Power Outage

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sitting here nice n mellow, contemplating the next episode of Ye Olde Bloggage and >whomp<
Total power loss
Lame.  Happens occasionally.
Went to the TECO (Tampa Bay Electric Company) web to report it and whoa nelly!

Now, I -know- for certain that the 144 affected isn’t just that
They -stop- taking and poasting # when its a HUGE outtage
Leastways that’s what I was told when I was doing security as an Anti-Terrorism Occifer for them.
And dis here poast?
Tied into and tiered my cellie as a hotspot to one of my Lappies.
Can’t game but can write and do ‘other’ stuff.
Man, I forgot just how quiet it can get ’round here without ‘modren’ stuff like power and whatnot.  I went outside to see initially if I had done fucked up and NOT paid the bill (I was sure I did but still…) and the neighbors and all, well we all checked in and yepper, no juice. 
And the neighborhood itself?  Really quiet.  No central AC running -anywhere- makes it mighty quiet here now.

The odd thing is that I got an email from Spectrum saying that the internet/cable has an outage too. 

First time that’s ever happened.  Now, if the cell goes out?  THEN we might be seeing something else?  Hard to say.  I’m thinking just the usual fuckup and/or drunk hitting a power pole.  Problem is our closeness to McDill AFB which is home to CENTCOM, SPECOPS and all the other DotMil “important stuff” that’s there.  We’ll see.  the projection is that the power is going to be off til around 22:30 tonight.  If it gets too hot/uncomfortable we got the pool.  And for boredom?  It’s good to be bored.  I -am- being ‘better safe than sorry’ though and we’re at ‘low yellow’ in readiness.  Firearms in Condition One and at hand.

Ya never know Aye?
So, will update as we go More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yea Power is one of those things you don’t think about until it’s off…You know what is weird is they are pushing generators real hard everywhere I look…Also hearing a lot of chatter throughout the industry about cyberattacks…

  2. East TN, our outages run about 50% by trees/branches, 35% drivers and the rest by critters (two snakes one time, no idea what they were thinking). Driver record was an entire high tension tower.

  3. If you draw a line from Joel St. and 80 in Lehigh Acres to Clewiston to Belle Glades to that monster FPL plant in Palm Beach on the eastern side of the ‘cain fields, that’s how the power flows to the western side of SWFL from FPL. That power branches at every berg along the way going north from that line. Those junctions are where we get transformers popping or breakers popping almost constantly now. Especially when you get no clouds/rain in the afternoon like today. You’re off that FPL grid, but the heat demand is the same. At the bunker we’re tapping that hurricane solar backup power 2-3 times a week because of the FPL failures, which is good in a way because you find those batteries that are losing cells in the main banks as well as the worn out SLA batteries in UPS boxes on the electronic goodies. You don’t need solar panels to set up a DC/AC inverter system. You can maintain the batteries with an old 30A farm charger and good intelligent float charger from ebay or elsewhere. (In fact, what do you get during and after hurricanes? Yep, clouds; solar doesn’t cut it. That’s when the gas gens get fired up.)

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