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OK. DotMil ammo call here.  Couple of things
BEFORE the “Eeeeee-vil X” fucked me in the ass, one of the thing I had been experimenting with was your basic .300 Blackout Round.  Got me a barrel for less than $80 bux at the time as I recall.  Throwing it on a spare upper and using the spares kit to outfit a new rifle was like “Meh.”  Got a 10.5 inch barrel, and mated it to your basic upper… only dif between this pic and mine was the Muzzle device.

For my muzzle device, I went with a threaded 1-12 thread capable ‘fuel filter friendly’ device

Yeah, I know

Either way, putting my ‘fuel filter’ on it quieted it down so much that some folks at the range I went to (one time only, used a fake ID so IF I was tracked, no one knew who/how/where I was really from) but anywho, everyone at the range was crazy impressed at the quietude of the .300 AAC.  It was still kinda-sorta new (early 2016) by mass production values, but yeah

Quiet as fuck.

So, tonight, I’m doing YouTube.
Found a new vid by Brandon Herrera “The AK Guy”  Seems that the AK has a caliber that’s the equivalent of the .300 AAC.  That’s the 9X39mm.  Just as .300 AAC is a necked 5.56mm round with a fat .30 cal bullet, the 9x39mm is a necked 7.62x39mm round with a fat, slower moving 9mm round.

Now… reason for this Poast?
Glad ya asked.  Thing of it is, the vidya the AK Guy did… man, the AK he built and was running… there’s quiet, then there so fucking quiet that you can hear the trigger reset…  I mean wow.  Not often I get impressed.  And the reason for this is that eventually, well, let’s face it
Sometimes you need to be vewwy vewwy qwiet.  Hunting wabbits is twicky…
Best to be hushed when you don’t want to raise a ruckus Aye?
And unfortunately, well .300 AAC is still and has -always- been over $2.00 a round
A mite pricey in my book. 
So, whilst looking over the specs of the 9x39mm, what do I find but woah… you can find that particular caliber for less than a buck a round $1!!!  And it’s available.  Unlike the .300 AAC, which is hen’s teeth still.  
And there are complete uppers out there for about $400+Barrels too, although you also need a 7.62X39 bolt head as well to match up.

Jes’ Sayin’
Until I get gainful employment, such toys are off the table however.  Leastways for me
Y’all might want to look into it.
The bolt head is about another $150.
Personally I think it’s a worthy kit to have ‘just in case’
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Something about the really quiet and really loud stuff just makes me smile. Related project way on the back burner, 300 mini whisper wellrod style platform. Barrel and bolt head done ( modded ar ), partly finished recever, debating a scope, (attn revenuers, no can parts on hand) ain’t enough time yet. Good luck with your project.

  2. I’ve Form 1’d a couple of cans.
    The experience gained was well worth the price of the tax stamps.

    1. Long long ago about the 3rd or 4th can I made that actually worked was liberated from me by a local cop, looking back I remember the speech about how they were very illegal and how I shouldn’t be playing around with things like that. Didn’t take my rifle or tell my parents so I counted myself lucky, different time and country… Needless to say it was a learng experience, didn’t stop me from messing with a particular division of the treasury dept later, still got the denial letters. Almost got lured into being a kite for what was the scum of fed agencies at one point, didn’t fly heh heh. Wised up at some point, cleaned out what later became constructive intent material, now I got plenty “regular life” to keep me busy until the party starts, then the back in business sign goes up.

  3. I am reloading 300 BLK with family to get the cost down. The parts compatibility is too important to switch over to another caliber. My guess is these parts get rare in the future.

  4. The 300 ACC Bullet is .308…’nuff said. Those fat pills you are thinkin about are everywhere.
    A dirty secret between you and me is that the 6.5 Grendel (necked down 7.63×39) bolt head is available…much less…look on the other side of the state.
    Get the brass at a range.
    You can download any round to be subsonic…ever heard of Trailboss? The cowboy action shooters over at the range on top of the lake (you know where I mean) would probably sell you some. Use the “75% rules” with your TB loads as a starting load and get the chrono out. Better yet, just listen to it.
    Yep…you can do it.

  5. American heroes channel is showing Apocalypse: Stalin. Wow. Im now woke. Handing out free shots for all commies.

  6. No cans for me as long as my state holds together. However the fantasy of a busted, rusted surplus bolt gun in 45acp as a silent and legal squirrel slayer while gently consuming ammo built on cast pills, and homemade burning stuff is persistent.

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