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Lots to chaw on overnight.  GREAT commentary, Both ChuckinBama and Grog (regulars ’round herebouts) pointed out that our ‘collective’ Oath that we took, The Mighty Oath we took to ‘support and defend’… which I poasted a day before or so, whelp… It jes’ don’ expire.
That being said:
Is this the same military that we signed onto?
This’s from the U.S. Army webpage today…

OK… let’s break down a few things…

1) The Ad on the page has a black couple talking about ‘how great military service (Army) is.
2) The couple on the far right is a white male (possibly… seems indeterminate, may be Hispanic) with a black female.
And add on the ‘unseen’…
Namely the ad for the Rangers showing two whites with a black bebe.  When in the fuck you ever seen that when you were on active/reserve/national guard duty?  When have you ever seen a white guy, enlisted or occifer with a black wife?  Maybe once in 10 years Active Duty, and the black chick looked like that fuckin’ model Iman, and the guy was a ‘climber’ occifer…  The most I saw was black enlisted dudes with mostly German mudsharks… or Fat, White Dependas with the Black dude they ‘locked in’ by getting preggers…  I ain’t nevva seen any dis shytte aye?
This ain’t yer daddies Military no more.

We have to wake up.
I -still- hold that Solemn Oath I took to my heart.
I owned it.
I -still- own it.
I bought it.
I -still- own it.
It’s not viable anymore.
It’s not a death compact.
Not anymore, despite those who would say otherwise.

Go with me on this for a moment.
Our Constitution Representative Republic, despite our best hopes, efforts, and dreams –is fucking dead
There ain’t no coming back.
THEY broke that Oath.
THEY shattered it on the altar of greed, internationalism, and multiculturalism.
THEY know how we cherish it, and will honor it, above all else.
THEY are using it against us.
THEY know we can utterly crush them IF we were truly United against THEM.

When someone breaks their end of the bargain, that contract is NULL AND VOID.

And, since we -are not -United-, we lose, or at least at this point, are losing.
They know, above all, the single largest group they have to fear are veterans.

To the point that Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers,” what despite the ‘rah-rah’ militant aspects… NOT the popcorn fun-time movie horseshit, but the book that’s required reading (or was) at the West Point Civics class years ago…it’s based on a government that’s formed by the veterans after the collapse of civil society.

See, Heinlein foresaw waaaaay back in the day that shit was gonna go pear shaped.  DeadDad gave me my first Heinlein Novel, “Red Planet” when I was 10.  The -original- Ace $.50 cent paperback, first print.  In it, it’s part of Heinlein’s ‘Boy’s Life’ serializations/teen novellas.  I consider myself a Heinlein expert.  I own, mostly because of DeadDad’s bequeath, 1st editions of ALL his shit, and there’s about 5-6 (depending on how you view the Lazarus Long interregnum) timelines that ALL cross over at many differing points…
Point is, and I’m not going to go to deeply, BUT:
Starship Troopers comes after a period known in his timelines known as “The Disorders” which is defined by massive civil unrest, constant wars, economic breakdown, and general chaos…
Until the Veterans of the multitudinous Wars of the times say “Enough is fucking Enough” and start the killings and hanging so justly deserved and clean up the fucking world, forming a One World Government that pretty much sez, “you don’t serve, you don’t vote.”  And God help you if’n yer a retard…  Game over man.
I posit we are at the real life moment of the Disorders that Heinlein prophetically wrote about.

Until we, collectively, as Veterans, get together and start forming genuine, honest-to-God Militias, either through the VFW, The Legion, The DAV… we ain’t gonna amount to shytte.
I’m the youngest past post Commander of a Disabled American Veterans post in the history of the DVM, (at the time) leastways when I was made commander, at the age of 30… that’s prolly gone sideways since then, as when I joined the DAV, the youngest guy in our Chapter was a guy who went by “Toby” who was with the 5th Rangers who survived the assault at Pointe Du Hoc.  He was in his late 70’s.
Point is, us oldsters, IF we want to make a difference, we have to network.

But I don’t see it, haven’t seen it, and at this point, like Hillary said, “What Difference does it make?”
Call me demoralized.
I don’t have it in me anymore.
It’s too little, too late.
So, I’ll sit, hope for the best, and keep trying.
Until then, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Good morning, agreed on all points, especially the networking, can't expand on what you typed.

    Coffee time, have a great day.

  2. In the book, the reason the voters had to serve was is a "man who demonstrated through voluntary service he places the welfare of the group ahead of personal advantages."
    Great book don't remember when I purchased my paperback but it was on $2.95 and has survived many culling, and moves around the world.

  3. Some of us that will be the pointy end did not get to serve. Not sure what I have to work with in my AO but I hope there are a few that would help turn back the clock. Or make a more Heinlienish future. I to am a fan of his.

    Do not have skin in the game you will not play to win.

  4. We're united in what we know is right and what is wrong with what's left of our country.
    You're right; we're not organized. But is the time right just yet ? If we were organized, we could roll this shit up in about a week. Right now, the optics would be bad for us. I don't give a fuck about how we look to the phony judges and pussy politicians; they are on the list, too. We have to worry about the global optics to keep "foreign intervention" from occurring. We get our noses bloodied enough, the other cheek slapped enough, then maybe when the dogs are slipped, nobody from offshore wants to get involved. The time will come, and soon I fear, that our inner Viking is released. And woe be unto any assholes in the way.
    Fuck the Army that is. We remember the Army that WAS. And it was strong because WE were strong. And we still can be. Form our groups where we can. Take the men and women who never served, but have the grit to learn the trade, and make them stone cold killers. When this shit kicks off, and I really pray it doesn't, we have to be ready to end it for all time. These communists are not people. They have no gender. They have no humanity. They have nothing but contempt for us and the world we came from. And consequently, they mean nothing to us. Harden your hearts. We've all read that so many other places, but remember soft hearts got us where we are now. Time nears to embrace the suck.
    I'll be 60 next spring, if I survive this winter. My body is composed of replacement parts and I'm not as physically strong as I once was. I live on a street where I am the youngest male. The others just lower their heads and stub their toes in the dirt when I start to rant about getting ready. I have less than a snowball's chance in hell, but I'll take that chance and work it as best I can.
    And when spring comes, all the pockets of patriotism that linked together through the fighting will see that maybe, just maybe, we can have our country back.
    Be discouraged as much as you like, just don't quit. And I know you won't; it's always been a soldier's right to bitch. And every bitching soldier I've ever known rucked up and continued the mission.

    Sorry if I rambled. Old age is setting in….
    I'll see you all on the village green.

  5. IR,
    I appreciate your sentiment. Need ideas for a common meeting space. A public forum does not go with opsec.

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