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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Aye that…

Lil late to poast, as it’s been a whirlwind of bullshit ’round here this A.M…. starting with Wifey getting a text from people watching Dumbfuck and Dumbunny for us…  Seems Dumbunny posted on Fecesbook some pics of Granbebe #2….

Seems, from my perspective, she got bit by a spider.  Her whole lil upper lip is all blown up and swollen.  She apparently has been progressing… Dumbunny thought that it was a pimple under her nose, and maaaan… it’s bad.

Typical of Dumbunny, she poasts the progressing pictures to Facebook for “prayers and good thoughts” and “she can’t eat, and is miserable, and can’t use her pacifier or anything” then the dumbass sez in the whole attention-whoring poast, that she’s planning on taking the baby to the doctor fucking tomorrow!!!!

Wifey melted the fuck down and was on the fon to CPS like pronto.

Kid can’t fucking eat and you’ll taking her tomorrow??????Motherfucker.

Looking at the three pictures, I think it’s a Black Widow bite.  Had enough of them in my time.  Started with the lil pimple, then started weeping the yellowish-clear-ish liquid as the swelling is just starting… the pic is where she was at this A.M. apparently.

I dunno if I want to cry, or kill the two incompetent fucktards meselves.
Actually I want to do both.
Wifey’s a wreck.  I’m highly pissed off.

Really appreciate y’all letting me vent… 
So, with the current shitshow outta da way, lets get back on track to the stuff at hand.
Like Xio Bi-Den.
Fucking really!?!
Delusional isn’t a strong enough word to describe this fucking mobile corpse.  Seems China Slo has been meeting with historians to discuss his “legacy” and how history will view him:

“Citing “people close to Biden,” Axios reports Biden feels powerful, ready to end the Senate filibuster and push through as much transformational legislation as possible while he still has the majority in the House and the Senate.

He also “loves” the idea he will be more transformational than former President Barack Obama, who struggled with House and Senate Republicans to move legislation forward, the report noted.

Biden’s list of planned aggressive actions includes historic legislation on climate change, gun control, and federal voting laws, according to the report.”

Uhhhh hate to be the one to breeak it to Ya there Slo, but the “Legacy” you’re so worried about?  At the rate the way things are going in this country?  You’ll be remembered as a curse mor’ n’likely…  I can almost see 100 years in the future:

“Duuuude… you as such a biden!!!”
“Motherfucker, take that back, ain’t no man call me a biden and lives!!!!”

The only legacy he’s going to have is that of a pResident that may just literally usher in a 4th Reich and/or collapse the Federal DotGov once and for all.  He’s radicalizing the entire Left without so much a one thought in that decaying pile o’taters that he calls a ‘brain’.  I mean when was the last time he looked out a window, and realized that he and his creatures have practically self-isolated from the Rest of Us Unclean Deplorables?  You know, the people that they seem hell bent on disarming, by hook or by crook, and then putting us into Uighur-Style “Re-Education Camps” a.k.a. Concentration Camps? Eventually something is gonna snap.

I mean even now?  Looks like Sapper n Me were on the money again regarding Aloha Snackbar and his federal involvement.  Word now is he was a Fibbie Fucktards ‘person of interest’… which usually means, ‘radicalized, given support, and launched like a missile’ by his Fibbie Fucktard Controllers.

Just like in the case of the Texas Jihad Shootout, the Fibbies more than likely either enlisted or provoked this idiot.  It’s also very strange the reports I’ve been reading on his ‘surrender’ as well… seems he came out of the shitter having stripped off all his gear!?!Last instance of shit like that that I can recall was the “Batman Shooter” who was found drugged the fuck up, and no longer in his tac-gear in a car after the fact.

And it’s presumable that the “Batman Shooter” (who, BTW has been conspicuously absent in mentions of mass shewtin’s as of late… curious that Aye?) that Bats was a MK controlled sock-puppet.

They did this one pretty well.
The kid bought the rifle six days before doin’ the do…So now, the whole waiting period or whatever it is going to stretch to a hell of a lot longer methinks
And, the other?  The mental health thing?  Yeah, git ready… anyone who ever saw a shrink is going to be probably barred from possessing or buying a weapon in the future.  Fact is tho, his High School classmates said he was a short-fuzed asshole who blew up at people and harbored grudges.  I’m wondering if the fam coming around and sayin’ he’s cray-cray is a hail Mary defense attempt?

Might be.  Never trust a Haji man.
I know of what I speak.

So, gotta bounce.  We also, as a end-note, fucking Mom and Dad man… when the hell did we become the ‘rents?  Dad apparently took another fall… this is the 2nd on inside of two weeks… first one?  Minor, no damage, and the LifeAlert I made ’em wear worked like a charm.  Day before Yesterday? damn… no injuries, but he fell, and Mom took an hour and a half to help him up… they didn’t use the LifeAlert dammit.  Seems Mom threw out her back ‘cos it was oh-dark early, and she ‘didn’t want to cause a fuss’ by hitting the button…

Man… and Wifey wonders why I drink?
To excess

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

As per the call from commenter Greg, dehydration came into play.
They’ve admitted her to the hospital now.  I may have to go offline if’n we need to go ‘rescue’ her from the Tennessee Fucktards.
Hopefully it’ll be aight.
Appreciate all the good thoughts and support Me Droogs!

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  1. So, Haji can run out and buy a gun AND ammo? I’ll wager $20 his Handler supplied the ammo

  2. How’s the weight loss going? I woke up the other day and was amazed that I hit 260! Haha! (I never weighed more than 175 in the Marine Corps)
    Started intermittent fasting, walking and weights-things are happening!
    Keep us updated!
    (Reading this blog is typically the best thing I do all day! Haha)

    1. And your point? That’s yer one freebie.
      Trolls will be banned with extreme prejudice

  3. Maybe it’s a Tennessee thing. I had a minor stroke in 2012 & went to the hospital when? Next day. It was in the afternoon, & I didn’t want to spend the night there, with them getting nothing done. Went in the next A.M.

  4. As the sea will grant each man new hope, the tree of liberty will be well watered. Already 16 have been sacrificed to meet the needs of the state. We who hold the future of our posterity dear will not comply.

    Spin Drift

  5. Hope all goes well with her recovery mate fingers crossed it wasn’t a black widow just a house spider (if you got em over there) or something less serious. Hope you can get at least a few days over Easter to yourself without some shit manifesting out of nowhere!

  6. As gentle as can be, I would like to comment on the fact that you have knowledge about (((them))). This is very good. Since you mentioned “Fourth Reich” and “concentration camps,” please allow me to point out that the same (((people))) operating the criminal IRS, the stolen government, and the lying media taught us what to think about the Third Reich.

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