Another Loooong Night UPDATED

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes Seems these fucktards keep sending out messages to fuck with us ‘Burbers…  To the point that there is/was? enough credible/actionable Intel that the Sheriff one county over, a Mister Grady Judd, issued the following: Unlike my county, the Polk County Sheriff is my kind of people.  Guy was born in the… Continue reading Another Loooong Night UPDATED

Long Night

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes Long night at REDCON-1 around Big Country’s Home for Wayward (and heavily armed) Veterans.  Had to bust out the battle rattle and ready up as the local brand of AntiFa apparently came ’round dis way to play, and looted the Verizon store 500 meters from Ye Olde Casa. Decided that… Continue reading Long Night

Looking for Patterns….

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes! Welp!  Let me first and foremost start off the day with a hearty THANK YOU to Readers John and Justin for a couple O’weeks ago donations to the BC Bullet Beans and Boot funds!  I –just- went and checked ye olde email that alerts me to that shit… seems I need to… Continue reading Looking for Patterns….

So Far So Good So What?

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes! Sorry for the departure but it was a hectic and fun weekend over the memorial day holiday… extended oh-so much thanks to my still-not-sure-what-the-fuck-is-going-on-with Employer. Sent them a nice email on Friday asking that they reconsider themselves and their “Yer Fired” attitude.  Did it nice and early in the A.M. and… Continue reading So Far So Good So What?

Alive and sorta Bored

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes Another somber American Holiday that no one really seems to understand… Leastways the Greta Unwashed Retards… And Liberals.  Although one could say that Liberals and Retards go hand-in-hand. Yeah… quite a few people annoy the shit out of me on what has become more of a “National Beer and BBQ”… Continue reading Alive and sorta Bored

Ohhh my Frikken Head…

Afternoon/Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes… What a night… Got me full on fucking stiff.  Blasted.  Wasted. And I’ma paying for it now… Hung over to the balls man. More Later as I recover, I remain The Intrepid Reporter Big Country

My, THAT was Quick!

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes! Fastest tenure at a job ever.  Yep.  Caught ye olde axe today.  Seems calling higher-higher a bunch of “Fucktards” in a chat group that we were using to bitch about shit was strengsten verboten! I was bitching about being jerked around on the scheduling.  Specifically how we were treated like… Continue reading My, THAT was Quick!