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Took yesterday off as it was a full enough day.  Work this AM is already pissing me off.  Phones ringing off the hook with people.  So, couple of ‘cool things’ I saw over the weekend, one was this:

Found it at Glen Filthie’s Thunderbox.  https://filthiestbox.blogspot.com/
He’s an old bastard of Canoehead extraction.  Him and Phil should compare notes.
Really cool picture though…Each rifle is the ‘standard service rifle’ of World War Two, and then the ‘sniper variant’.  The Brit and Canuck versions are pretty much identical, leastways in Baseline model of the Lee Enfield Model 4 Mark 1.  Now, on a Personal Note, I love the .303 caliber boolit.  Great ballistics in my opinion.   However, out of ALL the Lee Enfields, I much prefer the Model 1 Mark 3, SMLE which was the first variant.  Something about the lines of the muzzle I love…  Anyways… then of course is the Garands, with the highly sought after M1D (early model) Sniper rig.  And lastly, the German Kar98K.With appropriate sidearms as well.

Now, out of all of the above, the Kar98K is considered the best sniper rifle out of the bunch.
Der Cherman Engineering doncha know.

What’s kinda-sorta sad about it is how allll those magnificent war machines have gone insane on prices and collectability.  Growing up, we had a place called Kittery Trading Post.  It’s still around.  Place was MASSIVE.  Like the -biggest- gun store in New England. 

Nowadays?  Not sure.  It’s heyday was before the tourists and folks turned it into a tourist soy-trap.  Back in the day, you could go there and trade in your pelts like the old days… it was a for-real Trading Post.  Last time I was there, I wanted to puke.  Mad L.L. Bean and bullshit, with firearms no longer the focus.  Anywho

Point is, KTP as we used to call it had ALL the surplus weapons.  Like ALL of them.  ALL ALL ALL the Gunz.  One guy working there back in the day told me they had enough firearms on hand at any one time to outfit a Battalion of US Infantry with a rifle and sidearm at any given minute.  And ammo.  Like insane amount… it was a dream to go there… also sorta-kinda sucked having no cash to buy said-awesome-toys.

But I used to rail at DeadDad: “We need to buy some of these!”
His answer was true, but irritating.  “No rush, they’ll always be here and plentiful.”
Not so much. 

Same thing happened when the H&K 94 9mm Civilian Carbines came out.  They were $760 a piece.  Told him we needed to buy a case of 6 with all the extras…  too bad he never listened.  ONE pre-ban used 94 starts at $9000.00  Overpriced much?

The Garands back in the day started, at NRA-VG condition mind you, at $200.00.Gawd… queue Cher and “Turn Back Time” with a pocketful of shekels Aye?
Sheeeeeeeeeee-it… even the CMP service grade rifles are going upwards of a grand.
Guns Silver and Gold… investments that yer sure to make money on IF you go long.
And then, looking around, I found an entertaining website out of Switzerland.  Seems that they don’t really put many restrictions on the weapons that the citizenry can possess.  As in “Well what do you expect Big Country?”  I mean I know… c’mon man… it’s Switzerland.  They literally give you a Sig Saur Assault rifle on your what? 18th birthday when you get sworn into the State Militia?  

OK… this was… unexpected.
Seems this website is a go-to for buying and selling in Switzerland that is.
They have a bunch of really cool stuff, to include a MG-11 (Maxim) with ALLLLLL the pieces parts needed to set up your very own trench war.  Also some ‘other’ artillery pieces… that’s cool as hell, but the RPG-18?  Man, that’s some weirdness right there.

And from what I can see on that website, that ain’t the tube but the honest-to-gawd rokkit AND launch tube, meaning if’n you DO have an MRAP or ‘other’ uparmored Killdozer start a rampage in your A.O., this lil puppy is juuuust the cure for that shit.  And at about $1600 USD?  Now, granted, one shot only.

But what a shot.
You definitely don’t want to miss.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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