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Tis an interesting thin that happened last night… My -short-but-sweet- posting had more to do with a visit from my son who brought ‘dessert.’


Good thing I got all the urinalysis out of the way for the new job.  Didn’t realize it… not for a good hour or so… apparently one or two got mixed in… there were supposed to be brownies for us here at the house, then brownies for the after-party he was going to over his friends house.  I kind of was like OK with the whole thing… I mean I’m not under anyone’s direct control ectectect… so it was a like fuckitall moment.


So I had started setting up for the nightly roundup, when I discovered I couldn’t feel my fingertips to type nor could I feel my legs.  The only thing I had hitting was cotton mouth sooooo badly I drank about 5-6 liters in one sitting, and spent the rest of the night pissing my brains out.

OK: so found THIS.  Essentially a short write up in a Brit paper (The Globe I think) talking about the 40 Mobile Incinerators that have been servicing Wuhan.  That they need to be by water to work properly, and pretty much everything I had discovered, oh, almost 17 days ago I think?

So tonights numbers versus last nights and the night before.  Its soooo obvious that its Shytte…  I can’t even really anymore… give a fuck that is.  I’m going to keep riding this here pony til it runs outta speed, but really?  The John Hopkins swine who push the Commie Line?  Yeah… Bullshit in Heaping Steaming Piles.

I Mean hell, they found 19 more infected today off the Love Boat, and there’s 3 Deaths related to it now.  No mention of ‘cured’ offa da Boat… don’t think there will be.

So the DoubleBad NoGoodThink UnPlus Bullshit Numerical Roundup
February 20, 2020 @ 20:30
Infected: 76295
Dead/KIA’d: 2247

Again, 540+/- Infected and 100 dead.

Like Clockwork.

Gotta walk the Dog, and tomorrows gonna be busy.  I’ll hit ya when I can
Til then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I grabbed a couple of gummy bears out of a little bag on my niece's counter a few nights ago. Evidently 2 is way more than needed.

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