They’re like assholes, evvabody gots at least one… sometimes you can have more than one depending on the type of person you marry and how the spawn turn out.

My question:  The new header?  Yea or Nay?

Leave yer thoughts in comments.  I’ma gonna prolly be fucking around w/the page just to see how I can tweak it.  I’ll also be finishing the “How to Build a Flammenwerfer” hopefully tomorrow.  I’ve been remiss b/c the Old PC that shit the bed has all my notes and pictures on it, so I gotta crack the case, fish out the HDD and Xfer all that onto this motherfucker right here.

Tonight: Sapper n me are prowling a New “Dueling Piano Bar” that juuust popped up on the Radar.  NGFF is “oot-and-aboot” so I get so dood-time doing the Beer and Bar scene… Been a while since I done did that.  Stories to follow if anything happens…

Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. From what I've read of your essay's, they're not "casual", not that I'm objecting, as Grog implies.


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