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Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes
And yeah, found out we gots us some wimmenzfolks who done come ’round here. Guess I’ma have ta dust the corners ’round here.  Bit of a Short Poastie here at the House today.  Yesterday was a shitshow what with Grandbebe showing up, me doing and being the bartender, short order cook and general heavy lifting.  NOW I remember why I didn’t want MOR kids.  A fucking 3 year old is as picky as a hot chick around a herd of willing suitors.

“OK kiddo, whut ya want fer grub?”
“Mac n Chee Papi!”
“OK darlin’. One Mac n Cheese it is.  How about some Moo-burger?”
“Kay.. no chee in Mac tho.”
“Uh… K… (how the fuck do I pull THAT one off?)
Yeah.. and on and on.  She’s a stubborn lil ‘un dats fer sure.  Ended up, hamburger, no bun, lots of ketchup, and plain mac (no chee!) and a healthy portion.  Of which she ate I think 5 noodles, two bites of burger, and fell the fuck out asleep.
Least the doggo ate well.  She LOVES when the Granbebe shows.  Freebies alllllll around!
So, I got pinged with a “Spreading Hate Warning” on Zuckbook:

Hit a lil close to the mark methinks.

Then these:

Truth.  Apparently these vermin pretty much stripped ole boy of his shit, leaving him laying in literally shit, DRT (Dead Right There)

And, this one was poasted on the Paratrooper Page that I’m a member of.  No leggs allowed…

I LOLZ’d like a motherfucker on that one.

Because it’s true.
And finally for today:

That one my spawn sent me…

Great sense of humor eh?
More Later I hope, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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