An Idea that’d tell A LOT and Numbers Numbers!!

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes: Got me an –interesting idea- that Oi had whilst discussamating Ye Olde CoronaChan Harlot of Fame… Apparently, the stories of Crematoria running and burning up ye olde piles’o dead made me realize the answer might be open source IF one knows where to look. The question is:  Want to settle… Continue reading An Idea that’d tell A LOT and Numbers Numbers!!

Afternoon Evvabody

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes Well, the Grandbaby is on her way back w/the Ole Lady to the -other- grandparents… Holy Shit I’m sorry, sore and spent.  Attitudinal two year olds should be sealed in a Burlap Sack, fed thru a hole for a few years, and figure out if they’re worth letting out… when… Continue reading Afternoon Evvabody

Latest Numbers UPDATED WTF!?!

Evening Droogs and Droogettes Couple of Administrative Notes: 1) Infected added an additional 2000 +/-. 2) The Timestamp is NOT on the header per the usual.  The timestamp I have is 20:00hrs in the lower right corner. 3) The center of that pic shows Wuhan… Close up below: No…Fucking ZERO Red Circle around what we know is… Continue reading Latest Numbers UPDATED WTF!?!

Links and Info

Goooood Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes! Couple O’Droogs were wondering where I’m getting my intel: The John Hopkins Hospital Carcass Counter It’s a bit hinky… like todays update is actually from today, whereas the 31January Updates, well, they just -didn’t-.  I mean I might have missed it but being an unemployed bum gives me ample opportunity to check, check… Continue reading Links and Info

Well THAT was Unexpected

Good Afternoon Me Droog n Droogettes Man, another day of bullshit.  I’m wasted.  Tired and sick.  Or is it Sick n Tired?  The allergies have been kicking me ass… like curbstomping me.  That and I’m feeling crappy in general. SO… off to the races: As of 30 January 21:30hrs Infected 9776 Dead 213 Previously: 29… Continue reading Well THAT was Unexpected

Corona Chan

Mid Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes Holy Hell I’m hung over… half a handle of Finlandia (courtesy a gift from the Sapper) and Jesus… the body is still smashed… guess this’s a good time to get some range time in.  #1 Son (Based, Extremist Type One Each) is coming over.  Gotta LOVE having a kid… Continue reading Corona Chan

MAD Thanks!!!!! And MOR! Updates

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes! Coming to you from the house today… When I went to the gym, “The Great Road-Spirit” came to me in the form of two ancient crones driving a Prius who came (use Maxwell Smarts voice) –that close- from totaling out the Brand-Fucking-New Big Countrymobile…  Completely oblivious… motherfucking snowbirds… <deletes 300 word… Continue reading MAD Thanks!!!!! And MOR! Updates

Top. Men.

Morning or Mid AFternoon to Me Droogs n Droogettes! Comparative: Current Spread of CoronaChan as of 23:00 28Jan. Next Pic: Flight Tracks in’n’out of China 11:30am 29Jan…  That’s some -really good- quarantine you got going on there folks… Top. Men. Until I see the FlightAware map showing –nuzzing– on there but Dot Mil flights, I… Continue reading Top. Men.


Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes! Juuust got home from a successful night of Ubering. And as they used to say…….. Apparently the new numbers per China for Jan 28 are: 6049 Infected 132 Dead Yesterday, Jan 27 to recap those numbers: 4614 Infected 106 Dead And the Day Before Jan 26: 2799 Infected 80 Dead… Continue reading 23:00 UPDATED