Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Seems that with all the Roo-Rhoo about Alex Trebek cashing in, a lesser known but significantly impactful individual died.  That’d be Ken Spears.  Co-Creator and writer of Scooby Doo….

One of my favorite memories… waking up at 0630 and pouring a bowl full o’Honeycomb or whatever it was that MomUnit had on hand (meaning what was on sale that week) and then watching Scoob and the gang…

Good Times, Good Times.

Of course the live action remake didn’t hold a candle to the original

Jes’ Sayin’…..
But yeah, hoist a glass to an awesome dude who provided us mis-aligned and misanthropic latchkey kids with some Saturday Morning Goodness…
I mean shit…
Alex -did- have a major impact… like 40 years worth?
What makes his passing MOR im’potant than Mr. Spears?  In fact of the matter, I dunno… the cultural impact of Scooby Doo as opposed to Jeopardy in this anti-intellectual wasteland that’s the Untied States?  Tough call…
Sort of like how Chyna from WWE died two days before Prince…

Dude was a musical genius… no doubt, but ya gotta feel –something- for Joanie… she cashed in, pretty much forgotten…

Lame way to go Aye?
I mean that’s the way it goes
And last night?
Well… that’s a story in itself
The ferals who had the Biden Sign up that I told y’all about?
Seems they had an issue involving LOTS of door slamming, broken glass, swearing and one particularly hostile inoperative piece of ambulatory farm equipment storming around towards MY A.O. and yelling at my Dog who was not pleased with the disruption

No banana for you.

So, went red.
Had Sapper at my back with his AR, I used the Black Aces.  Hit the floodlights and >whoomp< Illumed his ass and then I dropped a round until the chamber.
A 12 Gauge has authoritah when you lock n’load
He beat feet
Mucho Quick-o.
Alls well and hail and all that rot Aye?

Nay.  Couple of things we realized.  The floods for the back are shit.  Never realized it til last night ad there’s a BIG wide beaten zone that was completely NOT illium’d.  NOT GOOD.
So, after we stood down, we checked the back.  Gonna install and emplace a third set of floods at ground level, and replace the standard filament bulbs with halogen or LED… not sure which but a 6 pack of the halogens are $30 so that’s keeping it in the budget.  The circuit -should- take an additional load of one more flood set, but if not, I’ll redo the panel in the garage.  I learned all about doing that stuff in Iraq, as we usually couldn’t get the locals to do it for love or money when the Bad Guys were possibly watching.  I want to add motion sensors –mebbe– but from what I’ve heard they’re a pain in the ass, and we got too many critters that’ll trip them.  Personally I like manual control
So, that’s what be happening.  Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. The distance from our back door to the farthest corner of the yard is about 80 ft. I cover that part of the yard with one of these–


    Works great, and the run time is pretty much forever. I would suggest you try a couple of LED bulbs. Return 'em if you don't like 'em. Halogens run HOT, lotta wasted energy. I've run halogens before. Eventually the adhesive holding the glass lenses on failed and they fell off. Used JB Weld to glue them back on.

  2. Yeah, go with LEDs. You can run brighter lights for same wattage, or drop a tad on individual bulb outlook and toss in some extras.

    As to the feral primate, had a pack of them in the apartment parking lot having a chimp-out. Funny was that none of them live here. Got so bad I called the cops and prepared to repel boarders and/or bad primates. Cops show up and they scurry like cockroaches when you turn on the lights. Only evidence of the fight was chunks of hair-weave all over the parking lot. Looks like someone took a weedwacker to a pack of cheap nylon rope.

    Glad you survived the encounter. Do you have a lawyer on call? Because Yard-Apes have learned the concept of Law-fare and may be calling the cops on you.

  3. Well, there IS the porn version of Scooby Doo.
    And Thelma is pretty fuckin' hot.
    Just sayin'…
    (No dogs were fucked in said movie. Scooby is actually missing.)

  4. Look into LEDs and the like as well. You hot IR optics or trailcams? You can mount hidden IR LEDs to better illuminate with them knowing. You can also get mycho crazy with arduino's and little programmable USB boxes with batteries and bluetooth. Mesh your whole backyard, have sensors report to your PC! Set the sapper on the project. He looks more like the IT type.

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