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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whew!  Man, after all, I’m only human.  Sorta-Kinda according to Wifey.  This A.M. rant was brought to you by a lack of sleep, over-caffeination, and the rage beast that needed to be unleashed.  I mean we -still- have GranBebe here, and sometimes a 3 point 5 year old, well, she, despite being super-cutie-patootie, whelp, ya want to put her through a wall sometimes.  Then you read drivel like the Scumbag-in-Resident is telling us, and one plus one equals a big thermo-nooka-lar/clide detonation.

Sometimes, ya gotta callz ’em like you sees ’em
And sometimes it ain’t pretty.
Unlike GranBebe… who, despite a -rough start- this A.M. well, she IS one hell of a kid (when being co-operative).  Strong willed like you read aboot though, and a bit too smart for her own good.  

New bathing suit for pool-time
Which means it’ll fit for about a week.
And her?  Dunno if there’s such a thing as ‘too pretty’ but what with my propensity for hostile action, I’d say she’s got nothing to worry about, and when she gets to the age to be able to safely train, she’ll be getting a full education on firearms, first aid, and guerilla warfare.  

So, bit of humor… found a couple o’memes out there that cheered me up:

OK… forgot the usual…
Trigger Warnings alllllllllll over the place.
To continue, Who said God is an Absurdist again?

Homeslice ain’t lookin’ none too good Aye?We can say also that he’s the very definition of a Democrat Voter.He’s also a great Biden impersonator now: Brain Damaged and Shitting in his pants.
Guess that answers my question… vis-a-vis God that is…And for those who haven’t seen it:

That’s when his grape got squished by 2 tons on concrete…The look on the chick in the tank top sez it all after it fell…And then:

I’d call that “Switch: Flipped in the ‘On’ Position”
Of course, can’t forget to have this ‘un here:

Nothing I can add/say to that…
One for Sapper and the other drunkards with dynamite:

Annnnnnnnnnd lastly

Vlad’s always good for a laugh.
So, hope your evening is mellow and fun!
More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. If you can find it, give Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto a read.
    They didn’t shoah it and refuse to make his trial public because he was crazy…it’s because he lays out a very logical, coherent argument.

  2. Yes, his “manifesto” does read as a logical statement, and I read it for army senior leaders in the E ring. Now, hat makes you a racist pos according to the fucked.

    Good one BC. Nice post. Grandbaby is a charmer, as all are and I’ll throat punch anyone who says different. But, lucky me, mines an XY so no tolerance for bs from me, although the wildness is a hoot. Already got the radios lined up for my Irish lad. Enjoy!

    1. “Yes, his “manifesto” does read as a logical statement, and I read it for army senior leaders in the E ring. Now, hat makes you a racist pos according to the fucked.”

      I don’t understand what you said here.

      1. Tongue and cheek, just by agreeing that he had good points makes you a racist, welcome to the club was the point, contrasted to our wokester senior leaders who have seen, heard and read it and still do what they do despite the logic so as to be commie woke PC shit lickers. It wasnt a dig on you rather kudos for having common sense.

        1. I didn’t think it was a dig-and even if it was, well it’s the internet! We’re all Russian bots/CCP shills/JIDF recruits, not real people.
          Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

  3. Well he did cushion the fall of the statue, preventing some damage to it, so there’s that

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