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Pete over at WRSA has repoasted one from -wow- 11 years ago… It’s a mental exercise of “what happens with the DotMil in a full on shit hitting the fan” situation, primarily vis-a-vis gun confiscation.  Lots of links, lots of articles, lots of commentary.

There’s some interesting viewpoints here n’ there
Problem is, to me?  All of them are pretty much rendered moot at this particular juncture.  Roll with me.  Now, a big part of said articles linked in there, one by Tom Baugh, who according to his bio is a former Marine who went to the Naval Academy and became an occifer.  Now, his POV is in the ‘usual framework’.  Meaning not in the dirt so to speak.

Mike Vanderboegh (R.I.P.) from Sipsey Street Irregulars did a breakdown as well.  Now, don’t know a -lot- about him, but most of his perspective seems to be relatively spot on.  For the times.  Meaning almost 11 years ago, and my, how things have oh-so-radically changed.

To the point that Sipsey had the ‘guns spiked’ on September of 2016.  Not sure what the issue was, but ‘Dutchman6′, I believe Mike’s son who’d taken over when Mike died in August of 2016.  He’d been pretty prolific in his poasts up til September and then left a cryptic message: “A couple of days ago, I received some news that ended up shaking me to my very core. After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to close the doors of the Sipsey Street Irregulars. Effective immediately, this blog not be updated or monitored.”  Just what in the hell came down as a message that caused someone to bolt from the Blogosphere?  Very odd.  Especially since that particular blog was wide open with the who/where/when so doxxing wasn’t an issue…  would love to find out what happened there… anywho… point is SSR went buh-bye.  Hell the whole III% movement, outside of the beliefs in the concept?  Deader n’ Kelsey’s Nuts IMO.

But back to the particulars.
Now, the DotMil.  My take?
Whatever happens, it’s going to be regional.  Meaning that depending on the who/how/when/where orders that get issued, well, initially, those orders, no matter how fucked up they may be, they’re going to be followed to a “T”.  Case in point?  All the insane deployments of the Guard to DC for a non-existential threat.  They’ll need -another- black flag/black swan event… it’s almost like the script is written, we just haven’t been given a copy as of yet.  It’ll be something mind-bendingly bad.  Think ‘lots of dead’ and then the inevitable blame game of ‘eeeee-vil whypeepo’ and/or ‘eeeee-vil black rifles’.  Both would be better.  A whypeepo superpreemiecyst shooting up a magic dirt/colored preschool.  Now THAT is something that’d rile up and rev the engines of stupid.

Problem is, after the initial onslaught, they’ll need to keep up the momentum.  And in this day and age, well, they can by the judicious use of the Ministry of Propaganda organs that’ve been so successful so far, BUT… what they really fail to get, is outside of their ‘echo chamber’ not many of the reg’lar folks out there believe in anything they say any longer.  Their collective credibility is shot right-the-fuck-through.  Not that they care or even acknowledge that… it’s all in their point of view and what we allow them to get away with.  

Basically after whatever made-up-bullshit they pull to get the DotMil up and running, there’s going to be a ‘settling’.  A lot of people are going to start to realize that yeah, we can ignore you… you’ve ignored us for even longer, so now?  We don’t mind, ‘cos you don’t matter.  Will there be areas of all hell breaking loose?  Shit yeah.  We’ve had that just in regular time with no major issues, ‘cept in Dem run shitholes (I’m looking at Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle).  The DotMil?  Well, I can see a lot of the ‘wannabe Operators’ trying to do some seriously stupid shit.  It’s baked into the cake so to speak.  Yeah, they’ll go into a Dem-run shithole, do the door-to-door confiscation thing… might even get lucky and have some asshole with a III% flag or hat who resists and gets shot… always good optics for them… BUT  The backlash?  90% of the ‘urban shitholes’ that they’ll feel comfortable in deploying to?  Whelp, it’s mostly going to be poor blacks who are on the pointy end, which then opens up a whooooole ‘nother ball o’wax regarding disarming poor blacks.

And you can gar-ron-damned-tee that the hood rats are going to declare ‘open season’ on the ‘invaders’.  Which in itself is going to lead to all sorts of potentially elevated ‘sportiness’.  Especially since they (the poor bastards on the ‘mission’) you and I know for certain that the Rules of Engagement are going to be so fucking retardedly restrictive that it’ll be amazing if -anyone- can actively be shot for ‘resisting’, outside of beer bellied whypeepo in Confederate hats that is.  I fully expect them to have a shoot on sight order for ‘those types’ of people.  And if the worst-case scenario cuts loose nation-wide?  I could see the DotMil, at the base commander level leastways, pulling in… much like a snail going into the shell… ‘conserve forces in an unclear constitutional crisis’ is what they if they have half a brain will do… Bring in ALL the dependants… do a full recall, and lock the fuck down.
No one in, no one out, deploy a HEAVY QRF and patrol the perimeter… Stay out of the way until the dust settles…’Cos the US Army?  Self preservation will invariably kick in.  Both for the lives of the troops and the preservation of the institution of the Army, as well as the Constitution.  I mean I don’t know… I’m just a fuckin’ E-4 with a lot of experiences of varied and stupid things I’ve seen, participated in, and whatnot.  However, what’s not been discussed ever (to my limited knowledge… anyone with more intel, please enlighten the class) is what does happen to the DotMil when the civilian chain of command becomes utterly and irretrievably broken?

I’m not sure.
There’s -got- to be some RAND study regarding this.  Pretty obvious that they have to have something in place… especially back in the day when it was a strong possibility that Ivan would turn DC and all the shitheads there into component atoms (too bad they didn’t Aye?)  The COG or Continuity of Government is the cornerstone of having the DotGov survive -whatever- is thrown it’s way.  The problem here however is what happens when and if the legitimacy of the DotGov is in complete question?  

That is the million ruble question.

We can go around alllllll day long singing the praises or maligning the current superWoke DotMil, but the question remains is that IF the DotGov is supposed to be empowered by the consent of the Governed and that consent is completely and utterly revoked to the point of a Civil War being unleashed, then just where does the DotMil enumerate it’s powers from?  Is it the civilian DotGov, who in this theoretical case has been told to “get fucked, die in a fire, go fuck yourselves LOLZ” by the people themselves, thereby revoking the ‘will of the people’, making them illegitimated, no matter how hard they scream otherwise, ergo, can it be said too then, that the very revocation of consent to be governed should ultimately mean that the DotMil -needs to stand the fuck down-, as the People have revoked the power that is supposed to be given freely to the DotGov, and therefore the DotMil has the mandate to ensure the safety of the People of the Republic, and not be a regime protection arm.

Period Fucking Dot.
The DotMil is not a Praetorian Guard
Gin Hag Pelosi seems to have forgotten her basic civics lessons.
What say you?

So, on that note, we got word that Father-in-law’s Dog, Guido, (10 year old English Lab) is having medical issues, so I’ma gonna possibly be out of pocket.  I have a very bad feeling about this.  As in bad-bad.  And if Gui takes a run over the Rainbow Bridge tonight (hopefully not) then man, I’m not happy, as DIL, well, the experience I had with Dr DeadDad was that Bomber, HIS faithful dog that I had given him (look to the old archive on the blog poasts about it: ), MY Dr Dad didn’t last 6 months without Bomb-bomb around b/c their bond was so strong, as it is with DIL.  Gui goes and maaaaaaaaaaaan this’s gonna purely suck.

More Later if I can, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I remember Mike V (RIP) well. He was on his way (driving) from Ga to Seattle (III-per rally, IIRC). Had him over to the house for dinner, put him up at a hotel for the night. Probably the closest I’ll ever come to meeting someone famous. I still keep SSR bookmarked for a reference.

  2. Were you planning on starting with shooting the colonels and then working your way down? If so, were you planning on stopping before you got to the captain/O-3s? Asking for a friend.

  3. Point IMHO of WTSTC always was that “.mil ain’t gonna revolt to save you”.

    Think that is still true, as a lot of decent folks found out last election.

  4. I’m thinking the mil gets an out fairly quickly. Whatever event kicks off the disarmament push will probably have an impressive first week or two of media wetting themselves with nonstop rah rah shock and awe team masturbation. Then the right/wrong people who’ve been watching and assessing decide What the hell I know I’m on the list, maybe the next one. Things start breaking, important infrastructure things, all of a sudden atlanta, new york, l.a., chicago important absolute can not aford to loose the control and image of control start loosing that really important control and image because power, water, internet ain’t always on maybe for quite a while… The ebt system… All of a sudden the mil is very very busy with pissed locals that needs their netflix, bennies and water, ac food… Talk about a rules of engagement nightmare. Best to not be there starts sinking into the troops minds and eventually commands gonna figure it out, combat ineffective in a hurry, a handful of elite run “golden” cities go and the whole fed system goes with them. State and local, who knows what’ll come out the other side.

  5. Trying to pregame all this is mental masturbation, it can be helpful, but sometimes its just well not a strategy. IMO anyone who prefigured they know with any certainty what, who and how is full of bravo sierra. Seen many a OPLAN, CONPLAN none of which I will discuss. We simply do not know until it happens, unless you are sitting in the CJCS briefing room. The US mil is great for never following doctrine anyway, continue OODA looping and know the capabilities and vulnerabilities and keep collecting intel, the rest is guessing and mental masturbation. disagree if you want, but we are entering uncharted territory where we only have fragments of history, limited truthful insights and experience to draw on. Although, we do have some key understandings of the gov and mil and really how they work, and most of it is budgets, growth and self-preservation, yeah a few not doing a list here, to rely on and that is a good place from which to strategize from.
    Damn, ended that sentence with a preposition.

  6. Spot on brother.

    Stand the fuck down. Prevent foreign meddling. Await orders from the winner.

    Otherwise, things go from -ugly as fuck- to full on dark ages at ludicrous speed.

  7. Me thinks that low rankers. With fam. If fam is close. Sae f_it. Won’t do dirt work. Take home soviners. Hold down home town.

  8. I have read several Articles over the past few Years that the .Mil has ‘Wargamed’ (un)Civil War, and all the studies show they won’t last more than a Month. All of those ‘studies’ are Classified like Flying Saucers. Loss of even one Major City is Unpossible for the communists, thus .Mil will be used to Protect the ‘good neighborhoods’ of the Blue Hives, while the Ghetto Burns.
    J.Smith is Wrong in saying “…uncharted territory where we only have fragments of history, limited truthful insights and experience to draw on.” We have the War of Northern Aggression, the “Bonus Army” incident, the “Kent State” incident,
    the Waco Massacre, and Hurricane Katrina to demonstrate that .Mil will “Just Follow Orders” and Attack and Kill Citizens. As far as I’m Concerned, once the “First Bomb Falls” (use of Heavy Weapons against the Citizens) it should be Nothing short of Find something .Mil and Kill It. And their Families. That’s what (un)Civil War is about.

  9. We all know that the majority of the remaining officer class are all on board with being the praetorian guard in the USSA & can’t wait to give the other to go shoot rednecks. Most of the current active duty .mil types are just gonna so whatever they’re ordered to do. Hate to say it but it’s what I see every time I’m on base, which is often. The current active duty ‘round here, most of them are the most vapid, self-centered, egotistical shitheads I’ve ever seen. LOTS of imported diversity. Lots of vandalism, graffiti, 300 db pavement ape music, public intoxication, assaults, litter, drunk & disorderly, & all of that is ON BASE. It’s actually quieter & better behaved out in the shitty parts of town. The only real noticeable difference between Chicongo & the base here is the absence of gunfire on base.
    Should the .mil stand down when the spicy times start? Absolutely. Will they? Absolutely not. Uncle Sam has all the coolest toys & ammo for years, who’s gonna willingly give up access to that kind of security after watching “evil III%ers” get necklaced? Who’s gonna give up their 3 hots & a cot, not just theirs, but their family’s as well?
    And speaking of families, I’ve brought it up before but it’s worth hammering again, many (if not most) dependent families are going to be stuck out in whatever community they’re in when shit kicks off. Uncle Sugar ain’t for room for families on base these days. The big joint bases, sure, & the old, old bases that had extensive housing & also survived all the BRACs of the ‘90s & the ‘00s, those are where the families will be more or less “safe.” The smaller bases, like the navy base up around Everett? Pshaw, they’re fucked.
    How about the shipyard workers? The facilities don’t exist on any shipyard to house the 15,000+ workforce that .mil claims they need to keep the fleet up & running. Now extrapolate that out to every single base we have that has a sizable civilian workforce working alongside the active duty peeps. And now add on the facilities & utility contractors, the staff at the rec center, BX, commissary. Is .mil going to declare that only federal employees get saved while the federal contractors can all get fucked sideways? That’s a great way to recruit for team opfor. Shit, at that point the overseas bases are going to be the safest places to be.
    J. Smith points out that American forces tend to ignore doctrine & he’s 100% spot on; I’ve read in more than one German memoir how they admired the US army for generating magnificent doctrine for practically everything & then throwing it all out the second the shooting started & doing something unpredictable.
    Gryphon is partially correct that we have examples of what the government really thinks of the citizenry & ain’t none of it good, but man am I tired of CW2 being constantly compared to TWoNA. 160 years guys; this time there won’t be a geographic “front line” to speak of. The front line will be our front doors, & that reality will also come crashing through the walls at inopportune times as well. We now have a pervasive surveillance state, aircraft, satellites, drones…the list goes on. And also consider that it won’t just be Team Liberty vs the commies, it may rapidly break down into various factions. As soon as some ambitious junior warlord sees an opportunity to proclaim himself King Shit he will. Right The next time around won’t be anything íat all like the last time around.

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