Not For Nuthin’

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

A later poast as Wifey wanted to go up to the mall
Needed her nails done Aye?
I don’t mask

So before going out, I hadda get the printer fired up

Made me AND Wifey the “Get Out Of Jail” cards for us

I found a picture on the web of what the sticker that was pasted on a –real- vaccinated soon-to-be-dead motherfucker’s card who poasted it up on somewhere… either way, I got a shit ton of self adhesive labels and made me a bunch with the ‘proper looking’ stuff as you see.  Y’all already know I had the card ready-to-be-printed already.  As well as the proper cardstock yadda-yadda.

And whaddya know?
Paul Blart, Mall Cop came up to me
As did a couple of other busybodies.
“Scuse me while I whip this out!”

It worked.
A little too well as I then had one guy begging me to tell him where I got it, and how could HE get the shot?  Told him I work at the VA Hospital and needed it for work.  That mollified him but man…
Lots of people desperate to get it.
It was odd running around the mall… I counted three people without masks.  One of whom I think was of liked-mindedness as me.  We grinned at each other whilst walking past and nodded as we knew we were the –only– sane people there.
I mean it’s not like I’m getting in someone’s face.  It’s not like I’m licking doorknobs, or windows.  I just went in, got my shit done, and got out.  TBH, the issue with me besides the ‘sheeple’ factor is not for nothing, missing an air bag makes me have a bitch of a time when I’m masked.  The whole “lung cancer thing” should automatically get me a pass on the stupid, but some people never heard of HIPAA or the fact that it’s just easier to ‘fake it til you make it.’

Now, on to other observations.
I could only take the one picture:

The girl doing “COVID Guard” at the door to the store got a bit upset when I took a pic of the sign.  The whole ‘suspicious see-something-say-something’ narc-a-neighbor STASI is in full effect.  Now, this and a handful of other stores had the same sign or variations of in their doors as well.  Didn’t get pics as I had already hadda deal with Paul Blart.  But the others were, shall we say informative?

American Eagle
Sports Apparel 
Think “Stores that a certain >ahem< Jogging Demographic prefer during their “free-shit-shopathons”  
“I’ll take “Stores Most Likely to be Looted By Packs of Feral Niggers” for $1000 Alex.”
Yeah… dunno why, but closed on Wednesday the 6th?
What’s going on the 6th?
Nothing here that I know of
I mean yeah, Washington and the “Great Lost Hope” and shytte…
But apparently, either everyone requested that particular day off, or they got intel of -something- in the wind that we plebes ain’t been told about.  Considering how the news is these days?  I mean I might be over-reading into this like I did with Navy Fed (BTW Thanks for all the localized intel y’all sent. Great Job!) but still… Odd as fuck that a dying mall has stores in dire need of money shutting down like that… even for a day.
And dying it is… 
LOTS of places closed up.
Lots of unused space
Lots of empty kiosks that used to sell tchotchkes and bullshit
Had that mid-Eighties feel that I got in 1987 when the first BIG mall contraction hit.  I was a mall rat back in those days, and when they over-populated the Malls like -everywhere- a lot of them started dying on the vine… this mall here, it’s one of the bigger ones and I haven’t set foot there since the beginning of last year.  It’s got that ‘soon to shit the bed’ feel going on.  Lots of “Going out of business” signage, lots of “Extreme Discounts” all over…
So, More Later, Gotta do TV with Wifey
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


    1. Jeff is correct, BC. You could have e thriving little side business selling the COVID vax cards. You should give it some thought.

  1. I find the faux "vaccine get out of jail card" amusing. However I suspect that regardless of vaccines status the bastards in charge will decide that we MUST WEAR MASKS for a LONG LONG TIME….just to prove to us that THEY are in
    charge and we are not. It's never been about the science.

  2. I liked your "Blazing Saddles" reference… I thought Florida was one of the saner states out there what with your governator? I thought ya'll didn't have a mask mandate? I just tell them my mask is down in front of my pants actually doing some protecting, wanna see my ball cup?

    1. Mask mandate is done by county or city. The State, via the Governor, stopped the fining of businesses and on people. But private property can ask and require a mask.

      Thing is, there is no enforcement other than asking you to leave. They can't trespass you, they can't remove you from the property, and all you have to do is say 'medical reasons' and thanks to the Fed HIPPA rules, they can't ask you why.

      Our governor has balls the size of Lake Okeechobee. Our county administrators and city flunkies? Not so much.

      I live in Gainesville, and they have all the sheeple scared up here. But, fuckem, I don't wear a mask. If masks work, then we don't need to social distance. If social distance works, we don't need masks. If they can touch all of the stuff I'm buying, then they can take their fucking masks off.

      I also pitch a fit, because mask users are violating my HIPPA rights. See, I'm partially deaf and do a shit-load of lip-reading, especially with females as most of the damage is upper register. And I am a dick about it. They want to be dicks about me wearing a mask? Then I can and will be a dick about not being able to read their fucking lips. I mean, they have those fucking plexiglass spit shields up, so why can't they take their fucking masks off?

      Makes me fucking pissed. It's all about control, not about prevention. I've worn real masks before. This maskrova (fake shit) is just all kabuki Control theater. Bullshit piled on top of bullshit for no reason than to fuck us all.

    2. Not even promask, but I have to point out the logical inconsistency. If masks work, we don't need to social distance, is akin to saying if bullet proof vests work, we don't need helmets. No, I don't like being told I must do something, but if you're going to argue the point, you have to be correct.

    3. The side of the box of every disposable mask says "DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19 OR OTHER VIRUSES."

  3. When out walking, I say hello to other unmasked pedestrians with "Greetings, fellow criminal!" So far each and every one (and we are few) gets it and laughs.

    Dan is right. We are told by the high-IQ crowd (our natural masters, to whom we are but cattle) that "you are still required to wear a mask after vaccination, because you can still be a carrier". And the stupidity around here is such that I've actually had an asshole run ACROSS THE DAMN STREET to get in my face and yell at me for not wearing a mask. This middle-aged shithead was wearing an N95 mask over a thick beard (which of course makes the N95-ness pointless).

  4. d.c.mayor just shut down hotels, restaurants etc for the 4th thru 6th to keep patriots way. look for the cops to be in full gestapo mode too. organizers expecting 3 million plus. i foresee the jackboots pushing too hard, antifa pushing from the other side, boom! shots heard round the world. bunch of dead patriots ala boston massacre. then it'll be on whether we want it to be or not.

  5. oh, don't supposed a fella could purchase one of them cards could he? might come in handy at work. 'spec that will be a requirement soon. no needle for me, no way no how.

  6. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to an actual mall to shop. I sometimes go when I am being paid to, strictly to guard the Amish young ladies because the last time we went some jogger was following them around and harassing them. But to shop? No thanks. Our local mall that we hung around at in the 80s died soon after I got out of school, not because of competition but because it had a bus stop out front and the urban yutes could get there cheap to steal and glower at the White folk from the suburbs. One more cultural icon destroyed by Our Greatest Strength.

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