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Sooooooo OK… the new gig has me talking to people alllll over the country.  My biggest calls are from New York… both Upstate and New York Fuckin City, NYFC for brevity.

The picture painted is a Zombiepocalypse… minus the Zombies.

Currently, things have completely –stopped– as one long term born-and-raised girl told me.

Said she has to cross Times Square every morning to go to her ‘must-be-there’ job, even though she hasn’t been officially declared essential.   Her take: “I’ve been going across Times Square for the past 6 years… Usually I bump into at least 200-300 people in my trek.  Not so much these days.. it’s fucking creepy… the only people out are the homeless…. no cops… no nobody.  I’m carrying an ancient handgun my granpappy left the family back in the day ‘cos I’m afraid someone’s gonna try and eat me.”

(This’s almost verbatim… I took notes)  “The worst part is how quiet it is.. I can hear the various boards (the big video boards and neon apparently) in the Square snapping and popping every time they switch… like normally, the board switches advertisements and you don’t notice unless you’re looking at them… Now?  Snap crackle and pop and a new ad is up…MAD Creepy…. if this doesn’t end soon, I might lose whats left of my sanity.”

I sympathized with her… sounds right awful from my bucolic existence.

Now, then other issues:  Crime.  I’ve had a MAD number of people calling in and stating that their orders have not shown up.  I, of course check said orders for confirmation, and invariably have found that yes, yer shit WAS delivered, but lo and behold!  Gone.  Grown legs.  Dis-appear-O’d.  Vamoosed.  Departed-with-haste. Low level crime, but the fact is, in one case, the Vic knew who took it, who told him to fuck hisself.  Must suck living in a state where guns are outlawed eh?

Then to the midwest.. apparently some companies, specifically Elder-Homes.. Rest Homes… Croaker Central.  One in particular in Arizona… they cancelled their orders thru August.  So I got a call from the dude who ACTUALLY runs the place, and he was like “When are we receiving “X” as we’re out, I need it, the residents need it, and what the fuck is going on?”

“Y’all motherfuckers were supposed to deliver last week!!!” he yelled at me.  I was like “Bro, chill pill and lemme see whaddup wit what?”

I checked his account, and after a deep dive into aforementioned account, I found a corporate bean counter (who’d he’d never heard of) had put a ‘push’ on deliveries until August.  The order was for every two weeks of product at $600 per delivery… from what I could tell in the note, bean-counter saw this as a chance to save/pocket some dinero by ‘pushing’ the delivery.  I told him what I found, and even said “Yo bro… fuck it if I get fired… fuck that corporate cunt.  Lemme change some shit and get you and the oldsters squared away!”

I rescheduled the orders… doubled them actually, and then, just to be a cocksucker (LOL) I changed the notifications to the account that everything went thru him instead of corporate.

Dude was happier than a clam in mud.

I might get fired, but at least my conscience is clean.

Then, other COOL thing.  I hadda oldster.. dude sounded like a OLD man…  Like as in OMFG “Check to make sure yer alive dude” on the fon… he wanted to cut back on his order for “the good of the country.”  Said he could deal with a shortage IF it meant youngsters and kids would have enough product….



Fuck… Dude brought a tear to my eye… here was this ole fucker out in Bumfuck Texas telling me to cut back on his order “so the kid’ll have enough.”  I assured him vehemently that “Sir, yer good… not only are you good, but yer next order is on me.”  I punched in a complete freebie for him for two months, and hey, I get fired I get fucking fired.  I’m so new I squeak, so’s I figure I can play it off… but GOD-DAMN it take an oldster like that to remind me of what it means to be an American dammit.

I’m sorta ashamed I had to be reminded to a point.  Hardcore Charlie out in the panhandle reminded me is all…  I’ll raise a glass to him for sure.

SO otherwise, California, its a mess.. it’s NYFC thats completely and UTTERLY fucked.  Which means, whelp, between the food processing plants being closed, the food being shitcanned left and right, and the lack of a cohesive plan…

I give it two months before people really wake up to how bad the systemic damage is.

I’m a military logistician, I know of what I speak.

Lead Time for Buttwipe: Tree to Paper 5-6 months
Lead Time for Chicken to Tenders: 6-9 months
Lead Time for Cow to Burgers: 9 months to 2 years depending
Lead Time for Pigs to Pork Ribs: 9 months

Right now, ALL the beef, chicken and pork processors are shutting down as you well know.. What you DON’T UNDERSTAND is that they’ve been Producing “X” amount of chicken, pigs and cows for the expectation of “Y” with “Y” equaling slaughter/processing. “Z” being the sale of aforementioned “Y” products….

That shit just stopped cold.

Which means the Pig, Cows and Chickens ain’t got nowhere to go.  Which means the guys building/raising them ain’t got A) The food or B) The money to KEEP those motherfuckers around…  which means then they need to be culled.

Which means they’re going to be culling.  Just as the summer kicks off.  If it happened in winter, reducing down to breeding stock might have been ok, bbut what with summer coming, ain’t no way, no how in any way shape or form do they have the storage capacity for that much culled anin-imals.

Meaning MAD waste, and seriously… famine in the future.

We just had some of the worse crops in history… bad floods, lack o’corn yadda yadda… now add on no more beef/pork/chikin protien?

Load up.  Gonna be a bad run.  Comments welcome.  PLEASE!
Til Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Been worried about what I've been hearing on the food processors shutting down. Ya, their is a delay before it hits everyone but it's going to suck when it does. Both my freezers are about full now but I'm seriously thinking of taking all the roasts and whatnot and canning them up. Then filling the freezer back up. I have enough to take care of me for a year or three but I have friends who don't have those options. Only right to do what I can to help them out.

  2. I've never cleaned and checked my firearms so many times as I have recently. Double checking the inventory of the ammo and triple checking the ammo bras and bandoliers. Making sure the food stocks are properly rotated.
    The road ahead has smelled like a poorly executed fart for quite a while now, but the path before us now is beginning to smell like 10 different piles of shit, and it ain't the paper mill up the road.

  3. Yep, we are well and truly fucked. The last two growing seasons in the plains have been bad due to spring floods and early winter snows. The food supply is damn near anorexic. There are more gaps in the store shelves than on the toilet paper aisle. I can wipe my ass with leaves if I have to, but it may be coming down to eating those leaves or wiping my ass with them. Ah, the Roarin' 20's !!! This winter could be serious bad. Millions could die of starvation and millions more from exposure (no job, no money, no heat). I guess they'll all be attributed to a second wave of Wuhan Flu, and the lock-downs will continue.
    And I'm raising a glass to Hardcore Charlie in the panhandle, too. JD – breakfast of champions

  4. Thanks for the supply chain update. We are already seeing the "thinning" of supply levels at the supermarkets and even the big box stores are starting to have gaps. Not bad yet but noticeable. Direct farm sales should be ramping up the next few weeks around here so we are OK on that front.

    Sadly we have a major political party that absolutely wants everything to go to hell, delusional thinking it will get rid of the orange man. They are very badly misjudging the mood of the country. People are fed up with this attack on their God given rights and loss of freedom (income is freedom Gretchen) and things are getting tense here in blue controlled Michigan. Sadly we have the newly minted worse Governor out of 50 in the state house though Virginia is running close second not to mention Califoria.

    Interesting times. Plan, acquire what you can and remain vigilant.

  5. Used to live in Western NY, whole different world than nyfc. Think Northern PA, or South Canadia?
    Talked to a buddy there recently, a lot like the rest of the country…
    Notice its the libtardo's in the big cities that are all fubared over the 'Chan? Co-inki-dink, I'm sure. Correlation never equals causation. Nothing to see here, move along please.

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