Post 1917 and WOW!

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well worth the time and monies to go an see such a Horrorshow flic!  Like WOW!  Two hours literally -flew- by.

Unbelievable editing, Unbelievable cinematography, Unreal music.. Acting spot on… literally I only found ONE mistake in the entire film.  I can’t help myself but I -do- watch for incorrect military stuff.  The only issue was that the dudes only loaded a single 5 round stripper clip each into their respective rifles.  The Number One Mark Three, SMLE or Short Magazine Lee Enfield:

which is point on for the time the movie takes place.  It hadda 10 round mag on it.  The dudes, just as they start out the mission, shows both guys opening up the action of their respective pieces, and you can actually see the action is empty.  Doods put ONE stripper clip of 5 rounds in, and thats it.

No reloading is seen again.  Despite a firefight.  I know, I know… wicked persnickety but shit.  Cain’t hep m’self wit that sort o’stuff.  Especially when he starts shooting and by all points, he should have run outta ammo b/c he only loaded 1 stripper of 5.

Either way Big Country sez see it.  A quick aside as well:  The audience for the 15:30 show was allllll old folks.  Like in their 70’s and 80’s.  And no, it wasn’t a nursing home outing.  It was a large number of older folks watching the flic.  Very odd demographic IMO.

Speaking of which, odd demographics and numbers. 

We got home from the theater at 17:30/18:00.  Did some running around and errands and then I got on here to do some updates to y’all.  At 17:45 +/- the count for Corona-Chan was at 2082 overall, with 56 KIA.

Now?  As of 21:30EST, according to some sources its now 2799 with 80 KIA.

Uh… Thats a big jump.  I realize time lag, carcass counts and whatnot, but the Phony-Baloney Doubleplus Ungood Numbers coming from The Joe Chink Ministry of Truth and Happiness goes against all precepts of what we had come to expect. 

Essentially what I’m saying is that Leadership Joe Chink is losing the Propaganda War and the -real numbers- I think are starting to slip out much to the horror of the Leadership Joe Chinks.  The amount of intel that needs to be filtered/policed/blocked to keep the correct Doubleplusgood Numbers sounding correct is just too much for Big Brotherchink to control.  They positively HAVE to be freaking.

Too many people with too many phones/social media and other ways of getting what used to be very hard intel to get a hold of outside of the country.  Overall, the Globalists (besides the Chinese Leadership cadre) must be shitting themselves now that they realize that, barring completely shutting off internet/phone access there is NO way to stop the real story (or any other) from slipping out anywhere at anytime.  

So at least we got that going for us. 

As far as here stateside, we got 5 confirmed.  That don’t mean shit now since we’ve also found out this shit can be cookin’ away in yer carcass with zero outward signs for up to 14 days and you are still capable of transmitting/asymptomatic/and are infectious to other people.

THAT right there ain’t good.  My understanding too is 2 of the people confirmed are college students that came back for the new semester and brought back the gift that keeps on giving.  Leastways til yer dead.  The Chicago lady was home for 11 days before she presented symptoms and was runnin’ ’round loose as a goose, completely infectious for the entire fucking time.

Add on the claim that it only hits the “old and infirm”… yeah… I got two college stoodents that unless they decided to get the degree in their old age overseas, my guess is that thats just like the numbers count:  Complete BULLSHIT.

Good news is Home Depot still had N-95 Masks in stock.  Sapper picked up another box of 15.  Better to stockpile whilst theres shit to be had, cause soon enuff, der ain’t gonna be no more for a while.  Word is in some parts of the country, ALL supplies, Tyvek Suits, Nitrile Gloves, and N-95 or better masks and filters are being bought up in lots for either resale or by Chinamenz packing them up to ship home to the fam back there.  Not that Joe Chink won’t steal that shit outright from the mail if it IS as bad as it’s supposedly getting mind you.

This’s gonna get old before long.  And I gotta Uber for now which means masking up.  I give it until we hit 50 confirmed stateside before I start doing that tho…  don’t want to freak the ‘straights’ too  early.

I -do- recommendto start getting some shit together tho, and me?  I’ve started me and the ole Lady on eating a daily megadose of C,D,E and some other vitamins that may help boost the immune system.  It ain’t Corona-Chan who does the deed, but  the attending secondary infections like pneumonia and other shit that’ll kill ya…

Anyways, bedtime.  More later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Hmm. I still have a partial box of masks used 25 years ago when cris crossing the PRC for my job at the time. Used them on all internal flights, train and so on. They always had some sort of bug or virus circulating, especially in winter.

    Does seem like a good idea to go get some more at HD before the thing in Shitcago explodes ( I am a scant 70 miles from there). Oh, and no more eating out Chinese for a while either.

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