My, THAT was Quick!

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Fastest tenure at a job ever.  Yep.  Caught ye olde axe today.  Seems calling higher-higher a bunch of “Fucktards” in a chat group that we were using to bitch about shit was strengsten verboten!

I was bitching about being jerked around on the scheduling.  Specifically how we were treated like slaves essentially.  See… they change your schedule to the needs of the company… which I dig.  That being said, as a $15 an hour flunky, I shouldn’t be working one week 08:00 to 16:30, and the next week 12:30 to 21:00… I mean it fucks up yer whole rhythm…  you can’t plan –anything- which leaves a lot to be desired.  I mean if I was salaried?  No issue.. but a lousy $15 an hour?  Get fucked y’all.

As well as my well-known propensity for complaining to the higher ups about the fucked up customer service, or lack that thereof.  As is Z-E-R-O fucks given…

and it was pissing me off.

I mean having elderly women, crippled in a wheelchair, on the phone literally in tears about their delivery (heavy objects that they can’t move) being left either completely out of reach (“b/c of COVID-19” was the mantra) or just not put where they could get at it.  I mean I’m not gonna say the company or doxx them UNTIL I know where I stand legally, as I got me a hunch I’m feeling litigious… either way… apparently, they were monitoring every chat I had.

Well within their rights.  Their network, their shit, no issue.  MY issue,as well as was pointed out by Sapper, is that they spent time and energy to actively spy on me.  As opposed to I dunno?  Weeding out the fucktards and/or attempting to provide good customer service?  Perish the thought!

Hence my “Too much to think”…
In fact it -was- mentioned that I was ‘bringing morale down’ and ‘not being a team player.’
In other words, not being a good little Stasi Member.

Hadda feeling this was gonna happen…

The whole attitude and place… every meeting we had, well honestly… On my team I was, to my knowledge the only straight white male on the team.  The rest of the identifiable ‘guys’ were always mentioning their ‘partner’… not wife… not old lady… not even my personal fave: “Piece of the Week”

The women that I saw were ALL multicolor haired hambeasts.  Think I mentioned that in an earlier blog as well.  The only cutie was the boss (5.7 out of 10) and she had that “H.R. Vibe” about her… clipped, short tones and a fucked up way of speaking… been with the company 10 or more years, and has the “I guzzle the Koolaid” all over her attitude and such…

Nope… Not for me… Reverend Jones and Pol Pot can have softheaded sheep like that.  With the exception of working from home, I’m actually glad to be gone.

And that ain’t bullshit.  Daily harassment from hostile customers because the service is sooooooooo fucked up and poor?  In fact out of ALL the helpdesk gigs I’ve ever worked, I’ve NEVER been so abused in my life verbally speaking.  Not that it actually bothered me… not after the Army where the assholes are professional assholes.  These people only tried to be assholes… Add on apparently I’m really good at dealing with billing (or was), I got shafted into the whole “let him deal with the nonpaying scumbags” and the “why was I double billed this month?” customers… either way, that particular pain in the ass is done.

And it’s their loss.

So, the downside is no more toys for big boys.  The budget just shit the bed.  Thankfully I’d paid down -quite- ahead as I figured the world being fucked up and all, better to have that done early.

So… more later I gotta make dinner
Til then I’m the newly Unemployed Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Your tip jar buttons seem to be broke, I've tried them with several browsers and two different computers. The first two bring up a pop up window that immediately closes and the third (debit or credit card) just collapses the other two buttons.

  2. He is. Eligible. Or should be. He didn't leave, he was leaved, so to speak.

    What about getting a gun-store job or custom armory work or just gun-fixing for money. Your Serbian war-criminal friend probably has other SWCs in the area and might be interested in arming up and having their stash of guns properly and professionally tinkered and pampered.

    Hope things work out quickly for you.

  3. Many thanks for the heads up for the Tip Jar! Needed an update apparently… should be good now and Beans: Great Minds and all that rot… already negotiating with the local tribe and setting myself with them LOL!

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