OK… So When Do We Go Home?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
“OK… So When Do We Go Home?” asked every single National Guardsman currently experiencing the BOHICA Moment.  BOHICA = Bend Over, Here It Comes Again:

 also known as the ‘fickle finger of fate’… THAT usually fucks ya, then ‘flies onward.’  In this case the Installation is complete, and ain’t no word, nor no sign of anyone going home yet.  And we thought the optics were bad before?  The new “Imperial City” as I’m calling it now, is still surrounded by a ‘ring o’steel.’  Or is it ‘steal?’  Never can get those two clarified these days, not when dealing with Uniparty INC.
Yep.  The two party system is DEAD
DoDo Dead.  The -only- aspect that lives is the names and games that they’ll keep playing, just like Saddam allowed ‘opposition parties’ juuuust so’s it looked good on paper that someone was running against him.  That being said, the party formerly known as the GOP is still bleating and squealing like a pig for their new masters in the name of “Unity”.
That’s a funny way to spell Anally… but what do I know?  They’re going to fuck us all in the ass either way, so’s best to start preparing.  Me?  I’m going on a boat ride this weekend with Spawn #1 to relax.  Need to take the mind off some things.  Go get some fishing in methinks.
So, other things…Bit of humor here… the intentional or unintentional lack of willing motherfuckers to attend the installation (Not calling it an inaug ever again) of The Kidsniffer, they installed 200K lil flags on the Mall… which at night, looked like this:

Notice anything?

Yeah… took me a minute but it looks a lot like the Russian Flag

If it wasn’t for bad optics these dumbfucks would have nothing at all.

And right now, back to the original, as I stated waaay back at the beginning of the ‘installation’ I got a real solid feeling that they Nasty Guard ain’t going home no time soon.  Not with the Repair and Depot Level Support elements deployed.  My question that I have is that at one point right before the ‘installation’, and shortly after the start of the ‘purge’, they deputized like 2300 NG’s as Deputy Federal Marshalls.  
Just WHO got picked for that?  I see there were MPs, but also ‘regular line dogs’ according to my sources.  What’s not being asked was, if in fact there were non-military police chosen, what was the ‘litmus test’ for this singular ‘honor’?  Were they all cops IRL?  Did they have to take the Blutschur to the Party?
Methinks it might be all of the above. 
Which, also as Aesop mentioned in both the comments and in his blog, that that’s about 2300 cops who ain’t on the beat back home.  And therein lies the problem.  They’re all still there.  Why the hell are they still there?  That’s gotta be pissing them off.  The Guard that is… hell even the politicians gotta be sick of stepping over their guards now… “Dogs and Soldiers, Keep off the Grass.”  “Pissing in the Presidential Potted Plants” and all…..  ‘Taint likely a human wave assault of Rabid Armed Trumpers are going to convoy in Pickup Trucks… hell… that’s now even the issue.  The enemy State Propaganda Organs STILL don’t understand.
They keep using terms like “Trump Loyalists” and “Trump Insurrectionists”…
Dumbfucks, the bloody lot of ’em Aye?
It was never about Orange Man Bad
It was about what they did to US
And the Constitution.  IDGAF if a ham sammich was robbed of the vote.  
It’s the act, not the outcome that has everyone pissed off

The very fact that they needed to slap us all SO HARD in the face and then tell us like a battered housewife that we imagined the whole thing, even though metaphorically we have a big fucking shiner hanging on our eye.  And then to tell us that they still love us, even though they’re still mad at us for causing them to beat us?  AND that we’d better watch out that we don’t get them too mad again in the future, ‘cos next time it’ll be worse?
Oh the fucking irony.
This from anti-violence fucking Libtards.  They have no idea the long term damage they have done.  And the whole ‘unity’ thing… they keep misspelling ‘anally’ 

So, More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter

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  1. I think Lin Wood is s nut; i'm also not sure whathe's really upto. If he really has all this evidence – show it and let the people do the rest. Is he working for the party to make Trump look crazy by association? At this point who knows.

    No matter what, maybe he's right and they are blackmailing most of the elected reps…. or maybe its just that the people who go into politics are easily corruptable because of their thirst for power.


  2. I like the Russian flag appearance. I've said for years we need to stop pissing on the Russians and keep the knife pointed at the Chinese. The Russian people are very nationalistic, proud of their homeland, and have strong Christian beliefs. THEY understand how fucked up it was to live under communism, and they're laughing at us because we were too weak to fight it here. History doesn't repeat, but it sure as hell rhymes. I just hope it doesn't take the US 75 years to get rid of our communists. I want to see AMERICA again !

  3. They probably need to keep the guard there until they issue the exec order banning all semiautos. Biden is going to spooge that one out there soon, and when he does some hell is going to break loose. They need the Guard there to protect them when it happens.

  4. This is my take on their troop-dance lockdown bullshit. Just protecting against what they know best… good ole spicy time color revolution type stuff. They worked -real- hard to plow & fertilize that soil, now they’re terrified something might actually grow in it. Can’t have that now can they… But… we could. Purely hypothetically, of course.

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