Oh Well! FB Jail and the Debate

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Well, another update on Wifey et al.  
Wifey’s out of the ICU and in a regular room, bored shitless.  They’re keeping her one more night as her BP went thru the roof as the meds they fed her sped it up.  So… Then, the MIL, her?  They sent her back to the house.  Apparently surgery ain’t happening.
So… Biden didn’t drop dead, nor lose the track.
VERY surprising!

Didn’t watch the whole thing… was too busy being a beer swillin’ dude with Sapper… and since Wifey ain’t coming home tonight, methinks aboot hittin’ ye olde Tiki Bar again.

I did catch him when he told Trump “You’re the worst President EVVAR!!!”
Project much Joe?  Sounds like you were talking aboot yer per Monkey, The Obamanation.
Yeah, poo-flinging aside, and the number show that (per CNN) that Biden won (of course) but by like 5 percentage points… which, when translated into real numbers means Trump curbstomped his ass.
I also noticed one ‘tell.’  When Biden was -obviously- getting fed his lines, motherfucker started blinking like he was sending semaphore or morse code… he’d stammer, probably b/c whoever was feeding his lines -broke into- his train of thought, and since obviously he’s practiced it, he smoothly started repeating, verbatim, whatever was being fed to him… when he lapsed, he lapsed.  Especially on AntiFa being an ‘idea’ and That the Green New Deal would pay for itself… bit of a slip there… especially since two seconds later he denied saying he was for it… full of contradictions much there Grandpa Stinkfinger?
Stick to molesting children asshole.
Trump’s got this.
And as far as replacing Chris Wallace?  Somebody shoot the fucker and THAT’LL stop his ass from being the moderator.  In fact, almost time <giggle> to start going after the media in spades.
That ALSO being said, I got hit with a 30 day stretch in FaceBorg Jail… 

I poasted that back on AUGUST 28TH!!!!

Now, those who don’t game, that is a meme made from the Fallout V.A.T.S. computer, a system that helps you slo-mo shoot a motherfucker.  FB said it’s a “Hate Picture”… in the tank much?
The thing is, I see it in a BROADER perspective… why -NOW- did I get a 30 day?  Over a MONTH later.  With NO recourse.  I’d be curious how many others the mods are hitting… those of us on the “right” that is… 30 days?  That takes us into Election Time.  “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!”  I smell a (((rat))).  Might have to get a new profile to keep shitpoasting.
Fucker’s ain’t keeping me quiet… Hells to the Nos.
And worse comes to worse, I know -exactly- where the mods are here in Tampa.  I interviewed with them a waaaays back to be a Mod Supervisor… even got the job until my legal troubles bubbled up.. then they withdrew the offer, and buttfucked me good.  So, burning THAT particular building to the ground wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.
Also, found this from England on Gab:

That I can get behind…

And I’ll tell ya, we need to self-separate.  This country, back before we had alllllll this technology and feeds into everybodies lives 24-7-365, we may be called “Americans” but we’ve gone more tribal as time has gone on.  I mean in reality, this country was founded by motherfuckers who either weren’t wanted or were hating where they fuckin’ were.  The reason motherfuckers went “West” in the late 1790s to 1800 was because the Motherfucking Scottish couldn’t stand the fucking Irish and English who settled in the East…  and gold… can’t forget the gold.
And stealing the land from the Injuns.
Natural selection… sorry.  You snooze, you lose.
And for the finale right now, here’s one you can use to Meme the Fuck out of -whatever- comes up to fuck with people:

I left the bottom blank for “fill in what ya will”
More Later, I gotta git to the ‘Ospital to visit Wifey.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yeah…..the FarceBook Nazis are hammering anyone and everyone that isn't onboard with their side. Ten days ago I got another 30 day timeout for an image I posted in JULY. I fully expect to get another one handed out in the weeks before the election.

  2. ol joe got disoriented at least once. he was looking down for a spell and when he jerked up he had this wild eyed look like he woke up in a car crash for a couple seconds, searched the audience for his handler then calmed down. i don't think many people caught it. full blown dementia.

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