NOW you ‘Kil’t the Target” !?! RUFKM?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sweet Jeebus (and yeah Large Marge, I’ma tryin’).  But Oh! How I need wings to stay above this bullshit.  NOW, only NOW does “Tater Joe” suddenly and magically blow’d the fuck up the ‘mastermind’ behind the Kabul ISIS-K bombing?

Wow… just that…
‘Cos do I doubt that they droned the ever living fuck out of –someone- in Nangahar province?  
Do I doubt that dood was prolly Tallybananas oriented?
Do I doubt that they blow’d up the right dood?
Oh hells yeah.
If they really wanted to blow up the dood responsible for the Kabul Bombing, then Langley’d be a smoking hole in the fucking ground about now.  Pro Tip assholes;  You’re so transparent, so thin at this point, man, -you’re- worthless as far as any real-time intel/actionable intel goes.  It’s done.  You’re done.  Most importantly we’re done.
Y’all ‘shot your wad’ like a bad porno movie.
Got a hunch that some poor sap in Nangahar was sitting, making hummus, whatever, and he –might– have heard the >foosh< on the missile inbound before it hit.  BUT

That’s if they even actually shot a round off.
‘Cos at this point, without vidya, certified statements, fuck, even doodz fingers/ears/something, as far as I’m concerned the DotGov is MOAR full of shit than GranBebe denying that she stole some M&Ms out of my bowl when I literally caught her red-handed.  (She did, I caught her, and she still lied to my face “No Papi I no steal, Gigi (wifey) said I could have some M&Ms” LMAO… got to love her)
OK: Reality Check
ISIS, no matter WHUT the name (Currently the ‘K’ Model… what the fuck is up with this current crop of asshole’s fascination with alphanumeric identifiers?) is a CIA created, sponsored and funded Creature that ostensibly was born, raised and fed under the Red Diaper Baby, the traitorous Obamamessiah.  His filthy nasty homosexually-oriented Paki-loving cockgobbling self is responsible for them, and every thing they do.

Seeings that when OrangeManBad took over, and utterly fucking –crushed-them like the retarded Islamic Pedo-boy-and-goat buggerers they are, isn’t it fascinating, that a group that we’ve had ZERO TROUBLE WITH IN LIKE FOREVER (Under OrangeManBad)

That they Suddenly and Stunningly struck at our valiant but overwhelmed and under-supported troops?
JUST in time to have all the ‘Usual Suspect” Neocons (mostly from the (((Tribe))) mind you, Jes’ Sayin’… don’t like it, tell them to stop fucking with us… shady is shady, whypeepul shady ain’t no different from Jewpeepul shady, ‘cept whypeepul seem to get the stick, shitty end, type one each on the reg, and the Jews skate…)

Which then makes a thinking man go “Hmmn.”
So, lets get this right:  
1) The Tallyabananas kids took over… like OVERNIGHT

2) Tater Joe and ALL the ‘other’ fucktards got caught with their collective cock in hand.  No hiding it… They got Publicly Shamed.
3) Instead of ‘doing the Spike Lee’, they blamed OrangeManBad, circumstances and hell, even global fucking warming.  No one stepped up and fell on the sword as expected, ‘cos no one wants to admit that Tater Joe –is not nominally running the show–  That line about “I was instructed to…”  Are you fucking kidding me????

4) When it became apparent that Tater Joe and the rest of the fucktards weren’t doing the job right, instead of doing what is called for, ie. calling for heads, assigning blame and resignations ALL over the place, along with some court martials as they so richly deserve, they:

5) Doubled down on “fucking stupid” and, with the blessing from the Neocon (((Conservative-Permanent War Party))) had a CIA Asset go and kill a fuckton of folks, kill a bunch of innocent US Marines and ‘other servicemen’ (I think one was Navy) in the hopes to INFLAME the nation into restarting the whole fucking shebang again.

6) They expected everyone to get on board

7) But it ain’t working

They shot their wad… they don’t get it.  Jingoism, patriotism?  Nope.  Done.  They burned that particular house to the ground over the past twenty years, and only recently salted the fucking earth with this current fucking debacle.  Hell, they shitcanned a TRUE combat leader who livestreamed that Higher-Higher stepped on their collective cocks, with golf shoes, and no one stepped up to say “Hey, we fucked up.”

A Marine Light Colonel.. 17 years… career combat leader.
Fraggings and Mutiny have happened over less.

OhBoyohboyohboy… as Charles Bronson would’ve said years ago….
The “Overseas Bloody Bucket Gambit” failed…
Next step: FBI-Run CONUS Terror-Attack Black Flag

Mark my Words on that one.
Two Weeks max. 
Hopefully I’m wrong, but it’s apparent that Tater is faltering hard, no one wants the whore in there, and shytte is out of control.  If OrangeManBad was still there?  He’d already be in jail.  Fucking cowardly legislative branch…

ALL of them need to be impeached/fired.  ESPECIALLY the ones who impeached Trump over a fucking phone call… that shit seems purely fucking trivial now donit?  Fuckers’ll never learn… til they get confronted.
Head on a Swivel
Avoid Crowds
Buy MOAR everything, as the budget allows.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. just came back from the dump site here. several fat ass old men talking about how WE need to go back there and finish the job…..

    FUCK the stewpit as-shit murkins

    1. Yeah, most of the dumbfuk war mongers around here never spent 2 minutes in a Boy Scout uniform, but keep pushing for MOAR WAR. When it comes, they aren’t going to like how it ends up.

      1. I’ve gotten really careful about how I use “we” over the last few years.
        Also, totally off-topic, the Sea to Summit Camp Plus self-inflating pad is tits for side-sleepers.

  2. Same conclusion: there was no drone strike, it’s all just PR spin to try & slow the hemorrhaging in the polls & the public eye. When all the usual leftist pollsters can no longer convincingly skew the numbers you know it’s far, far worse they even they’ll admit. .gov can feel the giant stirring in its sleep & that shifting has them shitting themselves every time they hear a loud noise.
    MOAR of the truly useful shit is where we’re at here. Added a 5th layer to the water plan & going to rapidly expand that capability after a successful test run. Finally stopped bartering/selling ammo to friends & co-workers due the new Russian import ban. Wife & I are debating on whether to barter primers for some of the other things we feel we’re short on. Reluctant to go that route but spicy time approacheth & some shit ain’t gonna be able to be got once it starts. Kicking myself for not picking up a .50 when I had the chance ‘cause there ain’t a one to be had now.

  3. I recall a few years back you could get a .50 caliber bolt rifle from flipping Bass Pro! Ha ha ha … shoulda got one – even though the cartridges are quite pricey.

    I’ll stick with my 30.06 – kicks like a fucking mule but not as bad as the big rifle.

    1. I love my ought-six; my wife does not. We found her a caliber she likes & got her a bolt gun in that. I’ve shot a bolt action .50 once upon a time & the recoil wasn’t horrible, in fact shooting a .45-70 seemed worse to me.
      Feeding a .50 wouldn’t be an issue, I unfortunately inherited some. About half the dontation to B.C. came outta that.

      1. You missed the deadline by a decade or 3.
        Used to sell .50 BMG FMJ for about .70 or $1/rd.
        Today it’s not worth the cost, if you can find any.
        I’d tell you to get a good .338 but you sorta seem recoil sensitive, so stock up on any .30 AP bullets you can still find, including hunting FMJ’s from Hornady. The old ones had a steel jacket (use magnet). I’m assuming you reload? I shoot .375 H&H and .416, they make a lot of FMJ/solids in hunting calibers for just about any of the big bores, get creative.

    2. What’s wrong with the .06?

      That fucker won WWII big timey like. When you get shot with an .06 you tend to stay shot. I would love to have an M-Ichi Garand and several cases of ammo bandoleers. Can you imagine lighting that fucker up on some communist snapper-heads at 900 yards!? Jeeze they wouldn’t know what hit them. Even an 03-A3 bolt boom stick would be nice to possess. What did our enemies call that rifle–whispering death if I’m correct.

      1. @ C-Team Leader

        Oh,yeah – the old 30-06 gets ‘er done! During the Korean War, Marine Staff Sergeant John Boitnott and his spotter made kills of communist Chinese enemy soldiers at ranges out to 1,250 yards, using an M-1C scoped Garand rifle. Heavy duty work considering the maximum magnification on those scopes was just 4x fixed power.

        Boitnott retired from the Corps after thirty years of service, as a Master Gunnery Sergeant, a two-war man with numerous decorations for valor to his credit and multiple awards of the Purple Heart. Boitnott died at 86 in 2008.

        And that doesn’t even get into what Carlos Hathcock and his fellow Marines did in ‘Nam with their Winchester M70 30-06 bolt-action rifles….

        There’s a reason that the ’06 is virtually legendary by now. It is one of the finest and most-versatile center-fire rifle cartridges ever designed, and it does virtually everything well, if not very well.

        1. @C-Team Leader & Georgiaboy61
          Ain’t a damn thing wrong with the .06 as far as I’m concerned. My wife, being all of five feet tall, disagrees based solely on the recoil. Her bolt gun is a modern cartridge; faster powder, flatter trajectory, boringly accurate. The .06 suits me just fine, but lacking specialty ammunition for it I still covet having something larger.

        2. I went thru USN Boot camp in 1970 with an M-1 rifle, we still used the 1903A3 for drill purposes. Still carry 2 30-06 P-17’s as my truck guns, in case I have to walk home in grizz country.
          Now we’re told to believe the 6.5 CM is the greatest gun in the universe, ha!

      2. The M1 has quite a kick. I picked one up from the CMP, did some research on it, pretty certain that it was one issued to the Corps and it was used in the Guam campaign, because it falls in the numbers issued to the Corps for that campaign
        Great piece of American history.

  4. Gov-corp propaganda and BS every last bit. At this point I’ll be brushing up Forrest, Skorzeny, Shriver… Updating LeMay, “if you kill all of them… The Mladic model of dealing with mooslims and enablers may need some consideration and updating too… After it all starts I intend to keep in mind future generations will note not only what was done but also what was left to them to finish or deal with.

  5. False flag inbound? Agree completely.

    But it won’t work any better than the thing they just did. But try they will. Isn’t there a “Free the Jan 6th protestors” protest coming up?

  6. Totally agree, another fuk’n alphabet psyop. They’re killing Americans just like they did on 9/11 to keep the emotions up.
    Taliban said yesterday the US did it, and I actually believe them.
    We’re the evil empire they warned us about, the Neverending War for corporate profit originated long before Langley even. USMC Gen. Smedley Butler warned us in the 1930’s about this shit and nobody listened.

    1. Yup. My best advice to folks like here abouts who are red pilled is to prep as if 9/11 will be another 9/11.
      Get the car gassed up, on 9/10 have an extra 5 gallons or so if you have the space. Do your grocery shopping, and get some cash on hand in case the credit card system goes down.
      And most importantly be home and have the family close.

  7. This is just like the other day when I said that the shooting/murder of all the rescue dogs in Australia didn’t really happen. I said some guy typed up the story and sent it to all media to get a reaction. This is the same thing.

    There was no drone strike. How could anybody verify this. Just like the story about the Australian rescue dogs. How do I verify that happened. Do I jump on a plane and fly across the globe to land in Australia and then what.

    The drone strike was BS never happened. who knows upwards of 80% of the world will believe it and move on. In a month or so it will all be forgotten, but I’ll remember.

    Now I see that they are saying that the bomb(s) that blew up the Kabul airport were made from left behind US explosives. Wow pretty quick investigation there. Who did they have working that Peter Storzk, Lisa Page?

    1. Totally Agree,
      ( Enter sarcasm here )And just like that, they mustered a team of investigators, ( Who were just milling around pulling on their Schmekles anyway, with nothing to do, while waiting to be evacuated,) Sifting the blast site for evidence in their 3 letter Alphabet windbreakers ( photo shopped in later to convince the skeptics ) … Taped off with yellow caution tape so nobody would contaminate the evidence … Investigators picking thru the body parts, and steel ball bearings,finally!, after what seemed like Forever !( 12 hrs later ) They had enough blown up scraps of burned up shit and body parts to determine the whole thing was set up, and set off by an ISIS-K-pop suicide bomber.( They knew he was an K-popper coz they found his membership card in his back pocket, complete with the address to HQ neatly typed on the back of the card, so we would know where to send the drone. Using our own investigative shit, (coz they conveniently had the super duper mobile Crash site, Suicide bomber laboratory on wheels that could determine all that shit), ready to go at a moments notice
      Coz they are Just THAT good…. And thank GOD the guy who actually issued the order to Body bomb the Marines and evacuees, was there at HQ when we sent the drone….. I dont know about you guys, But I am totally convinced…

  8. Truly a time of “never leave home without it”. The mountain of lies rolling forth from .gov and their propaganda machine is incredible to behold. With each one, less and less of the public believes them. Only the most reality disconnected woketards buys any of it. BTW BC, left a message on proton for you. Don’t know how often you check in.

  9. Been tryin’ to figure this out from the 30,000 foot level. Mighty tough. ‘Tater Joe’s got that earpiece in 24/7, but he might as well have it rammed up his bung for all the BAD/good it done him on this debacle.

    How anyone can believe that ‘Tater Joe smoked the bad guys for killing our guys is utter and fookin’ nonsense. The dumb ass had no Plans nor contingencies for the “Great US ‘Stan Skeedaddle,” and we’re supposed to believe he not only had a plan, but executed it with perfetct precision a mere hours after our guys were murdered? Pulleze!

    Hell–even his brain-dead Ds, Femi-Nazis, and Bolshies aren’t even buying that line-‘o-shit. “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus,” and I’m just a stupid-assed Steelworker’s son who learned Latin back in the 1960s.

    Them alphabet-supers, suck ass and brown-nose General Woke Officers must be pissing their dressies knowing absolutely NOBODY is buying this staged horseshit.

    Rumors flying like bats in the night. Active duty COL, MAJ, CPT on down: “What are we gonna do to make things right?” Back channel shit. THAT truly scares the traitorous GENs.

    Per ‘Ol Remus and followers: avoid crowds. The cauldron’s about to boil over, men.

    1. “The latest strike marks at least the third time the Reaper, built by privately-held General Atomics, has been used in a high-profile attack.”

      Pentagon: “Okay boys, it looks like General Atomics was again, the highest bidder for the next drone strike. The Big guy said 24 to 36 hrs… Tell them to stand by…

  10. meanwhile, murkas enemies have all but defeated it already by way of 4th generation warfare. the chins and ruskies await their moment to destroy this forsaken nation once and for all- and tfA-t is pretty sure they won’t be keeping prisoners around very long.. as the soft american’ts enjoy all their “freeumbs” there are hard mean mofos chomping at the bit to finish what they have been training to do.

    “My seven-year medical studies in the Soviet Army under the Strategic Rocket Force sector included large WMD-oriented military field exercises. I learned tactics of global warfare, including weapons of mass destruction and their effects on populations and enemy forces.”

  11. One angle I’d add: Obama, who I believe is actually running the show via Rice, Sullivan and Blinken, managed to supply his Moslem brothers with 80 billion in American war materiel, and what looks like in one video I saw, about a billion dollars in cash.

    (A video camera goes inside a building, where there are at least 15 linear feet of tables stacked over a foot high and two feet wide with cash packets, each an inch thick. One is pulled at random and the plastic-wrapped packet is all $100 bills.

    I assume this is a standard CIA “payoff” packet; waterproof, ready to stick in an envelope to hand to a collaborator. Now our “enemies” have it all.

    I could go on and on about the war materiel, but I’ll mention this: 2.75 inch “dumb” rockets are not dumb anymore. They have a middle guidance section screwed in between the rocket motor and warhead with little fins and laser seekers that pop out. Now, they will fly right into the window that the laser designator is shining on. And we gave them the laser designators too. The mind boggles.

    And Obama is thinking, “Mission Accomplished.” The USA gave up Bagram AB, a strategic asset in Central Asia, gave up 80 billion in hardware, and at least a billion in cash. Now we have to make an 8 hour Global Hawk flight from the UAE just to fake a drone strike. Afghanistan becomes the Fortress of Global Jihad. Obama smiles.

    War materiel list in jpeg format

    screen cap from the tables of cash video

    Tables of cash video

    Obama > Rice > Blinken and Sullivan > Biden meme
    “Who is really running the White House?”

    1. Obama is too dumb to run anything effectively, including his own mouth.
      That’s why somebody else had to write the words for his teleprompter.
      Whenever his teleprompter failed is when you saw Obama is his full intellectual glory – a dumb ass street hustler.

      1. Very true! Obummer and Co. couldn’t even hang on to a law license. Total frauds from day 1.
        We forget how dumb most of these politicians really are, there’s very few that can make an unscripted speech and carry on a dialog on any subject thrown at them.
        ALL of them are groomed by handlers, so who’s behind the curtain???

  12. As soon as I saw the “experts” appearing on MSM telling us to beware increased terror attacks I knew there would be more terror attacks. Not because the “experts” know about terrorists, but because that is what they usually say to increase the believability of the false flag attacks they are already planning.

    Of course some of the attacks might actually be from the pissed-off goat-fuckers we are bringing over, in which case evil white supremacist neon-nazis will be blamed for predicting such things would happen.

    As for the tribe, let’s not forget that even St. Pat documented how they were behind the Iraq invasion:

  13. Addendum:
    I don’t think “Biden” screwed up the evacuation, I think it was a case of malicious compliance. He ordered it, and the Pentagon and/or CIA intentionally tried to sabotage it because of the massive loss of revenue peace represents to them. In the past 5 years there have been several cases of the military ignoring the CiC, which means a military coup is not out of the question. I don’t mean the type of coup that blind patriots seem to think will happen, but more of a Latin American kind of military coup.

  14. Watch the video of the “drone strike” they arent even trying to make up convincing stories anymore. Its a clown car with zero physical damage to it just has the back end burnt a little from a gasoline fire.

  15. Wow. Who ever imagined it would be like this? Not in my wildest, feverish conspiracy theory dreams did I ever imagine life would be like a bad cheap 80s-era technothriller you picked up at the airport bookstore.

    I was talking to my buddies at work last week and I was struck by a realization. Everything that has been happening since January, all the crazy, absurd, inexpliable stuff, starts to make sense if you assume there is no future. If you assume they believe there is no future, no reelections, no need to worry about courts, no worries about taxes, etc it makes sense why they’re doing what they’re doing.
    If you don’t need to worry about the voters, the courts, running out of money, etc, you’re free to do all the stuff you wanted, but always thought you couldn’t. National mandatory vaccination. National gun confiscation. National speech control. Full govt control of employers and employment. Controls on travel. Controls on power. Controls on gas and vehicles.
    Marx believed there would be an end to history in communism. I think the Democrat National Communist Party has decided we’re at the end of history and it will end with them in control. Nothing else matters. No more elections, no more public approval ratings, no more pesky gotcha! news, no more worries from the proles.

    1. The American people have made no attempt to stop any of this, the new admin is running this balls to the walls into the ground, and making themselves filthy rich while doing so.
      tfA-t was right, there will be millions of dead stupid sheep.

      1. Hey there brother, fancy meeting you here!

        Yup, the “Mure-I-Can’ hu-lemmings are totally fixated on stuffing their fat cheeks with junk food shit while they run over each other in a frenzied dash to receive ‘Lawwd Fauchi’s’ “blessing ‘O the Holy Jab” to protect them from the ‘Sin of the Heathen Unfaxxed”.
        Oh and in their cerebral soy nugget, “The Big Guy IS the bestest Prezzy, Evvahh!”.

        Meanwhile the ‘usual shills and hasbaras’ continue to yowl, “It’s the Chinks!!..It’s da Russians!!..I’m getting muh shekels so for the narrative, it’s onwards with the lie filled mushing!!”

        And the Globo-pedo-juden talmudic Banksters ARE continuing to make bank on the soon to be rotting carcass of ‘the land of the free-loader gimmegrants and home of ‘the brave and stunning “I don’t need no man” femo-commie cunts and their soy boi manginas’..then they’ll flee rat like back to is-ra-hell til they find the next target to parasite to death…they’re pretty much done with their current Kabuki Thater puppets, dumbo jo and Willy Brown’s kleenex on two legs…

        Yeah, tFa-t was and is right.
        And with the help of the death jab, his forcast should be pretty accurate.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. “…This is exactly what researchers are discovering. COVID will be used as the ruse to start WW3 – if we let it This will, in rather short time be blamed upon the CCP.

          When to true merchants of death reside upstream and in other places. The blaming of China is in part to insure that the next phase of the project WW3. Most Chinese are not the enemy. They are our trading partners, our current and future friends.

          Only the corrupt and greedy servants of Zion are humanities enemies. And beware, some of these servants are closer than you can imagine…”

  16. Looking like Slow Joe got the targeting info from.the Taliban, who actually gave the location of a former interpreter and his family, killing 9 of them including their 6 children.the
    More blood on Biden’s hands.

    1. A person would have to be a flaming idiot to not see that we’re playing both sides of these wars, whether it’s ISIS or Taliban, there’s money to be made, just like the banksters do in the big wars. Fund and bet on both sides, and no matter who wins, you win.
      It’s the fool on the street who still believes in the faux patriotism and voting for their favorite thief that won’t wake up to reality.
      We’ve been played our entire lives, and some of us wake up to the lies, most never do.
      And that’s what keeps these assholes in power, your local voting idiot, the believer.

  17. False Flag+9/11×cue Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone= kickoff to the next Antietam

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