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Goooood morning Droogs n Droogettes!  Again, up with the rising sun as I got an appointment with the VA.  I’m trying to finally get my disability properly rated… I settled back in the day for a paltry sum as it were… Back in 1999 when I got medically retired, the Veterans Administration was even shittier than it currently is… like so bad I never bothered going to -anything-.

I mean why the fuck would I?  The very first visit I had was such a fucking train wreck I avoided going to the VA for ten plus years… of course that was back when I lived in New England, bastion of Anti-Military attitudes and Behaviors, where if you served in the military, you may as well have a swastika branded Charlie Style on the forehead…

So… back to the news:

Killin’ Ole Rotten Salami or whatever the fuck his name was was a good start… NOW we need to start cleaning up here at home methinks.

Peloser and her Traitorous Ilk need to be arrested, put to the question, Gitmo’d for a few months (just to let ’em know how much real life can suck) and then, put them all to death.  

On Pay-Per-View.

They’d make a fuckton of cashola on that ‘un there I reckon.

Is it Time Yet?
I mean after Ricky Gervais’s spiel last night, I -really- hope that some of these assholes start waking up… because “Rope-a-Dope” this time around ain’t going to be a boxing term…
Unless by ‘boxing’ you mean being stuffed in a pine one after we hang your traitorous asses.
I mean some of the actors out there, I really like their work… their politics… not so fucking much.  I mean they ARE entitled to their opinion… just like assholes, they got one or are one…  however, b/c they have such a broad reach and bully pulpit  for those low information voters that ability to open their cockholsters means they should be a little more careful about what they say.
I mean shit… people forget their history.  Lincoln had newspapers trashed, burned and editors arrested for being seditious.  Wilson in WW1  had motherfuckers imprisoned for having German Last Names.  
Nevermind what the Grand Ole Crippled Socialist-Neo-Marxist Roosevelt did…  fucking concentration cum internment camps for the Zipperheads?  Never mind other what would now be criminal acts against US cit-tie-zens?
Shit… the Obamamessiah KIA’d a innocent kid who was a US Citizen in order to kill his father!!!

Any yet the fucktards keep coming out of the woodwork to sing Iran’s praises.
Oh well… makes it easier to compile the list of all the idiots and softheads we need to kill when it comes time to water that thar tree above.  And if not kill, then forcibly sterilize to insure a cleaner gene pool.  Good Christ knows we need the filter on THAT particular pool cleaned out and changed…
Which is a BIG part of our overall problem.  
Too many people breeding stupidly.
Too many stupid people breeding.
The next time around, honest to God, there needs to be a cutoff like they used to have back in the 1930s.  As I recall some states had eugenics laws that if your IQ fell below a certain level, you were zip, bam, boom, clipped, snipped and that was all she wrote…   No kids for you tardos.
Which, when you look at it/see it… until they got rid of those laws, this place was in much better shape than it is now.

Things that make you go “Hmmn” indeed.
So then… onward.  The Whole “OMG World War 3 REEEEEEEEEEEEEE” thing…
Jesus.  Everyone please just shut. the. fuck. up. will ya?
Do people realize (probably not, seeing just -how- fucking stupid the majority of people are now) that since The Cheeto Jeebus was even running for “Da Prez” that no less than 16 different times then major newspapers of the world have said we’re on the brink of WW3?

 Literally they were writing stories before the motherfucker was elected about this shit.
So, no, much to my personal disappointment, the Holocaust is probably not going to happen.  I mean seeings that the fucking Ragheads and Rageheads worldwide are losing their collective shit at anything Trump does… it kinda cracks me up.  Me?
Push it Baby         
Lets get this shit over with… live, die, who gives a sideways fuck… As Ricky said last night, “There ain’t no sequel!”
Until Later I remain
The Intrepid Reporter
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