No Balls = Total Fail

Good Evening again from Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans.  The place where everyone knows your name, but keeps calling you “Fucker” anyways with a knife hand… Well, it’s now the something-odd year Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  I lose track to  be honest.  Not that I don’t care, it’s just sort of overwhelming.  2700-3000 +/-… Continue reading No Balls = Total Fail

They Came out GREAT!

Damned good stuff! Annnnd as I feel shitty (again) today, a light posting of some humor: Until Later, I’m the I.R. Big Country

Why the Fuck not?

Afternoon Me Droogs and all the Bitter Clingers who come ’round here for the fun, the insults and nay I say the entertainment?  Leastways -I’m- entertained. Grumpy Cat, however, Disagrees with Me So I spent the early waking hours (10am) doing my resume over again.  Actually I’m doing multiple resumes.  Each one aimed at a… Continue reading Why the Fuck not?

So me and the Sapper walk into a Bar…

Good Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes.  Greetings from the beyond the pale (my behavior in public that is)…  The Intrepid Reporter went out this afternoon/this evening after the earlier post about The Hermey Mengele Connection, and had ourselves an early dinner/supper? Whhatever the fuck the meal itself is called, we had us the bomb for food… Continue reading So me and the Sapper walk into a Bar…

I Need a Vacation

Good Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes! Another fine day here in Central Flor-ri-Duh, the Gunshine State! Whelp, the Grandbaby is now sick.  Go fucking figure amiright?  When we picked her up, she hadda lil’ sniffle going on.  Nothing too intense or unexpected.  Normal lil kinder stuff.  Now?  Well, this morning she was off her feed… Continue reading I Need a Vacation