Oy Vey and the Kerfluffle…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Bit of a kerfluffle apparently.  Getting targeted for my supposed “anti-semitism”.  Which is hilarious because I hate everyone equally.  No extra points for being a member of the Tribe.  I know every. single. race has it’s good ‘uns and it’s bad ‘uns.  
Why is it such a bad thing to point this out?
Why is it such a sin to ‘name the jew/black/cracker/ay-rab/other?
No one is perfect and above criticism.

I’ve been accused of “Jew Bashing.”  
Hoo boy.
C’mere son… lemme break it down for you.
Why are they above criticism?
Why is there a monument in almost every. single. city. in the United States of America wallowing in the jewish ultimate guilt trip of the Holocaust?   Why is that?  The United States saved the majority of them.  We spent blood and treasure liberating Europe.  I’m not going to quibble with small details and shit.  Fuck that.  The United States did a LOT of great stuff to assist and save and then build Israel.  
Still doing it too.
Where’s the Monuments to the men who did the freeing?  
The soldiers who gave their lives?
Nothing in Google that I could find…
Nothin’ but entries about the Monuments to THEM.

Don’t know of one, nor have I ever heard of one for US saving THEIR collective asses.

And I’m -not- going to say it didn’t happen.  Been to Death Camps… Mauthausen, 
Belsen… been there, seen them.  Creepy as fuck and the vibe… Holy Shit you NEVER want to roll into those places.  Especially if’n you can feel a ‘vibe’ like I can.
Places are purely fucked.
My question, however, stands.
WHY is questioning the tribal involvement with a lot  of sketchy shit off limits?
“Oy Vey Because the Camps!!”
My answer: Fuck That.
Historically, worse things have happened to people throughout history.  Ask the people of Byzantium.  Ask the people of Baghdad… fucking Mongols wiped out upwards of two million people in 13 days.  
Now THAT is a good killin’.  Gotta admire those Mongols.  Busy lil beavers…
And that was really pre-industrial.
Old School Hacky-Hacky Choppy-Choppy.
Iron swords… man those fuckers arms must have been tired.
Took the Krauts what? 3 years to do 6 Mil?  That’s 2 mil a year.
Ha.  Pikers.
Why is it that we, the United States Taxpayers going to be paying for Holocaust survivors “Home Care” in their old age?  Yep.  88,000 survivors who’re going to be getting full time at-home essentially end of life nursing home care at home.  And let me tell you, full time at-home nursing care costs a brick of shekels.  We’re trying right now to assist with Wifey’s ‘rents after their accident.  Good thing I gots a job, b/c it looks like I’ma gonna have to helps a bit.  But, as I said -why- do THEY get special consideration?  Let the Krauts take care of it.  Let them have all the memorials and bullshit.  Why are US Taxpayers on the hook for it?  Hell… let Israel pay for it… for some reason, despite them turning a national profit every year, we pay them billions in support.  Monies we ain’t got here and that I’d rather see go to my in laws, who’re gonna need the help.
Let to each their own, know their own, and care for their own.
If’s questioning their involvement is a LOT of sketchy shit is off limits, then maybe they shouldn’t be doing sketchy shit that can and should be called into question?
‘Cause as Kenny says frequently enough on some of his poasts: “That’s some white trash shit right there!” and no one questions that.
Because some of the shit that my Scottish/Irish/’Murican Mutt brothers and sisters do is pure-dee white trash shit.
Ask Floridaman about it.  He’ll give you a clue.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. A minor correction:

    According to learned elders, the correct use of TheHolocaust© always requires the copyright symbol.

  2. I’m an American Jew, married to an Israeli, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I have always been offended by the idea of Holocaust museums and monuments on American soil for the very reasons you cited. My father enlisted in WW II even though he was too old for the draft. Hell, even my MOTHER served.

    Most religious Jews also feel the same. We are swamped by leftists who are deracinated and have substituted politics for belief in God and our traditions.

  3. Nice! Y'all are Mor'n welcome! Pull up a stump and stay awhile! Love the comment and props to your pops for 'putting it on the line'… lots who didn't…

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