Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

Salutations me Droogs!  A hearty Hi Ho and away we go into another spin shot of weirdness and general bullshit.

First off, some Admin work:  1)  My extreme thanks and gratitude to Phil over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon for linking my “They Reek” post from yesterday.  Holy shit my daily hit count went triple!  My thanks sir!
2)  A bit slow on the pickup, but condolences to Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin.  Seems his dawg CharlieGoddamit (best. dog. name. ever.) cashed in.  I’m feeling it for Kenny in a big way, and it purely sucks.  I’m especially going to miss the stories about Charlie as they were usually LMAO level funny.  He will be missed.

OK what with that outta the way, onto the newest outrage to catch my My Mark One Mod One Eyeball, Vision, Type Two Each, Pair.  Running over to Herschel’s Place I saw the linked story and am like

Holy Fucking Shit.

Every. Single. Blogger. in the world needs to link this.

Fuck the ChiComs.

I managed to steal it and now have it embedded in case the ChiComs exert enough squeeze to get it memory holed.  This’s straight up “Schindlers List” next level shit.

THIS is why you. never. give. up. your. guns.

The only difference between the ChiComs in this Vidya and The Democrats/AntiFa is the majority of the perpetrators of this horror are ethnic Chinese.  And we -still- (for the moment) are armed to the fucking teeth.  The second we get disarmed however…

THIS  is what awaits you.

THIS will be YOUR FATE if you ever surrender.

Don’t be “that guy”
Just like in Apocalypse Now: “Never get outta the boat!!!” ‘Cept it’s “Never get on the boxcar!!!”
Do whatever ya gotta do.  Run, Hide, then kill them.  Kill them all.  Kill every last one of them, until they are afraid to leave their homes.  And when they leave their homes, burn them down so they have nothin to return to.
Scorched Fucking Earth.  
“Nuke it from Orbit, It’s the only way to be Sure.” Cpl Hicks.
Color me fucking shocked that this hasn’t gotten more ‘play’… esp. in the (((media))).  I mean I -know- they’re bought n’paid for in certain things, but even by this account, you’d think that the Jews would be screaming from the tops of the roof about it….  then again… it ain’t them, so they probably don’t give a flying fuck.
Just keep in mind, THAT is our future if we let these assholes keep rolling in the Leftist Commie direction… The -day- that any serious gun laws get passed is the day it’ll go postal. Zero to elevenhundred in point 5 seconds…  Couple of media cheerleaders taking headshots, a few congresscritters getting smoked… then the of-course in-kind arrests and escalation… it’ll go sideways and pear shaped faster than a moyl can perform a bris LOL.
Welcome to the Boogaloo, won’t you guess my name?
Until later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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