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Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Looks like it kicked off last night.
Looking at ALL the vidya that I’ve seen so far, the kid is in the right… as in a righteous shoot.
Being chased by a HUGE crowd screaming “Get that guy”? Check
Fear of his life? Check
Gets physically assaulted? Check
Gets pounded on with a potentially lethal weapon (skateboard)? Check
Lights up the goons and kills two and wounds one?

Same thing happened in Pennsylvania.  Talked about that last night.

And the Head cop of this particular lil Wisconsin town: “Well, we’re not sure who he is, and we’re confident that we’ll have him in custody soon!”
Dude turned hisself in already.
The Head Cop is just providing cover.
The last thing that kid who shot them fucks needs is to be doxxed.
‘Cause them fuckers ain’t gonna go for him.  Hell no.  He’s got no issue pulling the trigger.
But His Mom?
His Wife?
His Kids?
ALL in danger.  Best if they announce ‘it’s not clear who did this’ and leave it at that.
And WE, IF the media doxx him, whelp… 
I’m unemployed.
Got a Brand New Car.
Sapper n’ Me?
Roadtrip time.
‘Cause it’s boring as Fuck down here in Central Flor-reeee-duh!
I mean jeez… got me all this Concertina Razor Wire… over 2500 feet at last count…  Got the Flammenwerfer.  Got 9 gallons of premixed Napalm.  And I’m doing a new vidya this weekend.  I did some research, and found a valve that –might- increase the range.  Doc Hammer, if’n the upgrade works, I’ll mail you it gratis… it’s literally a $2 pipestem valve like that goes on a bike tire that attaches to the end of the fuel muzzle… tightens the stream, thereby forcing the fluid to compress and jet harder and faster.
Also:  If poasting and roasting is light, it’s cause we gots the Grandbebe from Thursday to Thursday.  Wifey needs the “bebe fix”… thank God her pack’s been pulled and my shit snipped or we’d be knee deep in rug monkeys.
The Bebe Fix… a fix harder’n heroin.
So, more than likely, its gonna be busy chasing her.
More Later (I hope) I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. turned out to be a wee lad of 17. likely they'll crucify him even tho justified. that place will burn tonight, the whole place i bet. gets me is the cops had plenty of manpower after the fact. they could have blocked the buses trucking in the scum from milwookee. he did good though, good fire discipline. one round one target down, repeat as needed.

  2. yep, already doxxed. when his go fund me for legal fees is up I will contribute.
    I saw many mistakes he made but I wasnt there, vid is sketchy, and situation was live fire which I
    assume he never encountered so I wont criticize.
    If he did the deed because he was not game watching his hood be fucked with, then he deserves a medal.
    Old school "Im tectin mine" them amen to him.
    We need more like him. I think we have plenty of "hims", just need activation, if you dig me.

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