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Whelp, nada news is good news I’m guessing. Been a quiet night around ye olde casa. The day is aggravating enough here at work. The software we use is on the fritz. Has been since last night/yesterday afternoon. Lots of “it’ll be good by the morning” is what the IT whonks told us. Jeez… not so much. Makes me cranky to have to do double work. Bad enough that our ‘systems’ theyselves are broken. The disfunction is now visible to even the neophyte.

I mean at this point?  The entire point of my existence is to keep my fucking head down.  And no, this blog isn’t about sticking it to the man… well it is, but in reality, this place was a way for me to record my stuff in Iraq and Kuwait so’s my kids, grandkids?  Whoever could read about my shit and stuff that happened.  Over time it morphed into -something else- and I dunno…

I already knew for a fact that I’m on the list(s) so to speak… just by dint of my DotMil Training, and my time overseas… you don’t survive as long as I did, doing what I did, and NOT make it onto a ‘armed and dangerous list’.

So, what with knowing that, as y’all know, I got -no issue- sticking a finger in Leviathan’s Eye.  Mainly because I’m -so small- and -so inconsequential- in the larger picture.  Let’s put it this way, if -I- find meselves in the position of “Lord Humungus, the Wasteland King”?

At that point, Man, we are so totally and irretrievably fucked 

Go ahead and laugh.  It -is- funny.  That being said, that IF they actually –do– come for me, whelp… the rest of y’all best gear up and take 10 with you.  And when I say “come for me” as in the ‘black-bag accuse me of cray-cray shytte’ you’ll know exactly who they’ll be talking about, ‘cos I am a man-of-three-names so to speak.  Actually four, but the way they spin things at the Ministry of Propaganda, it’ll only be the three.  That and Sapper’ll be on here as he’s the dead-man switch, unless the shit goes COMPLETELY sideways, and he buys it with me in a cascade of hot brass.
<le sigh>
Anywho, other topics…Seems we bought a shitton of oil for the first time since 1991
What the fuck
Then, we shut down the Alaskan oil field leases… this ON TOP of the shutting down Keystone”
Enemies Foreign and Domestic
Man… that line is getting <mighty thin> as Riggs and Murtaugh would say…
Paper thin

Transparent Aye?

TRILLION ducats for “infrastructure” that is primarily a slop-pile of racial bullshit, ‘equality’ and horseshit donor-payback.  Only $112 billion out of that goes to actually fix the broke dick shit.  Any bets that nuthin’ ackchully gets fixamatered?  Nope.  Sucker bet.  All that filthy lucre is gonna get hoovered up by every. single. democrat. voting. special. interest groups.  All of the Pelosi-Husbands, the Schumer Nieces and Nephews, the Hoyer son-in-laws… 
You know

The connected “Elites”

THOSE are the ones who’re in dire need of ‘corrective actions’.
They’re also faaaar easier to find, generally lack significant security, and are soft.
They tend to gather ’round the easy money trough as they think is their ‘due’ by dint of being the bestest and the brightest and don’t you forget it!  It’s why they have all the DotMil deployed, and are, by my hearing, raising a purely mercenary army to take over from the Guard, as they know when it comes to nut-cuttin time, the Guard is more’n likely to turn the weapons 180 and light up the buildings their supposed to be guarding.

Yeah.  Word is the bigger security companies are hiring up.  I got hit recently asking about a long term contract, of undetermined length for a CONUS mission, meaning within the boundaries of the CONtinental United States.  Meaning here, at home.  Considering things being things, I haven’t said yea, and I haven’t said nay.  I do find it interesting that they’re coming to hit ME up after all this time, as it’s been a minute since I took The King’s Groat.

So then we also have -other- strange things happening, among which is the whole UFOs thing.  Which, personally, I don’t buy.  Nope.  Not a bit.  When you have a satellite, that can read -which article- you’re reading in Pravda, in the 1970s, from orbit, in Gorki Square, do not tell me that grainy assed half-baked looks like it was shot with Dad’s handheld 8mm camera vidya is the ‘real deal’.

Go fuck yourself willya?

I mean plu-leeze.  I know we got some seriously softheads running around loose, but man, this’s just plain embarrassing..  At least get Industrial Light and Magic to do the video next time aight?  Only reason I could say that the filming is so stunningly shitty is that whoever shot it, stole all the budget, and told the DotGov “Neener Neener… whatyagonnado?  Arrest us?”  Amiright?

This’s going to be known as the “Year of The Grift”

Everyone seems to have one these days, be it a side-hustle, or an out-and-out fucking con.
At least I provide a modicum of entertainment here, for your amusement.
Only thing I’m missing is some fucking clown shoes.

Wonder how many’ll get that obscure reference?
The clue is above.
But yeah, things are weird, fixin to get weirder
And I still haven’t heard from the fuzz… Good News/Bad News that Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Good instincts. Mystery solved:

    I’m sure the government didn’t mean to lie. Right???

    They didn’t mean to imply it was like –aliens- aliens.

    It was probably just an oversight; like a typo, maybe being politically correct even. They really meant –illegal- aliens, not space aliens. Just missed it in the proof read.

    I know. Disappointing right? Expecting green scales & antennas, maybe even an extra orifice in an unusual place; instead you just get the Russian or Chinese version of Cheech, in a more expensive ride.

  2. If they come for me i would be fucked. blades would do little against sub machineguns more than likely firing hollow point ammo. At least it would be semi quick I guess and might keep some cleaners employed for a few days haha. As for UFO’s I have seen a few but nothing like you see in movies just lights. Looking at the sky one night I see a bright light appear in the orion constellation near the nebula. Over a period of 5 seconds it brightened from about visual magnitude 1 all the way up to -4 of even -5 before slowly fading away. Thought I had just seen a supernova until i realized it would be visible for days and no GRB’s were reported either. Still got no earthly idea what the fuck it was

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