Nuked From Orbit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems CA over at WRSA must have pissed off someone more than usual.  His site’s been under a sustained attack?  Not sure but it’s down.

Bit odd that.
I -thought- his URL was -his- and his alone?
Unless it’s a mad denial-of-service attack, which would bring it to a stop.
So, if’n you want to see his stuff, it’s on Gab:

Part n parcel of why I got with Divemedic and set up ‘alternate comms’I’m also on Gab, but mostly shitpoasting as BCE or Big Country Expat (what else Aye?)

Otherwise, been a busy week work wise.  Tired as fuck all as GranBebe has been running us ragged. 

She. Doesn’.t Sleep.
I need to figure out how to distil that I swear.  Makes one wonder about the rumors of adrenochrome with the Elites and Lizard People?  There’s something that keeps a 3.5 year old running at literal non-stop combat speed.  Food being ONE thing that was readily apparent.  The lil booger ain’t so little now, and she’s outgrown like the wardrobe Wifey bought.
<le sigh>
Back to the lil kids second hand store, round 4, part 2.  Thank whatever God or God(s) that came up with that place.  Great stuff too for short $$$ and the trade in isn’t -too bad- if you bought there to begin with.  She’s so big now she figured out the crib in-and-out.  Good news bad news.  Good news, she can get in and out of the crib.  Bad news, she can get in and out of the crib.  Good for the back, not so much the 0230 late night snack-attack.  Finding her and the damned dog, chowing on milkbones at oh-dark-early is not what I want Wifey to hear/see.

Lots of comedy gold happen ’round here Aye.

And this ON TOP of the full dinner she eats nightly.  And -none- of it going towards fat.  She’s growing like a fucking tree on that liquid growth/crack that you feed to speed-grow plants… almost 32 inches tall at 3.5 years.  Not sure where that stands on the scale of averages, but damn, she’s taller than Spawn was at that age.   Of course Spawn got robbed of his inherited height with the XWife’s polluted miniaturization genes.  

Jes’ Sayin’
Genetic Fascist?  Damned straight.  Not that I have room to talk, what with Cancer in my side. But yepper.  It’s a full week, and it’s only Wednesday.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


    1. No one but no one is getting in OR out of dis fuckin’ place man… no worries LOL
      Wifey has trouble sometimes working the security to leave nevermind get back in

  1. Consider that, proportionately, her heart is more than 5 times the size yours and mine are. Of course she has the energy to burn. Aerobics doesn’t even come IN to the picture until 10ish.

    Bye the bye, NOW is when you win the discipline battles that most parents LOSE for their 14 yr olds, Be firm, fair, consistent, and STRICT now and by 14 she won’t be the neighborhood pump.

    GOOD LUCK with that, though.

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