Put. The. Coffins. BACK!

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes!
Seems a minor (major?) discovery is going on over in Egypt. Link HERE.

Seems they found 25 +/- High Priest style sarco-fargususes in the ground.  Undiscovered.

Til now.

It’s 2020.

Now, to modify a great line from “Young Frankenstein”
“Put. The. Coffins. BACK!!!”
Does anyone else think that is a good idea to pop these things up and out?
Nope Turtle Sez:
Guys, it’s 2020.
Last thing we need is Mummies runnin’ ’round loose…
I mean we -finally- got rid of Ginsoakedborg… Pelosi qualifies… last thing we need is 25 + walking fucking dead to add to the fun and games.
As for the ‘Nope Turtle’… my mother-in-law had it for ever it seems.  One of those lil Key West tiny carved and painted jobbers… the head is suspended on a string inside, and when you bump it, the head swings back-n-forth in the ‘negative.’
She gave it to us to give to GranBebe, but a 3 year old’ll just destroy it.  And I’ve become rather fond off the lil guy.  I tap him and he’s like “NopeNopeNope, bad idea!”
Call it my artificial decision maker.

Yeah, I’m sort of cracked that way.
Lunch was Empanadas, homemade.  Pretty good.  More like early dinner ‘cos I didn’t get done til 16:30.  Desert is in the oven right now… gotta go get it.  3 Step Creme Brule.  Easy, quick and OMFG good.

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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