Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

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Looks like the lid is already starting to boil off in Minneapolis and we haven’t even gotten to the end of the trial.  Portland, shee-it… what to say about Portland?  Seems there this weekend the fucking lunatics tried to lock a bunch of people in the ICE building, and then this time were a bit more successful in burning that motherfucker.  

Nice folks eh?Only real problem I see in this picture is there isn’t an “after” pic… Ideally, there’d be a low velocity ‘crack’ and the asshole holding his hand up would be face down, brains oozing from a hollow point sniper shot from the roof and the after picture showing that exact scene.

All these feral animalistic assholes have no idea what games they’re playing.

It’s only a matter of time before the cops decide to do what they did down in Rio de Janeiro.  For those ‘not in the know’ Rio has/had a major problem with street stupid.  A.K.A. feral fucktards.  Most of them homeless, a lot of them underage.  They, with the knowledge and blessing of the judicial authorities, have been occasionally rounding up people, usually people who’ve been ‘hassling’ the local shop keepers, and ‘disappearing them’.  For a fee.  The U.N. and damned near everyone goes off about it, as they say “But you’re murdering children!!! Oh the humanity!!!!” <queue wailing and rending of garments and Oy veying>
Here’s the thing tho, that whole ‘underage’ thing is a miiiiighty slippery slope…  Very much like the whole Trayvon Martin thing… the picture the media used was when he was a ten year old, sweet cherubic-faced kid.  NOT the reality of the 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound (according to the autopsy) fucking MMA wannabe gold-toothed gun-toting gangsta-wannabe feral nigger who got exactly what he deserved.  To be honest, I’m glad Zimmerman made him ‘good’ because at the rate the kid was going, it was only a matter of time that he broke into a house with some little old lady (his specialty was B&E) who was home and he killed her…either intentionally or ‘dindu nuffin’ by accident…

So when (((the media))) start screaming about ‘children’, keep in mind they list here in the US as all gun deaths of ‘kids’ up to age 18.  When I hear ‘a child got shot,’ as horrible as it is, I think ‘GranBebe’ age…3 to 6…  ‘kids’ to my mind, and most normal folks are 7 to 12, and then you get to ‘teens’ 13 and up… a 17 year old street hustler is not some ‘innocent waif’ and the Brazilians know it, and treat them like the animals they are.  And as far as ‘reforming’ or ‘educating’ these animals?  The soft-headed leftists and social-scientists want to say that they can be ‘reformed’… the right wing realist in me knows the best reform is a 62 grain green tip.  And the Brazilians concur with my findings.
The disconnect is so obvious and the evidence is right in from of them, but the Pozz and Delusions run really deep.  Sort of like the stories we get, at least monthly… when and IF the Ministry of Propaganda allow it to slip through the cracks of the filters.  It’s usually a story of a “Rich, left-leaning (usually) enlightened educators/doctors” who adopt some ‘flavor’ of ‘magic dirt’ kid, who, when they get a bit older, turns on their ‘savior adoptive parents’ and butchers them gruesomely. 

Case in point, a chick I tried to date in High School who friendzoned me (bullet dodged there… I knew not back then…) who ended up growing up and becoming a card-carrying militant lesbian College Professor… no shit.  She then, after the bio-clock went off, imported not one but two Somali ‘orphans’ and adopted them.  Last I heard the two ‘brothers’ were in jail after trying to murder her for the third, or was it fourth time?  Seems she –still– couldn’t de-couple herself from the Pozz and her Delusions to file charges after the first two times they beat her ass, stole and sold her shit (all while at the tender ages of 13 and 14 respectively).  The fact she’s still alive amazes me.
So, when I see shit like this:

know it’s only a matter of time before the shopkeepers get together and pool their cash (like Rio).   They’ll then find a sympathetic cop or five, and suggest that it might be worthwhile to hire them as ‘off duty security’ (like Rio).  The cops, who’ve already been defunded, disrespected and figure it’s time to ‘git some back’ decide to go for it.  Full covenant.  No brakes.  Kill them all, let God sort ’em out.  After all, Who watches the watchers?

The way the Rio fuzz operate is they get paid to be ‘after hours private security’.  Then, once they’ve identified the perps, usually by the shopkeepers who’ve been hassled, robbed or assaulted by these animals, the cops wait until after hours, then actively go out, hunt them down, pull them from the holes that they live, and give ’em one to the back of the head.  Investigations are minimal, as everyone knows what’s going on…  As Pablo Escobar used to famously say “Plata o plomo” (silver or lead) meaning ‘take the cash, keep your mouth shut, or get one to the nugget.’

To give anyone who still thinks that the Brazilians are killing little kids, here’s a list from the U.N. report itself of the ages of some of victims of the ‘cleansing’ of the favelas.
Viviane Rocha da Silva (age 14)
Cristiane Souza Leite (age 15)
Edson de Souza Costa (age 16)
Hudson de Oliveira (age 16)
Luis Henrique da Silva (age 17)
Antonio Carlos da Silva (age 18)
Wallace de Souza Nascimento (age 18)
Rosana Souza Santos (age 19)
Moisés dos Santos Cruz (age 27)
Luiz Carlos Vasconcellos de Deus (age 30)
Helio do Nascimento (age 40)
Dunno… according to the report, the above were ALL suspects of drug dealing, theft, extortion.  To me?  And them ages?  Maybe the 14 year old might have been a bit young, but the company she was keeping?  Lay down with pigs, come up dirty.  In this case, it sunds like someone decided to take the trash out.  Another case:  The cops showed up at a house looking for a 19 year old dude who’d shot another cop.  They took his two brothers in ‘for questioning.’  24 hours later their mom went looking for them, and the cops were like “We know not of what you speak.”  

The neighbor found the two brothers shot in the back of the head in his garden the next day, dumped over the wall.  And the mom?  All of a sudden, she’s screaming about how good her boys were and how “They dindu nuffin’!!!”  

The language may be different, but the song remains the same.How long before the cops decide “What the hell?” and go full fucking renegade?

I mean they, for all intensive purposes ARE a gang, just under the color of Law, and that Law is becoming more and more weak by the day by dint of our so-called Elites.  They who hunker in their posh neighborhoods, not understanding that they’re playing with fire.

Because eventually, fire burns both ways.

If the cops as a group decide to go “Judge Jury and Executioner” and add say a few politicians in their Areas of Operations, who’s to stop
them or investigate them?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 
Who watches the watchers? 

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  1. I think you have it wrong about the police being the ones to put a stop to this stuff. The police are beholden to their paychecks and their pensions and protecting the politicians. I don’t think they will be willing to put that at risk. Sure, they’ll be a bouncer at a bar, but that’s not the same after hours job that will get them thrown in jail as a hit-man for hire.
    The police are are like the knights of old. The Knights get their titles bestowed upon them by the King in return for their pledge of fidelity to the crown, take the King’s coin and are sent out to do the king’s bidding. The lowly pheasants they can shake down and abuse as they please.
    What the powers that be are worried about – as shown by their heavy handed treatment towards those at the 6 Jan gathering of Trump supporters (even to include those who were in the area but did not enter the bldg) and with all the talk of the threats of “white supremacists” – is current military, ex-military and even non-military trained but gun savvy military aged white males taking up arms and doing what is necessary to defend themselves against violent mob actions directed against their families and their community.
    Not to say that black or brown people are incompetent or uncaring about their own, but there are fewer numbers of competent red-pilled members of those demographic groups out there and the vast majority of those demographic groups tend to be more easily led and believe the democratic party / socialist lies.
    So that leaves military aged (in this case instead of 18-38 I’ll use 16-66 as it applies to unconventional warfare rather than who can make it through basic training and combat infantry training in the US military) white males as the primary threat to totalitarian rule.
    And those would be the people willing to do the heavy lifting when the politicians and police fail to act to protect the lives and property of the productive law abiding (but frustrated and stabbed in the back by those they pay taxes to) people.

  2. I don’t give a shit usually about the color of a man’s skin but for fucks sake. When a white guy gets shot by the police we all think ‘yeah probably deserved it’. When a black person gets shot businesses get torched. Imagine if we behaved like that? Black parents need to start putting some discipline into their boys or the good ol US of A will start looking more like Mogadishu

    1. We are all tribal by nature and when the SHTF, we turn to one of our own tribe and do whatever is necessary to ensure our tribes survival. Never fuck with human nature, it always bites back with a vengeance.

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