On a More Retarded Note Flights and Counts

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes
Lets just get right down to it shall we?

Beijing to Los Angeles in the next 24 Hours: 21 Flights Inbound.

Then, to “Change it Up” a bit, I decided that Milan, which is starting to ‘slow down’ relatively speaking, I hit up FlightAware from Madrid Spain to New Yawk City:
Only 13 Flights in the next 24 hours…
Who’s fucking running this show?
Then, for grins, Frankfurt International to New Yawk City:
…29 Fuckin’ Flights scheduled in the next 24 hours…
Soooo lastly, an oldy but a goody: Milan Italy to New York City:
21 Scheduled Flights in the next 24 hours…
The Average Airliner that does the “Jump Across the Pond” is carrying, for round numbers sakes, lets say 300 at a minimum.  Maybe more, maybe less.  These flights I’ve pulled up are all passenger hops.  So, those 4 cities, average out to 6000 people per 24 hours inbound… using an average of 20 flights per 24 hours with 300 pax per plane per city.  THAT’S 24000 PEOPLE PER DAY INBOUND FROM HOT ZONES… 
“And then, they wondered, and they wondered and they pondered… Just –how– did New York City become the center of all the Infection in the United States?”
And that doesn’t even cover any other cities… I’ll leave it to some -other- industrious mind to look into it, but as I stand here, I can most certainly say that the air traffic between the Euroweenies and Joe Chink is most certainly not completely shut down… in fact I’d say that’s only a slight curtailment…  
And then, here in Central Florida: As of March 27, 2020 @23:00: 3198 with 14 in my immeadiate A.O.
And on that note, I shake my head, take my meds and prep to crash the fuck out.  ALthough, for humors sake, here’s my latest meme I threw out there… let me know what ya think:
Til then, I remain the disgusted and sick-of-the-‘tards Intrepid Reporter
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