damn joooozzz with you guys".

  4. Makes sense.
    Therefore, the government will NEVER allow it.
    We'd have to deliver the pain to make it happen.

  5. Having a valid vote is simple. Too bad the people who could make that happen (repubs in this case over more than a few decades of being useless) aren't fucking interested which is why the voting in America is only a shade better than it was in Iraq or is in N Korea…

  6. Looks like a variation on the electoral college we have. Just adding something at the county level. I am sure the idiots in charge will Balkanize the cities to where county equals brough, but it looks good on paper.

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