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Yep… The Rittenhouse trial? 
That case is toast.

The persecutor might find hisself in a world of hurty after the fact too… seeing that the Judge isn’t playing games and I’m sure that the lawsuits after the fact are going to be epic.  Seems (((Gauge Gotsnobicep))) was on the stand and pretty much admitted to assault with a deadly weapon.  I.E. he (who claims he was ‘just a medic and an observer) aimed his weapon first and THEN Kyle capped him:  “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun – now your hand’s down, pointed at him – that he fired, right?” the defense asked witness Gaige Grosskreutz. To which he replied:


“Chortle Chortle”
Wonder if the same shit is going to happen to this asshole as it did to that asshole Nifong who persecuted the Duke Rape Case…  Nifong got disbarred and did a lil jail time (one day) but considering I’m alllll about instituting a New Regime for General Malpractice and Malfeasance, just let me tell you… dis fukking asshole AND the Fucktards Being Incompetent actively withholding exculpatory evidence all them motherfuckers need to be charged, and then staked on a beach at the Low Tide Marker.  Same goes for -any and all- Physicians involved in the current COVID/NottaVax Insanity…

Ancient Justice Methods seem to have a better outcome IF the Perp-In-Question knows if he personally fucks up that he personally is going to pay, and dependent on the circumstances, the punishment should fit the crime.  I mean for serious, lets take doctors for instance.

When we’re sick, we deliver ourselves to people who we have trust implicitly with that one, absolute, irreplaceable item that we as individuals have, meaning our very lives.  In most cases, especially in the case of Urgent Care or Emergency Rooms, we have to entrust our very selves to a complete stranger with that which we value above all.  No misunderstanding the near universal detestation of a fumble-fingered quack. 

The absolute loathing and hatred that may-or-may not be wrought at the medical community is yet not known… in fact the very nature of our “15 Minute Societal Attention Span” works against these fucking supposed ‘educated medical people’ in that they can’t see that possibly, more than probably that their very lives in turn will be forfeit for the participation in this vast circus of fuckery.  Only time will tell, but I gotta hunch that finding someone who’s willing to admit that they’re an M.D. or N.P. or whatever identifier for Medics are out there are going to be far and few between in the next few years…

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit… we’re gonna have to hang Big Bird too.
Goddamn it.

There was a short story that stuck in my head about a Nuclear War back in the Early 80’s…  Bunkered Military Men who “pressed the buttons” and kil’t the world.  Safely ensconced in their bunkers, they waited the prerequisite time to emerge, fully intent on rebuilding, and reestablishing theyselves again…

Instead they found masses of survivors outside the bunkers, in their teeming, hating, loathing near-riotous mobs… Every. Single. Person. in those bunkers, Men, teh whamenz, the kinder, ALL of them put to the axe and sword… and their bodies impaled for display as an example to those who thought they ‘knew better’ for the future…

Best our self appointed Elites keep this lil vignette in mind

You can run, but you can’t hide…
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Big Country, for all the seriousness of the subjects discussed, I gotta say… THANK YOU for the best couple of belly laughs (memes) in a *long* time. The concluding thoughts are dead on the mark.

  2. St. George of Fentanyl’s nephew posted a short diatribe regarding the trial and intimated that unrest was on the plate if they didn’t get what they wanted (Rittenhouse convicted). He also stated that there were “cameras in that room”. Jury and judge intimidation, anyone?
    I absolutely agree that the case against Rittenhouse is floundering. I fear that they might throw the case just to appease the mob.

  3. Regarding prosecutorial misconduct, I want them to get the harshest sentence that they are trying to get for the defendant. I’m generous like that.

    Regarding St. George of Fentanyl’s nephew, having made such threats public,, he needs arrested. Jury tampering should be the least of the charges.
    What happens when the people who just want to be left alone walk away from the rule of law, too?

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