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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Nursing a wee bit o’a hangover… I’m getting too old for this shit.  I did a dry-out when it looked like -something- was going to happen, but now that we’re back in auto-pilot mode of the Obamanation Part #2, I’ma just gonna keep on keepin’ on for now.  Seems like the whole world is back in the groove, although I got a bit testy with the MomUnit who’s positively ebullient about the departure of Orange Man Bad…  my singular gripe that impacted right here right now?

Motherfuckin Gas man…

We went from $1.89 to $2.48 practically overnight

Told her I was positively bullshit about that.

She literally was at a loss for words.  It’s not even a real impact on me what with working from home, but the fucking principle of the thing.

Told her she n hers better own it for the next four years.

‘Cos the Installation of Slo and the Ho?

Gonna be seeing a lot more of this to come.
Let me know in the comments how the prices are in yer neck o’da woods.

I know Commiefornia is out of control price wise, but curious about other A.O.s.

Did the new meme thing this A.M. at Sappers suggestion… it was a pain doing the alien face but I think it came out ok.  Maybe I should have used Joe Chinks face instead?

Biggest complaint today is the yardwork I need to do… it of course is that “London Weather” sort of day, and I know the second I start going, it’s gonna rain. 50% chance and I need to get some soil and seed down.  Seems like every weekend has been this way.  Dammit.
The word also I saw (I think on Russia Times?) is that clip of Slo saying “Salute the Marines” scared the shit out of the high command in Russia.  Seems that really raised the hairs on the back of some of the guys over there as the Bad Old Days of WAR WAR WAR!!! are inbound again.  Case in point, I had two emails yesterday waiting for me when I woke up.  One for a position working as a Loggie again, here stateside.  F-35 project.  The other?  A three-letter agency.  And, no, not a ‘regular one’ either.  That one I ignored outright.  The log job tho, that had me curious, and dude wanted to know when we could talk.  I’ve gotten many emails like this over the years and I give a time/date and send back.  I’d say out of 10 of those I’ve had 3-4 actually come back and say OK.  This one was like a 5 minute turn n’burn, sayin “Yeah, I will call you on your lunch break.”

Curiouser and Curiouser.

That means they needs someone right now generally.

So, lunch came around, and we talked shop.  Then we got down to ducats.
Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot.

A Logistician 2, (lead level), with full vetted secret clearance needed.
$15 an hour…..



Have ye shit betwix ye ears boyo?

Has it gotten that bad on the professional log scene?  It must have.  To give you an idea, in Kuwait, with a clearance, room, board and transportation included, I was making $74,000.00 a year… worked out to $38 and change an hour.  That’s in a non-shooting A.O.  Last time I looked, Log 2’s were getting between $25-22 on the low end.  Dude was sort of apologetic for wasting my time.  I even asked him just who did they think they were going to get for that paltry sum?
I mean Jesus… A Log 2, with Clearance?  Ain’t they supposedly making $15 an hour minimum wage nationally?  I mean Log 2 w/Vetted Secret?  That’s a highly skilled professional position.  ESPECIALLY doing DotMil Log. 

It’s very detail oriented.  Almost OCD levels of autism needed in many cases.$15 an hour… wow… just wow…  To me, it indicates that the corporations are going to keep lowering the wages and enslaving via diminishing positions.  Keep the number of available positions low, keep the amount of people available high as hell, and then have them deathmatch to put food on ye table.

We saw it in 2008 in Iraq. ALL the kids who’d served on Active Duty as Supply/Loggies and whatnot got to the end of their terms and punched out, only to immediately jump onto the Contracting Wagon, thereby flooding the market with carcasses (carcii?).  Almost instantly, the salaries crashed

Which is just what the corporations love.

Seems it’s even worse now what with the Bogus Beijing Booger Bug.  No jobs, or damned few.  Me?  I’ll keep my current work from home.  ‘Taint much, but no commute, no gas, no wear and tear on the boogie-buggy.  I do need to rejoin the gym tho, thats a needs-must.

More Later Then, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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