Sunday Morning

Well aftyernoon that is….  The NGFF let me sleep in until Noon!  Ahhhhhhhh….. that was nice.  I’m a bit stiff from the excessive rack time, but that’ll work out the kinks after a while.  Nothing like the Rice Krispies Morning with a ‘snap’ ‘crackle’ and ‘pop’ to get you going. Getting old sucks.  Oh well…… Continue reading Sunday Morning

The Best Laid Plans

Goooood Afternoon Y’all The weather went sideways on us so my plans for the night went sideways as well.  We got the Grandbaby for the weekend, and NGFF had made plans for us to go to the Halloween Trick-or-Treat in ‘safety mode’ I.E. they have a biiig area that the kids can go in and… Continue reading The Best Laid Plans

Damn that was Quick

Greetings and Such Whatnot to All my Favorite Reprobates! Whelp… I started at $16.00 an hour… last Friday.  Got paid today and apparently Bossdude realizes what a -stellar- commodity I am already.  I’m now making $18.00 an hour. Now to all y’all in the hinterlands of High Prices and Lower Expectations that payrate is probably… Continue reading Damn that was Quick

So Lets See

Good Evening to the Circle Jerks that Like to Party Hardy and Read my Venomous and Vile Screeds from Beyond.  Live from Crystal Meth Capital of Central Florida, its the Intrepid Reporter online here to spin a Wild and if not Woolly web of Bullshit, Blame and Rantings and Ravings that’d make Granny blush, Momma… Continue reading So Lets See

Well THAT was Gross…

Greetings to All Y’all Tuning in for the Intrepid Reporter’s nightly news roundup. Live, (or no so much) from Central FL, the Gunshine State. Well as the old James Taylor ballad goes, “I’ve see fire and I’ve seen rain” which is par for the course for the disaster recovery biz.  So far, cleanup on isle… Continue reading Well THAT was Gross…

Fun w/Memes

Yeah, so after my last lil rant about Lying Politicians filled with Lying Liar Sauce, I came up with the following: Mittens circa 1976 I found this picture of Ron Jeremy AKA The Hedgehog: and this one of Mittens: 15 minutes and a bit of MS Paint (I don’t have photoshop) we get the top… Continue reading Fun w/Memes


Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’rourke, the Fake Irish Taco… God I think thats such an apt name. What a fucking Douchecanoe. Are there ANY politicians worth anything other than being strapped live to a popup target range? Now that is something I’d pay to participate in. Strap those motherfuckers to a frame on the 300 meter KD… Continue reading I LOL’d


Greetings Everyone in the Studio Viewing Audience! The Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fun is back with a short update.  It’s going to be short as my ass is COMPLETELY kicked.  As in Wasted.  Beat.  Curb-stomped.  I ache in places I forgot I even had.  Serves my nasty lazy ass right for not PT’ing worth… Continue reading Damn…


They’re like assholes, evvabody gots at least one… sometimes you can have more than one depending on the type of person you marry and how the spawn turn out. My question:  The new header?  Yea or Nay? Leave yer thoughts in comments.  I’ma gonna prolly be fucking around w/the page just to see how I… Continue reading Opinions?