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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not-cool things happening here at La Casa.  Literally.  The Central Air went sideways last night.  Checked and changed the filter, reset everything, and it’s -still- not pumping the proper amount of coolness.  
Rut-Roh Raggy.

I’m really hoping it’s nothing serious, as the Central AC units run a couple of grand just for the pieces/parts.  My credit is shit, so that’d mean a looooong hot summer.  The AC guy I have though, he’s gold.

About 4 years ago the external unit (original house equipment) rusted clean through and died.  My guy Joe, God Bless him, came over, and since I’ve cultivated a relationship with him over the years, he totally hooked me up with a ‘used unit’ that was 4 years old, that he’d pulled from another client for disposal.  He sold it to me, and installed it for $1500 which was like nothing compared to other places/companies and people.  Joe and me have taken care of each other over the years… our first biddness together, I was home on leave and I found him by word-of-mouth.  He found out I was a vet, and a merc, and after he got done on that particular job (tuning and cleaning the unit) I gave him a case of Ice Cold Beer as a tip, on top of paying cash so’s Uncle wouldn’t have to hear about it.  I also, during my days of Bouncing at the Local Watering hole took care of him when he’d come in and get a bit raucous…  got him an Uber on me… that sort of thing…

DeadDad stressed to me growing up that the people you take care of are usually the ones who can take care of you…. secretaries, janitors, service folks… always be respectful, kind, tip well and it’ll come back to you in spades.  And ole Joe is a prime example of that.  Hopefully the AC isn’t totally fucked.  If it is… dunno what I’ma gonna do but hey… s’all good either way.  Might trade the AR-10 to him if needed for goods/services… “The Art of the Deal” Aye?

So, today ZMan has a new article up over at Taki’s place.  Talking about the 80’s Nostalgia for the ‘Reagan Year’ and whatnot.  For the takeaway, I’ll cut n paste the TL;DR that’s a key part IMO and why I think he’s “off” on his analysis.

“This narrative begins with Obama, who represents the rising expectations of blacks in the civil rights era, which ended in ghetto riots and an explosion of black crime. It is easy to forget, but the election of Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial harmony in America. Instead, the Obama era ended with black militants shooting police officers in the streets. BLM is today’s Black Panthers.

Of course, that makes Donald Trump the Richard Nixon of this story. Instead of driving him from office with a bogus impeachment caper, the Washington ruling elite impeached Trump twice and removed him from office with a fraudulent election. Obviously, Joe Biden is the Jimmy Carter character in this telling. Instead of being paralyzed by incompetence, Biden is in the early stages of dementia.

This is the part that gets Conservative Inc. excited. This historical parallel means that what comes next is a Ronald Reagan. This will be the guy who rallies the silent majority and restores conservatism to power. In this version, the great right-wing savior will be Tim Scott or maybe Nikki Haley. The new Reagan will be a dusky deity happy to remove the stain of racism from conservatism and the GOP.”

He then goes on to talk about his conclusions, that no, a “New Reagan” is not on the horizon, primarily due to demographic changes, in that Whypeepo numerically are in a decline.  That the influx of Magic Dirt is skewing the numbers in favor of the Left and their people.  Now, on one side, he’s right.  That being said, I agree that I don’t think we’re going to see a new Reagan.  Nope…

It’s going to be a New Hitler/Genghis Khan.

He equates the historical replay in terms that are applicable to ‘back then’.  The failure to that is that ‘back then’ people, for the most part were church going, morally centered people who actually still believed in trusting the government for the most part.  That the black family still existed for the most part, and that the “Nuclear Family” was a central part of insuring domestic tranquility.  God knows a large reason I didn’t lose my shit and go full Columbine in High School was the shame it would have brought on the family…

These days?  Not so much I think.  People have changed.  Gotten more selfish, self centered.  Less community-oriented.  Definitely less family oriented.  Fast to anger.  And the large group of “silent majority” now known as “deplorables”? 

We’re biding our time.

When ‘go time’ kicks, it’ll be the likes of which no one has ever seen before I think.  It’ll be rallying not around some fucktard like any of the groypers or Alt-Right/Alt–Lite talking heads… nope… it’ll be some guy, probably prior service… a truck driver from Oregon… or a dentist from Texas, who, after running afoul of Leviathan, who’s family paid the price, who decides to go “Full Warlord” and begins the ‘cleansing’ of the Leftists in a graphic and public manner that can’t be ignored.

At first, it won’t be talked about.  I mean it will, but it won’t.  People on the Left will start showing up with a bad case of the “deads”.  It’ll be slow at first, but sure.  Think after a riot, a pile of zip-cuffed bodies, all AntiFa, will be found stacked by a quiet railroad side trestle, all summarily shot in the back of the head, and left to be found after.  The initial reports will tie the people who got aced out as having been ‘arrested’ and taken off the streets by ‘police’ (or what appear to be police) and after, when they get found all ready for a bag and tag,  It’ll make the news, but be downplayed.  That IF Leviathan even lets the word out… no need to encourage people to copycat such things… especially since the shade will be on the cops, as it’ll appear that the cops may have ‘gone rogue’ thereby making an even messier scene that much more difficult.

Sowing confusion could be so much fun.Lots of fingers point back and forth…

Then, as spicytime increase, One or Two ‘roving reporters’ get cacked…  either by sniper(s) or found kil’t in their home.  The first onesie-twosie Media folks who get assassinated will made into MAD Stories initially, but the subsequent targeting will have them headed for the bunkers.  Mainly because the media itself have a massive issue believing that they be part of the targeted list of “people who need to purely die.” 

Depending on just how well it’s planned, a decapitation strike on the media could be in the cards.  Equipment AND people will be targeted.  I mean these days VSAT relays are everywhere, and not guarded.  Hell, just driving up parts of the Greater Tampa area highways and byways, there are new station relay points ALL over… and surrounding them are just your basic chain link with barbed wire at the top… not much of an obstacle for a motivated individual Aye?

Nor are the reporters themselves safe and protected.  Despite the Ministry of Propaganda believing theyselves being untouchable AND under the protection of Leviathan, I’m sure it’ll come as a shock when they’re openly targeted for eradication, and the ease in which they get hit will scare the ever-living-shit out of them.
So, anyways, whoever ‘rises to the occasion’ is going to be someone who more than likely:

A) Be Charismatic.  A Natural Leader with good presence and public speaking abilities
B) Has lost everything.  Think ‘gun grab raid gone wrong’ or some ‘other’ motivator that leaves the individual in question with a “fuck it, I’m taking all of them with me” attitude but NOT in a suicide run.
C) Be trained.  Probably an NCO level DotMil with wartime experience.  Bonus points if he’s former SPECOPs.  
D) Had already been in a prepping mindset, and now decides that he’s “all in”.

Once the gloves are off though, it’ll get really kinetic really fast.  Personally, I don’t think it’ll happen necessarily.  I mean it may but I dunno… I’m of two minds.  I -do- think things are going to continue to ‘degrade’.  I think we’re in for a hell of a summer.  I also think that -some- of our side are ready.  I also think that the Leviathan is faltering.  There are just so many variables.  The very fact that for the first time ever, it seems like the FedGov is becoming more and more irrelevant…  The fact that it’s soooo out in the open about Slo being installed… the fact that the election was fraudulent from top to bottom, that no one seems to give a fuck…   it’s a weird time. 
I feel almost Schizophrenic right now… 
Do I?
Don’t I?
What do I want?
Where do I go?
It’s like the song from Talking Heads:

Same as it ever was…No shit Aye?
Until that guy steps up and until Leviathan ‘trods on Ye Olde Crank with golf shoes’, things will remain the same.
Until they don’t
Then, well, it’s gonna be really interesting
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. The only good commie is a dead commie.
    Commies are subhuman vermin unworthy of the gift of life.
    Commie blood makes the grass glow a beautiful emerald green.
    Execute them all.

    1. We have a leadership candidate right here! Perfect attitude. You even consider an environmentally friendly approach to eradication. Who needs mineral fertilizer when we have thousands of tons of blood and bone.

  2. The easiest measurement of a society’s worth is climate control. Hope you get it back up and running quickly.

    When DJT announced his candidacy back in 2015 a group of us were discussing his chances; everyone but me was excited about his run, & when they pressed me on why I responded that “The whole ‘birther’ business, the media will eat him alive over it because he doubted their messiah, they’ll force him out by year’s end” (never been so happy to be wrong in all my life). I was asked what I thought would make the media more neutral or honest, my response was, “Nothing will change until you see W*f B***r get sniped in the head, mid-broadcast, with follow up postcards to all the major outlets to the effect of ‘honest and neutral coverage or else.’ And it would probably need to happen to 5 or 6 more talking heads before they even started to shift back towards anything fair.” Shocked looks, let me tell you.
    Maybe it would have worked back then, but unfortunately that assessment just doesn’t hold up anymore. Why not? Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Who the hell are they, you ask? They were the Virginia reporter and cameraman who got dusted on-air by a “disgruntled former coworker.” But the shooter was a diversity club member who just so happened to off himself during high speed pursuit, so other than its short lived usefulness for commie gun control the incident has largely been forgotten (though it sure did springboard some political careers!). If someone tried it today the talking heads would just spin the story to be all about their victimhood and ignore the why of what was done.

  3. In the CW2 novel I am writing I highlight how virtually all of the power, comms, fuel distribution and transport systems were built to exist in a high trust society, with virtually no or minimal security. Breaking stuff will be ridiculously easy for anyone choosing to do so.

  4. I’m still pissed about the electioon, because I think Trump had the American left, the deep state and the ChiComs on the ropes, which I suppose is why the Deep state GOP let the election thievery go forward, including that traitorous Quisling Mike Pence.the
    Trump wasn’t perfect, but he was better than pretty much any President since Coolidge.
    And Trump actually gave a damn about the country.
    On the other hand, Zhou Bi Den and Chlamydia Harris are making the central federal government irrelevant both at home, by destroying the Dollar, and with it the Federal government ‘s ultimate hold over the states, which is federal dollars and they are destroying the US military with the Navy as a prime example, without a strong military the U.S. will lose the petro dollar, the reserve currency and all the international power that goes with it.
    Once the countries of the world no longer need the green backs, they will come flooding back, combined with the current money spending, and the Dollar will die.
    the Federal government will become emasculated, and combined with that the destruction of the welfare state, which is largely a form of tribute to the lower classes to keep them pacified, ( which will royally fuck up the cities and suburbs), will have no carrot to go along with the stick, and it will have no money to pay the wielders of those sticks.
    People will step/run away from the fedgov money as the economy will be based on Bitcoin, Silver and barter, destroying .fed’s ability to coerce revenue out of the private businesses that survive socialist economics and covidicy.

  5. Thats why these assholes need to be careful what they wish for, cause when they get it they get the unintended consequences too

  6. Sound like it could be a b!own capictor, or you’re low.on Freon, if it’s the freon it could be a bad coil.
    If the coil is bad, and you’re running a heat pump the freon could be forced out when you run the heat side of the system, you can run heat in emergency mode off of tue heat strips, and the coil won’t be venting Freon.

  7. @Warren
    I’m very sorry to say that the navy is going to lose a lot of ships and sailors during the next war. There was a drastic change in navy culture that started around 2003 and accelerated around 2006 or 2007 when “college money” became the nearly universal answer when you asked a new sailor why they joined. I was fortunate to exit when I did, I missed the worst parts of the service-mandated bending of the knee to the diversitys megalomania and the tranny mental illness. Now we can’t even make a normal transit without a collision at sea happening, and we can’t maintain our ships and subs in the shipyard without them being burned into useless scrap metal. Just search “Harpy Daniels” to see what’s become of my once-beloved Navy.

    And when it comes down to the truly ugly times the wielders of the sticks will be paid in food and more sticks, and the promise of keeping whatever they can take from those without sticks or those that the fedgov want targeted. It will get that bad as they fight to maintain power and control.

  8. Milo, the gay blade, has said one true thing. And it was about Trump.
    He said ” If you don’t like this Trump, wait to you see the next one.”
    After an obvious stolen election-coup, it is obvious that there is no ‘legal’ way to ‘un steal’ an election, a gigantic hole in our laws and constitution. That is a huge incentive to steal an election. Another Declaration of Independence and civil war are the only alternatives. And civil wars are among the most uncivil. The next Trump will be a Vlad the impaler…

  9. “It’s going to be a New Hitler/Genghis Khan.”

    You say this like it will be a ‘bad thing.’
    Personally I think both of these guys above are waaaaaay too liberal.

    As for dismantling of the media and ‘big tech’–yeah, this is on many, many people’s ‘to do’ list. No shite Sherlock. There will be no room in the bunkers for these rats. And as for ‘hired protection’ –perhaps some of these billionaires will be able to afford the $10,000 (in gold) per shift, per man/thug that will be charged. I doubt that this price will even hold as it gets more and more spicy.

    But I had a thought about this on the way back from dog park this afternoon–I bet these media moguls will bring in hired foreign mercs… which will be all the better to further enrage the populace against their crimes.

    This all reminds me of a movie back in the day with Michael Douglas… “Falling Down” where an ordinary guy just is pushed over the edge and goes postal. I pitched a sequel to this movie to a couple of production companies years ago–and instead of one man again crossing town leaving a swath of destruction… I pitched the idea of one man, an ordinary man, rising up–and as he begins to cross the country, he picks up a massive following of millions before he arrives in Washington DC.

    Yeah–this did not go over well with the shit-tard’s in the Hollywood production companies.

    But something akin to this will happen. Nothing comes about, save out of a dire need or situation. I foresee a time very, very soon where millions of men and women will muster upon thousands of “Lexington (type) Greens” across this land.

    These ghouls in government are pushing and pushing and the ‘racist’ word is being vomited out between each world now. It reminds me of the premise of that book, “The Turner Diaries’ –the beginning chapters of which strangely mirrors what we are seeing on the streets and in the media today.

    As for the Fed-Gov being ‘irrelevant’ –imagine what would happen should an asteroid strike Washington DC wiping out all the politicians, bureaucrats and other government related parasites. Not a big asteroid mind you, not a planet killer, but one the size that made that crater just east outside of Flagstaff AZ.

    Question: Just what would happen afterwards?

    Answer: the birds would chirp a bit louder. The sky would be a darker shade of blue. A single malt would have a crisper bite and the spring flowers would bloom a few days earlier.

    That’s what.

    1. Yeah, the problem with the dumbmasses is that they see FedGov as their babysitter and paymaster, instead of their controlling executioner. The majority of people don’t know how to live free, they want someone to tell them how to live and what to do. Fuk’n ants attracted to overcrowding like in NYC and L.A.
      History has shown the people will eventually tire of popular frauds and liars, and will look for someone with a back bone to lead them again. Hitler had more combat experience (at least 3 yrs in the trenches of WW1) than any leader of the 20th century, as was Genghis Khan. The biggest question; will people regain their intelligence, or will we keep sinking lower down the IQ drain?

  10. Having had a grandfather who was a UDT CPO in the SoPac, I have always had an admiration for the USN.
    So it saddens me to.see it becoming a woke joke. The Navy of today wouldn’t have someone like my grandfather in it, he was to full of machismo, in other words too much toxic masculinity.
    But it’s not just the personal, it’s the equipment,, it’s things like the billion dollar boondoggle like the Ford,which can’t even launch 200 planes before the catapult fails, or the new F35 jets that are a failure and aren’t mission capable, and
    the problem is that hypersonic missiles have made the surface fleet as it currently exists obsolete, a nd while the US was redesigning catapults and over designing one plane to do three different missions, so much that it doesn’t do any one very good, our as adversaries were developing next gen tech.the
    This is akin to when they switched from wood to iron hulls and from coal to oil propulsion, the failure of the US hypersonic missile tests has not gone unnoticed in the Kremlin I’m sure.
    I think that government control, much like in covid tyranny, will depend on where you are, but in a vacuum of power some other authorities may very well arise, gangs, warlords or chieftains tend to arise when central authorities break down, in places where the population has been disarmed the people with the guns will be the criminals and the authorities. Then your warlord scenario is a likely out especially in places with higher population density.

  11. The Army War College studied the possibilities of civil war or general insurrection in the FUSA. It concluded that fedgov would collapse within months if it was viewed as less than legitimate by a large portion of the population. I think this is especially true as .mil has less cohesion now due to the wokeism being forced on the ranks. It’s going to be quite a mess. Some states may survive relatively whole but the libtardian ones will probably cannibalize themselves.

  12. Dude you are so right, but I don’t know how you aren’t on every watchlist that’s out there.

  13. 1) Stop teasing me. Bring it on already.
    2) No one knows what the catalyst will be, but like the Supreme Court and porn, they’ll “know it when they see it”.
    3) If everybody who wondered “What can I do?” resolved, for but one example, to simply whack one libtard reporter (but I repeat myself) before the end of the year, all on their own, without any cock-a-doodle-dooing or end zone dancing, they just went out and did it – imagine the hilarity that would take place, and how much different 2022 would be. Bonus points if they made it look like BLM/Antifa/Any Imawannajihad did it. Just saying.
    4) Wrong Talking Heads song. You meant this ‘un:

  14. If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break
    If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break
    When the levee breaks, I’ll have no place to stay.

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