New Project

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Got me a new project to sink what little cash I have into.
DadInLaws (now mine) 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara


Stop laughing
Two Words any dood in my position loves to hear:
“Free Beer”
“Free Ammo”
“Free Truck”
And yes, it-does– qualify as a truck.  V6 2.6 liter 4WD thankee very mucho.
Ugly? Yep
Older-ish? Yep
Free? Fuck ya man!
AND the best part: 72,500 original miles

Mechanic said he’s never see such a mechanically pristine putt-putt.  Seals good, engine just broken in.  Everything works.  To include the 80’s cassette deck in the dash
I ordered ZZ Top’s ‘Afterburner’ and ‘Eliminator’ tapes on EBay…$5… too funny
Gonna have some retro-cruising to do now
The only issue is the paint is dead, dead, dead.
Debating on leaving it that way as it’s white, faded and like I said dead.  I took it thru the car wash and did a mad pre-soak with mildew remover as it had a big pile of green/black mold and mildew all over it. 
Very common for cars that sit around a lot here in Flor-rheee-Duh.  Very White-trashy looking too.  It was DIL’s grocery getter and secondary car from the one he crashed, and since he’s no longer driving, he kindly gave it to me as a second car here.  The 4WD differential is good, and I need to get a tank of ethanol-free gas run thru it with an engine treatment as it -is- sluggish from sitting ’round the driveway since 2008, with only short jaunts in it occasionally.
I’m also gonna scrimp me some pennies for a small trailer, roof rack, new sneakers and some ‘other’ equipment to make it a very low-key bugout boogie buggy.
So fun fun!  I’m all sorts of happy happy joy joy.
Please if’n ya can, hit the tip jar on the way through, as it’s gonna take some shekels to set this up, and the bullet bean and boot fund is low, although some ‘yall have donated recently, and Wifey said thanks very much.  
More later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. 1500 pound towing capacity, and a BIG cargo area for a teeny car. With the roof racks (addition 1000 pound capacity) like I said, a bugout boogie buggy. Might even look at a trailer/tent combo for good-good nice-nice sleepytime in the event of mondo weirdness…

  2. FREEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!
    The possibilities are endless. Highly adaptable to mission requirements.
    And FREEEEEEE !!!!!

  3. Well do a back up job of heading out. Should even be good on gas. Course load it up and that might not pan out. Trailers definitely extend the ability of something like that. Just sold one of my trailers the other day to a guy running similar set up but newer and Chevy name plate.

    New a guy who had one of the versa's and it worked pretty good for him.

  4. BCE, you scored Big Time. That is one extremely reliable little vehicle and like you said, it ain't even broke in good. I owned three (Suzuki's) and they were all great little vehicles.

  5. Big, you have a email address? Gonna ask a question for your ears only. I don't paypal, 'cuz their stance on 2nd A and guns in general, or mine is kevcederquist(at)gmail(dot)com.

  6. If you are handy with sandpaper and paint masking you could rattle can it OD and stencil some (ahem!) officalish looking stuff on the front doors. Many moons ago in Me hee co I went to lunch with a friend. He parked his white 79 impala in a dusty lot next to the eatery, where there was an older guy with a small compressor and paint gun. Offered to re-spray the car while we were at lunch for likely 50 bucks equivalent. My business contact said "sure" go ahead. Damned if that car did not look spiffy when we came back out an hour and a half later. How the paint wizard did that under those conditions I will never know, but it was passable and looked better than what drove in. Short of the story, you can do a good rattle can paint job with prep, sanding down to 1500 grit and a lot of careful masking, right out in the open so long as not under birds.

  7. Looks good, low miles are better, but how much headroom does it have? looks smaller than the 98 grand cherokee I had some years ago.

  8. Perks of a close family. Yer a good fella and deserving. Color of your ride is appropriate. Don't want it to "pop" too much…but u already know that. Congrats and thanks for all u do and have done. OG

  9. My wife has both a Chevy Tracker (2003) and Suzuki XL-7 (2004). Bot
    h have been reliable. The bug on the Suzuki was a passenger sensor that would trigger a relay and 'service engine' light appear. PITA, she's had to deal with it twice but it was finally fixed. I think they just disconnected it, but I ain't one to gossip.

    Tough little bastards. She was hit in the Tracker at the rear driver's side rear quarter panel by a 2014 Toyota Tundra – the pickup had to be hauled away but wifey's car just drove off. Both of hers are standard 2W drive. Damn, they are nimble little beasts, very much like a jeep. Why she is finally trading the Tracker in – parts availability. It was discontinued in 2004 and finding parts is becoming onerous. She figures she had better sell it while she can.

    I hope you are pleased with it.

  10. Looks good, especially free!
    I can't help it, though–I always call those "Grand Viagras".
    –Tennessee Budd

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