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Was surfing the Gab and found a post from the “Q” Anon Neon Revolt.  He’s (or was) BIG in the analysis of “Q” and the like.  He wrote a VERY lengthy tome on “Q” and all the analysis and is/(was) the go-to expert on everything “Q”.  Sapper bought a copy and man, it’s a 3 pound book in very small print.

Until now.

Apparently he’s done.  Disheartened/Disenchanted with the whole “Q” LARP.  Seems he’s sick of “qtards normies and boomers” fucking around and making retarded claims about “Q” and the very fact that nothing substantial has happened.

“Q” was promising the Deep State was gonna get flattened, Clinton and their mob was gonna get it in the neck, and life was gonna be better all around.

Hell, For a while -I- was hoping it was real.  Then I saw that literally nothing was actually happening, and all these idiots were trying to square weird shit like a picture of a wristwatch with the time showing and then saying “It represents this!!!!” or “It’s a sign!!!!”

Personally, I think it was a dot mil experiment in societal adjustment and manipulation of conspiracy minded individuals to see if they could be harnessed for whatever nefarious purposes they had in mind…

That and it kept a lot of who would have been otherwise unoccupied individuals, ‘the autists’ as they’re called, busy running in circles, performing circular firing squads on each other, instead of digging into governmental malfeasance.  A LOT of the individuals who were balls deep into “Q” are some extremely intelligent folks…  dangerously intelligent as far as the dot gov is concerned…  so methinks and this’s strictly IMHO, that the whole “Q” movement was and is being used as a ‘defuser’ so to speak to keep the “Unibomber Wannabes” busy and in check.

So much for that ‘un then.  Via Con Dios man… it was vaguely entertaining for a while.

I mean I can see -why- he’s done.  I saw it waaaay earlier.  I mean I tend to be ahead of the power curve in general.  I’m supposedly intelligent, although I don’t feel that way… I’m just a bit more analytical than the average person.  Cause and Effect, Thesis and Antithesis.  Hell… I was looking back and found my first mention of the CoronaChan was on January 23rd.

A man ahead of his time apparently LOL!

Now?  I’d say that with Neon Revolt cashing out and calling it a day, the “Q” movement may see a ‘slide in attendance’ if you will.  He was one of the main go-to’s like I said, and him calling it a day is pretty significant, especially seeing that the whole movement is bullshit anyways…

My curiosity is that I wonder if this’ll cause some form of backlash as a LOT of really fringe motherfuckers got waaay wrapped up in the whole thing, and since it seems like its petering out, I wonder what form the anger and direction will go to?

Time will tell.
Time for me to clock in, so til later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. If there ever was a Q, he/she/they got taken out a long time ago and replaced by the Deep State, posing as Q. What has Q been telling us for years? "This is how Trump or whoever is going to save us all. Just sit back, don't do anything yourself, Trump will take care of it." Way to keep the dangerous sorts on the sideline, listening to Q's play-by-play of limited hangouts and patriotic platitudes. The more that Q told people to remain inactive and let others save America, the more I was convinced it was all BS. Freedom doesn't thrive on inactive, passive citizens. Freedom survives when men rise up and shed the blood of tyrants.

  2. The only thing we knew for sure was that Q is an administration insider. Q said things that the Trump administration wanted someone to hear. In the early days, Q dropped hints about where to find corruption, and there was corruption under every rock he had anons turn over. Since then, it's gotten a lot less interesting.

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