One Way or ANother

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!
Fucking New Yawk City.

They can’t make up their minds.

“H’ep Us! H’ep Us!!!  Don no one cair ’bout us!  De Febril Gummint ain’t doin’ enuff!!

“Sealing the border to New York and Isolating us is an Act of War!!!”

Lisen you stupid fuckin’ Wop…

You ain’t Micheal…  yer brother definately IS Fredo… Yer more like Sonny… passionate, hotheaded and not-that-bright either.  On one hand:
Sonny: “Trump is denying us ventilators!!!”
Trump: “Whaddabout that warehouse full we found?”
Sonny: “Uhhh those are for Emergencies!!  That’s it! Yeah!”

Fuck me.  All which is (((perverse))) and (((retarded))) flows from that Flaming Pustule known as (((New York))). 

DAMNED STRAIGHT it should be cordoned off, it’s residents hunted down and rounded up and quarantined, if only for the (((culture wars))).  White Cultural Replacement is NOT a theory, but a proven reality.  I’m no Nazi by far… I AM however proud to be white, just like the black guys in my platoon were proud to be black.  Saying I don’t have the right to be proud of MY skin color is as racist as the Klan is towards Blacks and (((jews))).  However there ARE reasons… definable reasons that ‘naming the (((Jew))) IS appropriate.  However, that’s for other drunken rants at other times…

So, then, for grins n giggles I surfed over to Ebay to look at foreign MREs.  A small hobby I got into back in the day, eating and trying different field rations from other countries.   So far, the Brits have a pretty good one, and South Korean, albeit a bit spicy and boring (Bimbibap Beef rice) is best for hi-calorie smallest-size… the air packed dehydrated rice/beef is good on the go for a patrol meal.  The Brit meals tends to lean towards curry and other weird porridges.  So anyways, I was looking and what should I see?

No idea what sort of retard thinks he’s getting that kind of $$$ for a almost-at-the-check-date meals but good luck to him if he does in fact sell it.

Hoarding Capitalism at it’s finest.

So not much else happening here.  Took the Mizzuz out of the house as otherwise her bitching was going to make me insane, and if it kept going I’d be a widower before this’s over.  I understand she doesn’t like being cooped up, but how is this different from the other 300 days of the year that she lazes around the casa?  Oh yeah!  It’s because she’s been -told- to stay in… fucking female logic and lack that thereof.

If I told her that we’re going for a bike ride she’d bitch that the seat hurts her ass.  So I got her a big ole padded ass pillow style seat… now it’s her back hurts… sheesh.  I say we’re going out and it’s ‘no, I don’t wanna’… I tell her we gotta stay put, and all she does is whine about being locked down…

Fuck My Life.
Until Later
I’m the I.R.

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.

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  1. Know what you mean about the women-folk. Years ago, during an actual almost-hurricane passing over the house, during the eye portion things calmed down enough that wife wanted to go look at stuff. Bored, trapped in house with her mom, my thoughts were we should send her mom out in the storm and let's us stay home.


    As to New York City. Pretty much most of New York State would heartily agree with you about their feelings about NYC. Hate them (NYC people) hate them I do. They collectively have screwed up SouthEast Florida. Wish Governor de Santis would just deport all of those jackwagons. (Quite a large number of them vote both here in Florida and New York. But nothing is ever done to them because they're special, from NYC and vote democrat. Bastards all.)

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