OK Well This Sucks

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going to be kinda short tonight.  Whilst cooking I cut meselves.  Laid open the left thumb and index.  Not enough for stitches, but enough to make typing a stone bitch right now.  Got some of the lidocaine injectable thrown in to numb out for now, as damn man.  Sometimes I ain’t none too bright.

Especially since my kitchen implements tend to be exceptionally High Quality. (Thanks to a Williams an Sonoma line of credit)

The Shun breadknife.  
Or, as Sapper calls it “The Lightsaber”.  Thing is so insanely sharp, even when I’m careful, I can cut myself (like tonight).  I was cutting the hamburger buns and on the last one, I got distracted by the cat knocking over something on the counter, so I yelled at the cat and whoop!

Cut a wee bit too deep.
Juuuuuust enough to be painful and bloody.

So, short and sweet.
Now, for tonight, on Ye Blegg, Y’all may have seen me making a couple of “comments into the ethers” which was me telling some of the Trolls that this’s the endgame, and they best disappear, as things are starting to happen, as well as engaging a kid named Danny.  For the sake of brevity, some time ago, Danny tried sticking up for Psycho-Sara, and I pretty much told him the real deal.  NOT the fever-dreams of a crazy girl.  He was, unlike the other fools, morons and poo-flinging monkeys, he’s been relatively polite, and I found myself being nice right back.  

Now, it seems either a couple of you savages started harassing the shytte out of him (doubtful) OR the more-than-likely is that the Waffenmaus Sturmtruppen did their ‘usual’ and made a bunch of fake assed accounts all over the place and started bugging, threatening and being assholes towards this guy.  Now, giving the benefit of the doubt to him, as he seems like a decent Scottish Chap, I’m just saying, leave the guy alone IF any of y’all have been sending naughty emails and the like.

OTOH, if it ain’t him, I’ll know by Monday. 
Either way, I got no beef with him.
The others?
Notsomucho Aye?
Thing is, I -know- it ain’t /ourguys.  That ain’t what we do.  Pure Leftoid Psychotic Projection.  Heh.  In fact a BUNCH of them call me a fan of Trump (queue insane cackle) and a “Q” Fan as well.  And the worst?  The called me a republican

That right there is worthy of me calling them out of the Field of Honor for coffee and pistols at dawn.  (Not that they’d know anything about honor, nor the historical connotations) 
To quote that fetal alcohol Chick from Sweden?

Just shows they -really- never read any of my stuff, or, more than likely, lack the critical thinking skills to understand what I’m writing.

Either way, Don’t know, Don’t care.  I just want them to go away and bother someone else.  Phil at bustedknuckles and I have had enough of these childish assholes, and I’m fixing to settle it more or less permanently.

And that’s all I got to say about that.
Jes’ Sayin’.
So, Hand is throbbing to the BeeGees “Stayin’ Alive” tune, so on that note:

More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Eastman 910 surgical glue.
    Otherwise known as Dollar Tree super glue.
    Gel. Not liquid. Bad karma for getting it deep.
    A tad. Or, a skosh. On top.
    ‘Cains good. The tatoo spray stuff with epi is good to have in the box.

  2. BCE for shits and giggles HOW DARE YOU cut yourself!!!! Know what you mean with good cutlery. Hey for your AM on Sunday a local station here in the Western of NC area you can stream it WDAV yeah used to be a damn good college anyway on Sunday they play Bach, it’s called “Biscuits and Bach”, It’s good music to while you are cookin some grub for AM. We ain’t all hillbillies up here

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