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Whelp… been doing a lot of work and talking to people ALLLLL over the country for the past few weeks, and it’s been eye opening in many respects.  New York is shut-the-fuck-down in full on Gestapo mode with Obergruppenfuhrer DeBlasio and Reichsminister Cuomo running the show…

Obergruppenfuhrer DeBlasio with the Grand Mufti of New York celebrate Ramadan
Yeah…. ok… as much as the Jews annoy the ever loving fuckballz out of me as a group, the fact that DeBlasio is cuddling up to the Muj is worse.  Providing a half a million meals to the Hajjis on Ramadan?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  The -average Jew- has done nothing to earn my animus… and singling them out for arrest per this Article.  I mean why not institute a Yellow Star for them?  I mean the way they’re going with the talks of “Vaccination Passports/Paperwork”… could a yellow star, pink triangle, blue diamond or purple horseshoes be far behind?
Oy Vey! They’re always after me Lucky Charms… sorry bad joke I know but still.  The constant bullshit thats being piped in to New York City is unreal.  I talk to people all day who are amazed that we’re doing well, as the local and national affiliate (((Media))) are telling NYC that the rest of the country is as fucked up as they are…  and they have to be told that, lest they suddenly have the dawning realization that their dear and trusted democrat leaders lied to them.

Which would not end well for them.  The Leaders that is… although the impact on the more-than-slightly mentally deranged New Yorker… we’d prolly hear the heads explode allll  the way down here in Florida… think “Giant Zit Exploding Violently” like on Dr. Pimple Popper…
BTW:  Note to y’all.  I’ve seen some really fucked up things in my time… had to pick another dude’s brains outta my hair… I was actually happy about that one… especially when I realized it was someone else’s brains and not mine own… but I digress… my advice: AVOID that motherfucking nasty assed show.  Cute MILF Viet Doc, but god… I hadda Ralph when I watched… the Mizzuz is ALL about some sick-assed reality TV…  again, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Over?
So yep.  Things are gonna get worse.
“How worse I.R.?  Aren’t you scaremongering about this shit like Aesop?”  
Fuck…. the editor again… thought we’d heard the last of that fucker… Oh well… OK:  Reality Check AGAIN.  Today whenst I worked, I done sent the Sapper to the Local Winn Dixie.  NOT our local shopping stop, but the flyer for the weekly sale landed yesterday, and they had some good BOGO deals (buy one-get one) for some food that we consume on the regular here.  We got it yesterday, and he was issued the demarche to head down today.  I rousted his lazy carcass out at around 1030 when I took my break as I pointed out the fact there was a –strong possibility- that ‘supplies are limited’ that we’d come up short.  He agreed and bounced.
He came back rather shell shocked.  Or, better yet: Sticker Shock  Thusly: 
$72.22 for food… three major food items… couple o’small things like the Walnuts… Sapper’s thing, not mine LOL…  
$24.00 +/- for ONE RACK OF RIBS
Those were the BOGO so it sorta kinda worked out, but still… thats $55 +/- for what I think two weeks ago would have been more like -maybe- $30 on the high end… and the winglettes? They ain’t even a mix of drums and wings… alllll first section double bone wing parts… the cheap ones.  The ribs three weeks ago for the same exact flavor so to speak was like $12+/-.  One. Rack. of. Ribs.  Enough to feed the three of us for one meal at 4-5 ribs for me n Sapper, and the Mizzuz only eats lite anyways, 3-4 max for her.  Ergo, One Rack per Meal.  Now… that being said, price wise, they essentially doubled in price.
Now Sapper said they had enough, however that’s taking into account of who has the money to spend at those prices?  That’s essentially 4, maybe 5 meals in total for 3 grown adults, never mind adding the Granbebe to the list (hence the tenders)…  
With almost 25% of the work force laid off/fired/fucked, and the last check people got was two weeks ago for a piddly $1200 per person, ain’t many folks gonna be dropping that many shekels on the ribbage and chikinz.  It’s to the point that the next phase of Operation Oh Fuck! is to check out turning the side yard into a chikin run.  Gott plenty of room, and the HOA?  They can suck my big furry sweat soaked ballsack.  I start taking flak from them, I’ll add them to the unemployment line when I burn down their fucking office.
I mean it’s getting that things are going more and more sideways… those of us with “Eyes to See” are clearly envisioning the future.  And it’s not looking too cool… leastways for the ‘normie-world’ that we used to inhabit.  I got no expectations… just taking it day-by-day and continuing in my analysis… and man, Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter’s Crystal Ball sez “Outlook Sucks!” (Or was that the magic 8-Ball?  Fucked if I know)

Biggest upcoming Problem? The scarcity… whelp, we ain’t gonna run out, but what with no incoming $$$ for 30 MILLION AMERICANS, who up until a few weeks ago took it for GRANTED that there’d be meat on the menu for them AND their kids… and that shit just dried up and blew away like Bernie’s electoral hopes… When steak is $50 a pound, and a Mickey D’s hamburger is going for $10, shit’s gonna get ugly. Ass end ugly. Too many “entitled” motherfuckers out there who have -no idea- what being hungry means… ESPECIALLY in cities and, truthfully in some serious liberal bastions where ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ trump common fucking sense.

So… those of you who’re getting ready, I fully expect the STASI and Gestapo, led by the local Gauleiter Karen to show up and DEMAND my/your carefully stored and prepped shit…’Cept by the time THAT happens, I’ll have already hatted up and disappeared into the woodwork… so if I -fade- y’all will know as my regularly scheduled rants will stop, and b/c the cell phone is getting left behind… Y’all need to keep that in mind. Eyes open and keep the faith.

Til then, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I'll check the prices when I do some shopping tomorrow. I haven't noticed any big swings yet but I've stayed in for over a week (freezers are full). Up here in the Great White North, I'm at about the end of the supply chain (only places further don't have roads to them). Last few times I went through the stores I noticed that Safeway seems to be having a harder time restocking then Fred Meyers (Kroger) or Costco. Costco got cleaned out early on but now they even have but wipe in stock. I've got a better Governor then most of you all, never was much of a lock down and things are opening back up, my three tenants never stopped working. In the long run we a f'ed, the damn legislature has been running the budget 4k per capita in the red for a few years now, the savings is gone and most all the money comes from oil, we're fooked.

    1. Well, our Costco seems to be pretty well stocked though they have signs saying you can only get 3 each of pork, beef and poultry. Of the 6 meat reefers all but one was full, the one that normally has hams and corned beef, that was all in one of the endcaps. Tons of chicken, like they just got a big shipment in. I should probably can up another case of quarts. Not sure if they are actually enforcing those signs, they aren't enforcing the ones saying everyone has to wear a mask. All the employees were but only about 2/3 – 3/4 of the shoppers. Prices here really haven't changed, shipping costs are probably still dwarfing everything. We're the end of the line for truck and rail shipping. Safeway was a bit skimpy on their meats, still normal (high) prices but about 1/3 of the cases were empty and they normally make sure to have them full since they have some extra specials just on Fridays.

  2. None of these people have ever been hungry.
    Those of us who have in the past never forget that. I can remember several stories from WWII about the peasants not having any fats in their diet. One story sticks out. One old Frauline who happened to get lucky and had found someone who had slaughtered a hog. She stuck her finger right into the fat around the pork belly, snatched a bit and stuck it in her mouth and then savored it like fine chocolate. She proclaimed it to be best thing she had put in her mouth in years.
    Yeah,our fellow Americans don't have a motherfucking clue as to what hard times are really all about. Some are going to learn the hard way.
    You can't eat a new big screen television.
    That reminds me, I need to swing by the local butcher. Three weeks ago the displays were basically empty in over half the joint and you had to ask to get one pound of frozen hamburger. That's all they would sell you.
    Keep yer head and yer ass down son. BTW, this Sapper guy, sounds like you are a lucky sumbitch to have a dependable Right Hand Man like that. Something tells me you two out drinking are a two man wrecking crew waiting to happen.
    Tell him Busted says howdy.

  3. "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

    They should listen…duty calls.

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