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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes

Maaaan… go out, go have some fun… eat out, have a great meal. 
Come home and Nadler myself and then puke nonstop.
Call the restaurant and get told “Ain’t our problem!”
So, as of late, besides being sick as all get the hell out, Sapper done went and invested in the house preps.  Seeings I don’t start the new gig til this coming Tuesday and shekels been scarce for the most part, this’s a great find for the price:

New “toy” put out by Lee.  The Automatic Processing Press.

Got it mounted and damn, so far so good.
It’s -not- a per se loading press… I still have the single stage press I use, and I gotta remount but what this thing does is decaps, resizes, and chamfers the cases like in record time.  As in whoo… 10 cases of 5.56mm fit in the tube, and I can get all 10 rocked out in about 15 seconds. Knocks out the mil spec crimp no problem.  Still have to prime using the one stage, but then I want to see how it does with the bullet seating and crimp after.  so far today I’ve been (between bathroom runs) almost 75 rounds in about 30 minutes on full prep.
THAT is good.  Leastways for my slow as fuck ass.
So latest:  Seems that lots of folks are seeing that the coming “Bait and Switch” is on the horizon.  Phil seems to agree, and a couple of other folks have been saying I might be right about Biden being a “Dead Man Walking”…
Personally I think it’s my way of thinking… more and more info is trickling out about Hunter “Blow” Biden’s hijinks.  Despite the media running interference, even at this point they gotta be asking themselves “Just what in the fuck is in it for us if we help this fucker get elected?”  I mean WHAT is the quid pro quo to help Joe?  They already have all the access they want/need… they already have all the time and bullshit they need… what the fuck is the media so in the bag for Joe for anyways?  
Sacksful of dinero?  
I mean c’mon man!
It. Just. Doesn’t. Make. Sense.
Ideologically speaking, O.K… you want to see your guy win… but are you so far gone that you don’t see the full, nasty end result?
Walter Duranty, who’s now held up and ridiculed for his shit about Stalin didn’t have to live in Russia at the time.  Nope, his bullshitting self got to go home and hey, presto!  Back to the land of Milk and Honey, and probably richer for the bullshit he wrote about the Potemkin Villages he saw, along with all the other stacks of horseshit he wrote about.
Unlike Mark Filloux, who -someone- (another RWB wrote about) profiled recently.  Fucking Commie Lovin’ Frog who drooled and sucked on the Khmer Rouge pee-pee and positively loved the commies to the point he went to Cambodia ne Kampuchea to see True Communism at work…
Up until they fucking killed his stupid ass.
And even now the current crop of wannabe-Marxist-commies in the media hold that dipshit up as some sort of Martyr.  Fuck… liberalism is a disease.  And makes my head hurt.
So to finish up, I found this for fun:

Feeling old yet?

I am
Talk with ya later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. "Fuck… liberalism is a disease".

    I call it the Don Quixote syndrome. Don Quixote was defeated by the Knight of Mirrors.

  2. Liberalism is a government answer to Christianity. With out the self improvement part which us what make Christianity work.

    That or it is a mental disorder. I could go either way. Capitalism has done more good that any other system. Hands down.

    Sorry you caught something from a sea food place.

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