OK Drunk as Fuck but Fuck it

Late Evening me Droogs and Droogettes
Seems that we’re at the worst of the worst right now.

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m not.

Point is, do you want to be wrong?

Wrong is not having the shit you need to be comfortable.  Wrong is being considered ‘crazy’ by the neighbors.  Crazy being the guy who stockpiles stuff.  Normalcy being acting like shit is ‘back to normal’…

The thing bothering me here is complacency.

We all get guilty of it.  Especially when I go into Publix and Wally-World this week and find lo and behold!
The BIG fucking pack of Charmin in Stock again!
Big piles ‘o Meat back in stock.
Lotsa pork products on the shelves.
Seafood again.

Though NOTICEABLY absent in the seafood counter was any and all fish-from-Chy-Nah.  No tilapia or whitefish… nor anything from that A.O. to include the giant tiger-shrimp.  Those usually are from Vietnam…

But yepper… All is well.  Things are normal.


At Wally World, me n Sapper cleaned out a goodly amount of the Mountain House packages… again.  Ammo at Wally World is also still cleaned out, as well as ALL the bicycles.  Interesting how ALL the bikes are gone…  not sure if that because people wanted to have the means to get out of the house, or what?  I mean two super wally worlds within my immediate area, and no bikes… at either of them.

Also, on line, no reloading stuff… powder and primers are still machs nichts.
Speaking of which  It’s Sapper’s Birthday.

And yeah, that was his Birthday Candle…
Rather Appropo wasn’t it?
The 2020 Dumpster Fire Birthday Candle.
Yep.  $15 or so on Amazon.  Look for “First Gear Trash Bin”  there or on Google… they’re absolutely Cool As Fuck.

Sure looks happy don’t he?
So yeah, don’t let yer guard down, don’t stop stockpiling and don’t get complacent.  Got me a hunch this ain’t over by a long shot.
Best to stay ahead of the curve.

Next up is going to be getting a shotty.  I’m looking at some Black Aces Tactical…

Non-NFA or DD… 14 inch barrel, semi-auto.  Mad Bad Ass.  Read and heard nothing but great things about them.  Good lightweight and short for car-carry purposes.  And only $699 with all the bells and whistles I’d want added on.
So, time to pass the fuck out… too much Vodka tonight.
Til Later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


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  1. Oh, shit, and yesterday was my birthday! Happy Birthday to another Bangalore-dragged…

  2. Big, did you get off of the blog smack down? I went directly to your blog with out going through the freakin permission page. happy B day Sapper, another year older and wiser, Eh?

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