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More news from the front here in Merry Ole Flor-ree-DUH!  Seems that (and I missed it) The Magic Kingdom, AKA Disneyworld or as I refer to it as “That Rat Tourist Trap” shut down.  Now this’s big as far as the hit the state is gonna take as its spring break season, and a lot of folks go there to drop HUUUGE bank on kitsch and tchotkes, all massively overpriced,  and yup.  Made in China.

So, they shut down.  But they couldn’t just quietly go ‘bye bye.’  They apparently made it into a ‘spectacle’ of a “Final Farewell from The Magic Kingdom”.

Packed in the suckers by the thousands.

During a fucking Plague.


So now I have a great Vector for when the virus really goes crazy as fuck.  Look 12-14 days for it to suddenly ‘spring up’ amongst those who packed in the Demon Rat’s House.  Not only did they stupidly and willingly go into a place which probably was a MAD potential hotzone, they plunked down around $150 bucks per person for the pleasure of getting to go.  Family of 4 x $150 = a lot of money better spent on, well damned near anything.

Fucking sheep man.  Boobus Americanus Retardamos.

And now, word is that Amazon is slowing down rapidly.  Apparently Lord Bezos, Evil Overlord doesn’t have enough shit in the warehouses to keep the Amazon Prime flowing…

Seems that whole “reliant on China for cheap shit” has kinda turned on the ‘Zon.  People all over twitter freaking and getting pissed about -not- getting their bullshit overnight or whatever. 

First. World. Problems.

Tho to read the news about it, they’re fucking losing their collective shit over it.  Spoiled much?  I remember when I was a kid (and yeah I’m dating myself here) but I managed to save up some ducats from doing the chores… and me being the lil warlike bastard I was, ordered this:

It took, from an 8 year olds perspective, the better part of two centuries to show up.  ‘4 to 6 weeks delivery by first class mail’ ment I checked the mailbox religiously for the box.  When it –did– finally show, I was thrilled.  A little disappointing as the army men, as they were, were flat as a pancake LOL.  Good detail, but literally like they’d all been run over by a steamroller.

Live and learn.  We still had a ball with them.  Especially later in the year when I discovered WD-40 made a killer flamethrower.  Still… 4-6 weeks delivery used to be the standard.  Overnight delivery was for rich fuckers and hospitals and emergencies and shit.  No One  got some random shit sent to them overnight.  It was unheard of.

Guess the power curve of how the ‘new world’ is gonna be a lot more like ‘the old world.’

Haven’t heard from my cop buddy yet.  I’ll fill you in as soon as I do.  Right now it’s just hunkering and cooking and cleaning.  Did a boatload of chores, mopping and sweeping etc, and set a pot of (((Jewish Penicillin))) AKA Chikin Zoop up on the stove.  Looks like it’s gonna be a great meal…  I took a frozen Publix Deli Rotisserie Chikin (we buy ’em here 4 at a time and throw ’em in the deep freeze) and took it apart.  The Mizzuz is handy with deboning so she stripped it down, and I went to work.  Threw everything into the pot, along with carrots, celery, onions and some heaploads of garlic, and spiced the fuck outta it.  After it boiled for about a hour, I added two cups of long grain rice and now?  Ready to eat.  And it’s gonna have leftovers for a week on it.  Good boost to the immune system is what I sez. 

More Later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Loved those (rounded) army men.
    My brother and I stole my little sisters blocks and make a couple of forts across the room from each other. Then we'd set the army men in strategic places, but a piece of them had to be visible. Then we'd divide up a pack of rubber bands and take turns attacking the army men directly, or crumbling the fort around their heads. Winner had to have one standing army man (or unmolested prone gunner).
    No better way to spend a hurricane or severe thunderstorm day during summer break.

  2. What would people do if the cell-phones went out, and the only hard-wire phone they could find was a rotary?

    MN Steel

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