New Lockdowns

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes

So, now they want to lock us down again?
For a ‘supposed pandemic bug’ that has a 99.5% survival rate?

Not buying it
ANYTHING they’re selling.  AT ALL.  
At this point they’re so fucking full of shit, and in such an echo chamber they don’t understand that we don’t believe you anymore.  Note to the Media and the Enemy Feds: You’ve lost all credibility AND worst, legitimacy in over 60% of the United States Population.  The 60% who own 98% of the military grade weapons, ALL the boolits and are sick of your shit.
We will NOT go softly into that good night…

Ain’t happening bro…

Even though in your fevered dreams, you fucking morons seem to forget that the People have the right of self-determination.  In fact, I posit that I wonder about the legal ramifications of shooting some of these soft-headed morons on Twitter pre-emptively.

Go with me on this…
From experience: Telling someone, point-blank, in public, that you want to kill them is “Assault”
Telling someone, point blank, in public, that they want you AND your family dead on Twitter is a legit threat IMO.  I know not about the laws per se, however, it’d be interesting to take it to court.  I mean Twitter sez it isn’t a publisher, and they let the most vile invective on the planet run through with threats and otherwise against the ‘right people’… God help you if you threaten the ‘wrong person’ amiright?  
But, the question is is Twitter liable?  
I know Section 230 gives them cover… I dig the whole stupid argument, but, for the sake of fun n’games Let’s just wonder how it’d play in a courtroom.  Theoretically, if –someone– of not-so-sound-mind, say a Bi-Polar Veteran with FAR too much combat time and PTSD, reading through Twitter, decided that certain individuals were a clear and present danger to the Republic and thereby himself personally, and went on a state-by-state sniping spree to rid the planet of these pustules.
The question then, is couldn’t it be shown that by selectively enforcement of those peoples Twitter feeds, i.e. they didn’t block theirs, but blocked his responses to these individuals and allowed them to publish vile and hateful things which, presumably caused him to snap like a rotted branch, then what happens then?
Hasn’t happened… 
I still got my ‘gears’ in place and the safety switches are, for the most part in the locked position.
So, anyways, to continue rant:
But then again, the very legitimacy of the Government and all it’s branches, IMO is fully in question.
I mean, realistically, we’ve been without meaningful representation for years.  Decades really.
We got pissed and fucked up the, at the time, Number One Military on the Planet because of a tea tax, and the fact that we didn’t have meaningful representation.
Literally curb-stomped the Brits back in the day…
And then we wrote the right for us, We The People, to tell the government to Fuck the Fuck OFF in our Constitution.
I’d say we be seriously past the time to tell ’em to fuck the fuck off.
I’m trying -right now- to have a meeting with our elected Sheriff.  I want to ask him point-fucking-blank IF he is going to allow any shenanigans vis-a-vis Unconstitutional Bullshit that the FedGov is going to attempt.  I don’t want to hear anything from him, except that he’s going to follow his oath.  Specifically his oath to the Constitution.
NOT the law.
Tom Bingham, The Rule of Law:

“A state which savagely represses or persecutes sections of its people cannot in my view be regarded as observing the rule of law, even if the transport of the persecuted minority to the concentration camp or the compulsory exposure of female children on the mountainside is the subject of detailed laws duly enacted and scrupulously observed.”

Those who allowed the persecuted minorities in Germany in 1939 to be taken away were following The Law.
The “Law” in quotes, is not immutable.
Shit happens.
People change.
Circumstances change.
The Law needs to be guided and nurtured by a steady hand, of which we no longer have.

Despite the screaming and hollering of our Leftist Libtards, there (unfortunately) haven’t been any mass round ups, no mass arrests, no camps, and sadly no liquidations.  I say sadly because I think we had the chance to “do unto others BEFORE they could do unto us”.  From the look of it, they’re gonna come for us, and come good n’hard.

Robert O. Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism

“It follows almost as an anticlimax that fascist regimes contained no mechanisms by which citizens could choose representatives or otherwise influence policy. (we are here BC edit) Parliaments lost power, elections were replaced by yesno plebiscites and ceremonies of affirmation, and leaders were given almost unlimited dictatorial powers. Fascists claimed that the division and decline of their communities had been caused by electoral politics and especially by the Left’s preparations for class warfare and proletarian dictatorship. Communities so afflicted, the fascists taught, could not be unified by the play of naturally harmonious human interests, as the liberals had believed. They had to be unified by state action, using persuasion and organization if possible, using force if necessary. The job required what the French sociologist Émile Durkheim called “mechanical solidarity” rather than “organic solidarity.” Fascist regimes thus contained multiple agencies for shaping and molding the citizenry into an integrated community of disciplined, hardened fighters. The fascist state was particularly attentive to the formation of youth, jealously attempting to retain a monopoly of this function (a matter that brought fascist regimes and the Catholic Church into frequent conflict).”
We’re in for a rocky ride.  
More Later I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. If you study your American History you will learn that while we did defeat the British we did NOT stomp them….and without the help of the French would likely have failed. The coming festivities aren't going to look anything like the Revolutionary Wad or the War Of Northern Aggression. It will look a lot more like the nastiness of the Balkans in the 80's and 90's.

    1. For the sake of brevity dude… sheesh… and having -lived- thru the Balkanization of Iraq vis-a-vis Shiite versus Sunni, nevermind the mix of -the rest- I know whats coming, as does the Serbian War Criminal. My minor is military history in my bachelors… quit being so literal…

    2. It'll be Shakwanda + Bozonia x Chicango / Miami Heat = Shitholaville. Women will be raped. Kids will be raped. Dogs, small insects. Everything will be raped. I will survive though because I read THE books.

  2. If the rule of law no longer applies to some it no longer applies to any. Some of those twats that want anarchy, I felt like punching in the face and taking their shoes. That is anarchy.

  3. It's to the point where I'm getting sleep in little snippets. You can FEEL that something is about to pop off. I don't want to miss the beginning.

  4. I wrote on Kim Du Toit's Splendid Isolation:
    * "I believe the inevitable Balkanization(s) of fUSA are a very short-term stop-gap… and merely kick the can further down the road."
    * "The marxists are suicidally-invested in their utopia, and are mentally-incapable of change."
    I finished with:
    * "_______ [fill in the blank] every last one of them."

    I believe the marxists want the 1960 version of black-and-white USSR, while the full-color Russia of 2020 moved so far beyond their past, the USSR plays no part in the future for the Russian people.
    Ergo ['consequently'], the marxists are delusionally clinging to a mythical distant past with zero-zero-zero place today… or tomorrow.

    Anybody intent on suicide (George Floyd?) should be avoided.
    Like a drowning person, they drag down everybody around them.

    During early SCUBA training, we teach the approach to a person in fear of drowning:
    * legs out front to kick away the panicked… they are incapable of caring for the safety of rescuers.

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