Part Teh First

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Rabbit Hole time.

I’m Over it all.  Phil and Me done declared war.

Now begins the ‘naming of the names’ and essentially, every. Single. Thing. You read here is both a timeline, as well as a sort-of-kind-of flow chart.  Stick with me.  If you don’t want to read this, then the TL;DR: Trolls threatened Phil’s life, my life our Family’s lives because we’re absolutely unapologetically white and politically incorrect. 

The real-life rules for reasonable and sane people (none of which apply to these fuckers) are if something upsets you, that’s your fucking problem.  Don’t like it?  Go somewhere else.  I sure as fuck don’t write my shit for leftards… not even for OrangManBad folks…  I just tell it like I’z sees it, and if that offends you, then click on by… plenty of other things in teh intarahwhebz to get your ass in a flame about.  Thing is, these assholes?  They fail to ‘get it’…  I don’t hang with people I don’t like, nor do I intrude in their spaces and start fucking with them.  Live and let live.  You stay in your hood, I’ll stay in mine capiche?

However, the best metaphor I came up with for these fucking heathen retard scumfucks is that they came to MY MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE, complained about the color of the walls, threw shit all over the place, then demanded that -I- fucking change the color of the walls, or they’d burn down MY FUCKING HOUSE.  Then even had the audacity to threaten me with FAKING REPORTS OF MALICIOUS SHIT TO THE COPS TO FRAME ME FOR THINGS I DIDN’T DO.

Nu uh…

Homie Don’t play that.

So, this is for the record. ALL things in this here poast are straight from the horses ass(es).  Now, ALL the names I’m poasting have either made threats, harassed and/or stalked Phil and I.  Most of the time the fucking idiots used their REAL NAMES and email addresses, making it OH so easy to track them down to expose them to the light.  Nothing here that I’m using was garnered illegally, just open sources.  Which, BTW, most of it has been -scrubbed- but hey, that’s what screenshots and snipping tools are for…

First, Mouseketeer Role Call of People Who Actively Fucked w/Us.

Jennifer Nicole Diaz Rivera
Anthony Gino Del Fiacco
Brandon Wane
Sheina Almaguer (now Ashely-Vann)
Militiza Rodriguez (now Mercedez)
Sara (or Sarah) Posa
Kalib Jeram (from and now stuck in New Zealand)

Now.  Not sure how Militza met up or hooked up with the Leftist Waffenmausketeers.  ALL of them worked together at Der Fuhrermaus.  Now, the interesting thing about it is that 3 of them for sure were Der Fuhrermaus College Program kids.  That would be:


The others on the list, only one was ALREADY a full timer working at Der Fuhrermaus that I know of.  That’d be Brandon.  I also believe that there are others involved, but we’ll get to that in a few.  Especially since they ‘did the dirty’ to another girl that I mentioned in passing in my last Poast: Tureygua Inaru.  She’s a central figure in this whole shitshow, so keep it in mind.  Now mind you, I had NO IDEA who that broad was/is.  Didn’t know, didn’t care… until these assholes started showing up and acting like Shit Flinging Monkeys did ‘stuff’ start coming out…  Now, back to basics…  Brandon showed up here at the end of September… I (unfortunately) deleted the majority of his idiotic rantings.  Mainly screeching how I’m a racist, Black Lives Matter the usual SJW shit.  I deleted them without realizing how utterly insane and also that this was an organized group.  I saved the last message I got from him using his real name and email addy, but didn’t allow it to be poasted.  The moderation factor and the fact that I refused to poast their comments (my house my rules right?) seemed to incense them beyond reality.

Now, Sarah and Militza had been coming by for a while… and I started wondering WTF was going on and why did all these rando motherfuckers start mobbing me AND Phil’s sites?  More harassment in the form of almost daily insults and ghetto hoodrat bullshit from her and her ‘friends’

Now, notice the next one:

Notice how he mentions that “if I get arrested for false accusations”… apparently that’s their MO.  Accuse someone falsely, have the whole gang back that story up, and ruin the life (lives) of their intended target.  Case in Point: Tureygua Inaru 

Seems she worked with them back in the day at Der Fuhrermaus.  And for whatever psychotic reason, they went after her full bore.  Not here to discuss that per se.  BUT

They’ve ADMITTED IT ONLINE that that’s how they operate.

From Jen Diaz:

Now THAT right there… That was by an email trace went to Jennifer Nicole Diaz Rivera.  So, I started digging.  And oh, look, a couple o’things came up.  First of which was a Change dot Org(asm) Petition (now scrubbed) but archived by Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter that gave me a lot more names to dig into…

Now, the petition (and I forgot to screenshot the -why- of it, but it was something to do with her being arrested for false police reporting)… now the other thing, those tow above?  Used to work at… huh… Der Fuhrermaus…  and the second comment: “… I agree with Kristen, it will be far more effective if we work together to form a coherent story.”

Now, that and the rest of Ms. Tice’s comment ring of some form of subterfuge going on?  Methinks yes, in light of the shit that I’ve uncovered after the fact.

Then apparently the Kristen mentioned above, another Der Fuhrermaus employee, but I can’t back that up.  Couldn’t find anything on Linkedin (a great tool) or on other locations, I just have the word from a source (and yeah, one of these jokers flipped on the group when I presented evidence that’ll see them ALL go to jail.  The persecutor who went after that Tureygua broad is going to look like a fool, and anyone and everyone knows, if you embarrass Leviathans Minions, then your life is forfeit

Guess they’ll be learn’n that soon Aye?

So onward and downward and man, re-reading all this shit is quite literally making me ill….

So that’s the whole of the Change petition signatures… 

Now, I went a dug on all the names, and wow… all are or were connected to Der Fuhrermaus.

I’m sensing a trend here.

 But, Der Fuhrermaus or not, it’s where the all worked at, and got their little Leftwing Waffenmaus plot hatched against Tureygua.  Now I had NO IDEA who the fuck she is… and I still don’t care… to a point.. until the kept coming back and coming back and coming back.

It was like a roach infestation that couldn’t be stopped.

So, it continued and annoyed me…

Now, many times they use the VPN… like ALL the time.  BUT they also aren’t very bright about it.  The IP addys stay the same if you leave the VPN connected… in the case of Anthony he got a bit … passionate? About us not letting him poast his diatribes

He seems like such a nice boy Aye?

Fucking NOT!

Now, thing is, all of their email addys (the real ones leastways that we KNOW are real) well, sometimes they use a fake one and publish as Anon.  Thing is, the VPN hex gives ‘em away.  Now, Anthony started out proudly proclaiming that yes, this’s he:

“I have no shame in using my real name…”

Yeah well, we’ll see about that…  now he in all fairness has multiple email addys, but the I.P. addy tends to stay the same for the most part.  ‘cos after a while, and multiple scream sessions, he went quiet for a bit… until one day, someone poasting as “Anon” came on ranting on 11-17

Now, over at Phil’s place, the email “Delfy2325” is one of Anthony’s email addys… so this anon is him, pretending to be something or someone else. Now as far as him? He gets the ‘Delfy’ from being an Elf at Der Fuhrermaus (I got it off of Fecebook which last I saw he still has)

Now on the blegg before when I made fun of him, he came and asked that I take that off which I did.
This time I obscured the face… so GFYBTW you little fuck.

Did he respect me and then leave me alone?

I’m sure you can guess what happened. What I -didn’t- expect was a rant-a-thon, both here AND at Phil’s place about how “we” got Anthony fired from Der Fuhrermaus.

Which sort left me going “WTF?”
Despite all the shit, I tend to leave people alone.
I -definitely- wouldn’t deny a motherfucker his job UNLESS they tried it with me.
“Do unto others etc…”

A Man without Means is a Man without anything to lose.
And on That, Part Two Tomorrow.

I need a break as these fuckers LITERALLY make me ill re-reading their sickness and insanity. Tomorrow is the deep part of the rabbithole

In fact, tis’ the Abyss Nietzsche spoke of… and this one… man… I’ll leave it at that.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Some people are sick in the head and will ruin their own lives just to fuck with someone else over something else that absolutely means nothing. I had a case of that shit sandwich back in the mid-90’s. Went to court and everything. False charges against me for assault. Bitch never understood that if I was conducting as assault, she wouldn’t be around to file charges. But that’s neither here nor there as I never assaulted her. Anyway, ended up moving out of state to avoid further shitstorms and things eventually went silent. But that was then. You’re dealing with a whole new generation and a whole new shit sandwich – new sandwich, same old shitty flavor. My sympathies. Hold strong and be true.

  2. BC I believe the abyss warning was not to nor for those of the herd and the “morality” they follow, I suspect it was more for the monster fighters. Might be just me and my warped mind but as far as I’m concerned the herd is the monster of our time. The final ante approaches, the abyss awaits.

  3. That’s a strange name, to me. Tureyga Inara is apparently, assuming the name is a one-of-a-kind, a small-time actress.
    If they’re the same person, the arrest record may be the results of your new best friends’ false accusations.

    The messed-up part for me is they have the time and imagination to waste on sending nasty messages to you. I hate a lot of people, but I don’t waste time thinking about them, plotting about them, or messaging them. I figure most people I hate have no idea what I think about them.

    Your forensic analysis has been fascinating to read. I was wondering how you were able to trace Posa, since the IP I saw went to a Miami provider.

  4. So I saw my name mixed in with the screen shot of the rogues gallery. Not that I give a shit but none of your regulars were shown. So thanks a fuckin’ heap for including me and nobody else.

    And, for what it’s worth, I have gotten over myself, I realize I’m not important and, by God, I know I’m not getting out alive.

    1. Oh, you think yer speeeeecial combat? Git down and give me 50 for thinking yer one of the cool kids!!!! 😉

  5. BCE, would you mind sharing some of your opsec knowledge for the benefit of the good guys? Like, I thought being on VPN gave me some protection.

  6. Ffs like the reason is because she thinks she’s literally better than everyone. It’s sick because she like pretends to be a Buddhist and votes for trump. Her own family don’t like her dawg. Go Jen and Mimi 🥰

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