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Good Morning to all the cool kids who’re still tuned in!
Sooo… went in at oh-dark early this morning for the days entertainment.  It was supposed to be a short day as it -is- nominally Saturday last time I checked.  Got to the orifice and my new boss was waiting on me.  Seems the guy I’m replacing (the new gig is a supervisory slot, with Minions no less!) had his going away party last night.  He’s apparently moving to New Jersey.

My New Work Crew
Yeah… Joisey…  why I have -no idea-.  Taxes too high, retarded gun laws, winters and I mean its fuckin’ Jersey Man… There -must- be pussy involved as no one in their right mind moves to New Jersey from Florida.  So anywho.  The party must have been a wailer.  The boss was still shitfaced and told me to rock out w/my cock out back to the house.
2 Hours on the clock just for waking up and driving the 5 minutes to the orifice?  I’ll buy that for a dollar!  That and when the boss calls it for the day b/c he’s too blown out for training?  Yeah… I’m gonna do well here.  Obviously dude was never in the military.  I mean I remember one night at Ft Campbell… we started partying and for whatever reason lost track of time.  By the next morning, The First Shirt (1stSgt) for some reason called for a PT formation…(it was supposed to be a day off, hence the festivities)  My room dawg n’ me got the word literally as we were passing the last bottle of Jack Daniels back and forth to finish it off.
Been there, Done that…
To say we were crocked would be a massive understatement.  We were so fucked up that when we got called to attention, we were swaying so badly that we leaned in towards each other and bumped shoulders together.  It was the only way to keep upright.  Thankfully Top had a sense of humor.  He sweated it out of our asses.  a nice 4 mile run can be very refreshing under the correct circumstances and motivation.
So since I still maintain even when hammerated, I figure that’ll be on the ‘plus side’ of the ledger.

To todays subject:  Peak Weimar.  Dunno if any of you reprobates know what the Wiemar Republic was, but it was Post WW One Germany.  Per Wiki: “The Weimar Republic was Germany’s government from 1919 to 1933, the period after World War I until the rise of Nazi Germany. It was named after the town of Weimar where Germany’s new government was formed by a national assembly after Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated.”

My POV right now is we’re currently undergoing the same exact cycle again.  To explain:  Post WWI, Germany fell apart.  Along with war reparations, a shattered economy NOT helped by the Great Depression and alllll the other shitty things that happened, the people -in general- kinda lost the moral bearing so to speak…  Terms like ‘debauched’ are commonly thrown about.  We’re in the same moral condition.  It’s fucked when morons have literally so much time on their hands that they can argue realistically that there are more than 2 fucking genders!!!!  I mean thats ‘around the fucking bend’ level cray-cray.  And as they say, don’t stick your dick in crazy…

Now we here in the FUSA haven’t gone through anything like a loss of a war per se… that being said however we DID bolt from Iraq leaving it an almost failed state, and we’re still in Asscanistan fighting doodz who are using 60-70 Year old AKs ,150 Year old Lee Enfields and improvised and scrounged high explosives to still fuck up our guys.  BOTH wars in my book are lost and have been.  We shoulda just stayed back after 9/11 and dropped a nuke on Tora Bora and been done with it.  The first few weeks after 9/11 we coulda nuked Liechtenstein and no one woulda batted an eye.

Add on a bogus economy (read Wilders $10 Big Mac here.  Great minds must think alike b/c before I found that, I had just been discussing that w/the Roomdawg, herein from now on known as “Sapper.”  He’s a former Castle-Dweller… read: Engineer in the Army.)  Whelp me n’ Sapper were discussing current events when we went thru the drive thru… 2 Medium Sized McMeals.  No Extras.  Almost $18.00 FUCKING DOLL-HAIRS!!!!

THAT is a true inflation indexer.  Mickey D’s Slide.  Back when I was a yoot, DocDad took the fambly to the first Mickey D’s that had opened in our A.O… sometime ’roundabout 1975/76?  Burgers n fries for me n FedBro, Big Mac n fries for the DocDad and Mom-unit, and one LARGE coke that we all shared as DocDad was a cheapskate of the Scottish persuasion when it came to going out to eat.  In total?  It was like $5.75 for the whole shootin’ match… and Dad griped about it alllll fucking week just b/c it pissed him off LOL.  (Quick aside:  The large coke back then is what they call a medium these days if I recall correctly…and they wonder why EVVABODY be fat n sheee-it.)

So back to the issue:  We’re in an overlap right now.  Antifa appears to be starting to have issues within the ranks.  Saw a story that there was some Socialists and Commies of America meeting where the “Maoist Red Guards” apparently assaulted a Marxist over doctrine…  the Antifa dood who got run over by a car in Portland?  Seems that was a ‘Red on Red’ assault as Portland Antifa put out a flash notice to like everyone involved “No one talks to the cops!  Snitches get stitches.”

So here’s where I’m going with this.   We’re in “Peak Wiemar”… morally fucked folks with too much time on their hands.  Everyone is so comfortable with shit that 10 years ago would have seen a person drawing a looooong prison sentence for doing some of the shit that’s now considered ‘socially acceptable’.  Gay?  OK. No problem w/that… my own Spawn (daughter) is gay… more on that some other time.  I don’t mind what flavor you favor.  Just keep it in your own fucking bedroom… NOT MINE!!!  Drag Queens?  Lotta fun.  NGFF is well known for teaching wannabe DQ’s the -how- of makeup and style…  Been to a few drag shows with her.  For the most part, the term “Flamingly Gay” applies to most DQ’s… but, good people nonetheless.  Should they be reading fucked up “Johnny has Two Mommies” books to kids under the age of 8?  Oh fuck no.  If that shit’d happened back when my spawn were that age, I’d still be in prison.

A vocal minority of people feel this’s cool.  Like in Islam, its the loudest and most obnoxious assholes who get all the attention and force their policies and beliefs down the throats of the majority.  In fact its scary how cult-like these people are.  Islam isn’t as much a religion as a cult, as is with these “Bake the fucking cake bigot!” assholes.  So like Weimar, the majority is getting and HAS been getting really fucking tired of the minority.  ESPECIALLY the self proclaimed “We Know Whats Best For You Peasants” Elite.

And they really DON’T understand how Trump got elected…
Trump was a reflexive reaction to all the meddling, social engineering and general fuckery thats been going on over the past couple of decades.  And they really are too stupid to see it.  I personally blame inbreeding.  Half of the so-called ‘elites’ are all intermarried and inbred like a motherfucker, and all that cousinfuckery will out in the end…

And to Antifa:  I think, (and we’ll see if there’s more violence… but then again it may be going on and the media prolly won’t report it as they’re in league with them come to think of it…)  but w/Antifa, I see a paralleled to the SA and SS back in 1934… we might be witnessing a ‘shaking out’ of Antifa ranks over the next few… Back in 1933, Hitler took power and had a group that helped him take power called the SA Sturmabteilung.  They were, for the most part, the famed ‘Brownshirts’ that the morons and idiots of the world point at and accuse the right of being.

Back then, they were the rank-and-file members of the National Socialists, and when ole Adolph took control he realized they were as much a danger to him as they were to anyone in their way.  The SA was pretty much the ‘street brawlers’ of the party and their commander Ernst Rohm who was in command of them.  He was a MAJOR danger and was planning on pulling some shytte against Adolph, so he struck first in June of ’34 in what has now become known as “The Night of The Long Knives.”  Essentially all the Command and Control of the SA were murdered by the SS, under the control of Himmler.  That left old Adolph “El Grand Queso.”

We’ll see… I think the stuff we’re seeing is just the beginning.  As a history buff, I’m fascinated to be watching this.  Time will tell if I’m prescient or not.

But on that note, I gotta start getting the food out of the fridge and the shit for eatin’ tonight.  I’ll look for y’all later.  Next I’ll bring up the issues of the Law and the lack of application that thereof.
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  1. One thing I am finally Thank God seeing a pushback on is the political correctness shit. That is where a lot of this crap started and a damn fine place to start stopping it in my opinion.
    Of course I am the antithesis of politically correct anyway….

  2. Same Same bro… I actually got in trouble back in 1989/90? before I went in the Army for doing a thesis in College discussing PC Culture as one of the future major threats to the society of the United States… to say I got in trouble was an understatement… its part of why I dropped out and joined the Army.

  3. Alcohol and the Military?

    I had just made Staff Sargent and we had this new captain that had transferred in. My Chief had the dirt on why he got transferred to our unit. We were on a field exercise and the three of us were part of the advance action team for set up. The evening before the main group was scheduled to arrive the Chief came to me and handed me $100 and told me to get the Captain shit faced drunk. Every evening the Advon team would hit the all ranks club to have a few drinks. The bartender didn't like officers (who did). We were playing pool in the club and roped the Captain into playing. Winner got a shot and we were all drinking beer. The bartender was in on it. If anybody but the captain won it was a coke and water mix shot. If the captain won it was 101 Wild Turkey. I tipped the waitress $50 at the end of the night.

    The next morning just before lunch the convoy showed up. The captain had not reported. During the staging of the equipment we found him passed out face down in the parade field wearing the uniform for the previous evening where he had puked down the front of his blouse. I was sporting a fairly good hangover. The chief picked up my tab every night for the rest of the exercise.

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